New theme on volaretranslations!

For those lucky enough to have lived through the great theme change of 2016, we just got a huge theme update! This theme is a lot cleaner, simpler, and will have nifty new features that you’ll gradually discover. Please let me know if you have any feedback in the comments below!

This was possible thanks to the wonderful angerthosenear!! This fabulously talented, wonderful person coded a lot of the modifications to this theme and this was all possible thanks to him. The update bars, colors, and other little bits here and there that make life wonderful. So please, huge, huge appreciation and a round of applause for anger, and shout out as always to Broosk managing the servers. 🙂

  • Dusty

    The mobile version is a bit monochromatic. The colored text looks good and stands out well but it’s alot of grey.

  • Onyxmonkey

    First off: love the change. Love, love, love it. It loads ten times faster than before (always a blessing for shoddy African mobile internet).

    One defect found: selecting “Older posts” gets you to the “…/page/x” page, but the content stays the same (the most recent 5 posts).

  • etvolare

    That bit of code works wonders, thank you!

  • Kyle Dunn

    Where do i find the new theme at, I cant use the night mode anymore and reading without it hurts my eyes.

  • Senrab

    I would recomend expanding the number of posts that can be seen on the homepage. For those of us who visit the page regularly it is how we keep track of updates and is especially important when there are multiple releases for a novel.

    Also the older posts button doesn’t work. It just sends you to an identical copy of the homepage.

  • Kevin Su

    HI, everything is great except the background. Please keep it white background with black text. Or at least give the option.

  • Rando

    I think the text is a bit too close together? Would be nicer if the line spacing was increased a bit, I dunno. Feels like it got smaller compared to the previous theme.

  • Yunchii

    Its look nice on PC but on mobile not as good as PC’s

  • waterflame

    Where might be the unsub button(I know it used to exist) because I’ve been getting updates for all series when I just set up a RSS for Chatroom… the email doesn’t seem to have any type of link either :u

  • Arnywar

    The white text is killing my eyes, please make it grey.

  • Mohit Gupta

    I like it, very light better than the last one. Works like a charm on my iphone.

  • Some kind of bug? this is from my phone…
    that yellowish thing up there..

    • etvolare

      Nope, that’s an ad. 🙂

  • intelanands

    This is how the sidebar looks on my tablet.

    I guess you’re working on it.

  • Mimir

    I like it! The series names and chapter releases need cleaned up a bit.. like how GDK has 3 chapters weekly above the title…

    Also it needs to cut off the series name at some point so not the entire name is displayed. This way the updates section of the page will look more uniform because all the series names will be the same length. It’s already sorted alphabetically and I’d say 98% of the users will know the series they are looking for just by the first word of the title.

    • etvolare

      That’s actually the schedule for GDK, and all the other novels will have their schedules populated as well.

      We’ve been debating how we want to do the series name, some are in favor of cutting the name off, some are in favor of wrapping the whole thing.

      • Mimir

        Well how about instead of cutting off the title, or wrapping the full thing why not just use the simplified version.

        By simplified I mean like how “Age of Lazurite, Tower of Glass” is just “Age of Lazurite” or how “The Strong, the Few, True Cultivator on Campus” is just “True Cultivator”. Not just the abbreviation version..

        What would look good to me is having it with “Novel” top left, this is the simplified name in link form that takes the reader to the novels page if clicked directly.

        “Status” below “Novel”, this shows how many chapters this series usually updates with per week.

        On the top right should be “Latest”, this gives the latest chapter that was updated, however it should NOT have the series name, since the name of the series is already on display on the left… doing it like this will also cut down on clutter and help look more organized.

        Then finally below that should be “Update”, this simply tells how long ago the latest was updated.

        I think if you do it this way it will look a lot more clean and organized. When you look at the top you’ll also read it as “Novel Status” and “Latest Update” not “Status Latest” and “Novel Updated”.. because when you look at it people are totally going to put those together..

        • etvolare

          Fantastic ideas, *punts to angerthosenear for inspiration*, thank you! We’re working on a truncated view for mobile — that’s what you’re viewing the site on, right? Try it out on PC at some point, you may be pleasantly surprised! 😀

          • Mimir

            XD didn’t realize the desktop version was so different. The only thing I can say about it is if you have the Novel name in the 2nd column there’s no need to have the name also in the 3rd, just have it say what chapter number for chapters, and like 1 word Luke “Announcement” or Notice” if it’s something that was updated for that novel that isn’t a chapter.. The reader can then click on it to open up the full announcement page.

            • etvolare

              Heh, the third column is pulling people’s post titles, I think with this layout people might change what they’re writing. 😀

              • Mimir

                XD well now the problem is when they update the series with just the “Chapter X” it looks good in the recent updates section, but bad everywhere else… Especially when I get an email notification that just has a chapter number lol. Is there anyway to separate the chapter number and name, then have the 3rd column only pull from the chapter number? Or at the very least when someone updates a series with a new chapter they should just have the abbreviation.. something like “GDK Ch. X”? At the moment it seems we can’t have the best of both world..

        • Mimir


  • Luvcommix

    I would love more colour please

  • Jatan Patel

    The body (text) is not centered on the white space at least on my laptop.

  • busnuss

    anger this page is broken

    • atn

      ur broken.

      in actual news, i’m not sure why users are seeing it that way. looking into it.

      • busnuss

        #offended #hurt