CE Chapter 47t

Chapter 47 Teaser

The position the two were in, was no different to the most common scene in pornographic videos, ‘the human wheelbarrow’.

“What the f*ck…” After standing and staring dumbfounded for a long time and sucking in many deep breaths of cold air, the short man could only mutter these three words.

* * *

“You useless rice buckets, you mother f*cking bunch of useless rice buckets!” Li Jiangbei slammed the table in anger, and howled at Wang Zhaoping with red eyes; small cracks appearing in the table.

If anyone had howled at Wang Zhaoping in such a way at any other time, whether it be his immediate superior, or the big boss, he would have already surged to his feet, and used moves such as the Life Threatening Scissors Kick, Breast Grabbing Dragon Claws, Nether Striking Leg, and so on to flatten the guy to the ground.

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