No teasers for GDK in the future?

Hey guys, I’ve been slightly surprised by the number of folks who say they don’t like teasers, I’m all about the readers’ experience, so here’s a poll!

Teasers for GDK in the future?

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If the consensus ends up for no teaser, then I’ll just have a placeholder page so you don’t think the site broke when you click next chapter.

Voting open for.. the next couple days at least!

  • john

    it’s as simple as just dont press the next page button. its not like you place the teaser for the next chapter right after the chapter at the bottom, its on a completely different page. and we know how many chapters are up as well, its not like some sites that will release a chapter but the side bar wont announce it until 5 hours later.

  • Tamashii

    From reading the comments, I guess that the ideal – or at least a better – solution would be to explicitely mark the teaser chapters as such and make the user scroll for the content.

    So for people like Ultrabenosaurus (2 posts above) this “evil” would be solved, as it is just nicer than a 404 error page.
    People loathing teasers can easily skip them unspoliered.
    People who like them can easily scroll down.

    Death blade and Ren both do that for the same reason I guess.

    • Yawgmoth

      dont make additional work for the one managing this…

      like I already posted before…
      u can always inform urself which is the latest chapter and read until there before rechecking if new chapters got out, dont tell me those ppl r too lazy to click on the main page link, that s a personal problem and not one of those who like teasers neither is this a problem the one managing this website should bother about

      • Tamashii

        I agree with you.
        Still, pressing enter 20 times and writing “Teaser below” does not count as work compared to the many hours effort the team puts in.
        So in case this method would help people I’m certain the Editors won’t mind one minute more work.

        I’m sure the team wants to do the best job that satisfies their fans.

  • Megabacon

    Why is this a problem? The people who don’t want to read the teasers could just not click the links right? Or do they have the self control of a 5 year old child?

  • Teasers are pure evil. You click Next Chapter and instead of a 404 page, there’s a chapter title and some text! Yay! More to read! …or not, there’s only 2 paragraphs. I’m no masochist, this isn’t fun at all.

    • Yawgmoth

      then dont click next chapter but go to the main page instead to inform urself what s the latest chapter

  • nelus

    Lol, just do whatever you like.
    It’s your site and your hard work.
    i don’t mind either way.
    as long i can read something a day, then i’m good with anything.
    (Plus trying to keep myself allert while reading and find small things is also fun,
    for example the white dragon / white tiger thing from last time ^_^)
    And thank you guys for all the hard work you guys made up till now
    Greetings from a nutcase from the netherlands

  • InfernalJayed

    I like the teasers specially in GDK since the chapter titles are so misleading that it’s funny and makes you anticipate the next chapter. Besides it’s an optional thing since people can choose not to read it and wait for the chapter to come out.

    • Yawgmoth

      this…to all those whiners who dont like teasers…why the fck r u even reading them if u dont like it? can u jsut piss off and stop trolling

  • Onyx

    I voted yes… but I could have just as easily voted no. It depends on where/how the chapter ends… if it’s on a horrible cliffhanger, usually I hope for a teaser with a slightly less horrible cliffhanger. But sometimes I prefer getting the whole experience later… so yeah… not sure.

  • Ren Lazkrovic

    We can only wait to see the polls to see whether or not teasers will come. Honestly, I don’t mind either way as this comes out on your time, so if you desire to give us readers a taste, then you can do so. If it is easier to just have the entire chapter arrive in one shot, then so be it. All in all, much thanks to everyone for all you’ve done.

  • Ravenbrand

    Teasers are good. Gives you a feel for what the next chapter will be like.

    Tbh some of the biggest translators like Deathblade and RWX use Teasers all of the time except on important chapters.

  • Notta whiny leecher

    Pssssshh. Just do what you want. Would the MC care about a bunch of leechers opinions? Hell nah! Keep on keeping on. Don’t mind the whiners.

  • GreatjobEtVolare!!

    I don’t know if it will help, but One Man Army makes it so the next chapter link loops to the same page, up until the next chapter is actually released.

  • Mimir

    Honestly it doesn’t really make a difference…. like if you give a teaser every chapter it’s not really a teaser anymore. I voted no because it’s easier to start the chapter where the chapter was intended to start, instead of skimming through 1 or 2 paragraphs to figure out how much I read in the last “teaser”…

  • Erebus

    While I voted for No teasers, it’s not that I want there to not be teasers, so much as I try and avoid them when I can. In general, it only seems to make cliffs worse for me. I’d imagine it’s also a bit harder on you the translator, as you have to go to the next chapter and translate, as well as decide how much teaser to put… So from me it’s more of a ‘You don’t need to do that for me, especially considering all the work you do translating anyways’ as opposed to ‘I don’t want a thing there because I have no selfrestraint and thus there must be absolutely NO teaser’. Or something. I’m not sure if this helps, or if there was even a point there…. Either way, do whatever works best for you, and thanks so much for all the translating you do.