Harry Potter and the Rise of the Ordinary Person

Written by Caped Baldy (????)

No family, no power, no inheritance — a thrice-lacking protagonist. Just how will the seed rise up from the mud?

Mmm! It all depends on how the author is feeling.

Translated by QualiTea and etvolare.

Latest chapters are found on QualiTea!


Chapter 1: Dreamlike

Chapter 2: Gringotts

Chapter 3: Flourish and Blotts and laying the cards on the table

Chapter 4: A Housepet and a Few Preparations

Chapter 5: At Ollivander’s Wand Shop

Chapter 6: Wands and Learning Knowledge

Chapter 7: Visiting the Abbotts

Chapter 8: Showing Off Culinary Skills

Chapter 9: Receiving Moste Potente Potions

Chapter 10: Journey to Knockturn Alley

Chapter 11: Theory of Magic

Chapter 12: Improving Spells and Transfiguration

Chapter 13: Occlumency and Fear

Chapter 14: Two Years of Improvement

Chapter 15: Animagus Training

Chapter 16: Hogwarts Letter

Chapter 17: On the Train

Chapter 18: First Meeting of Harry Potter

Chapter 19: First Time Entering Hogwarts

Chapter 20: The Sorting

Chapter 21: Life of A New Student at Hogwarts

Chapter 22: Potions Class

Chapter 23: Broom Flying Classes

Chapter 24: Conflict

Chapter 25: The Deceptive Four Man Group

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    Upload more chapters in this series please

  • Hey volare any chance of you picking this up since qualitea dropped it.

    • etvolare

      Hey Daywalker, chance are low because it turns out the author drops it in the future. Very low motivation to pick up a novel that will never be finished… ><

      • Thats too bad but thanks for the speedy reply.

  • is there gonna be more updates??? :_(

  • Frozzendeth

    I need more, can’t wait for him to meet mr. hp sauce… I find this novel to be a fun idea, and hope to see more.

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      then go to qualiteatranslations. they have more chapters, y’all should work with them to get ease the workload and speed up chapters at same time