Do you like GDK? Come on over and translate!

For the last time, I don’t censor anything in the novel. I find that as greatly offensive to the author and would just drop it if I didn’t like it, alrighty now? Please stop saying that I’ve taken anything out of the novel.

But it’s no secret that I dislike translating NSFW, and plainly obvious that GDK is full of them. So, you like GDK? Come translate please! No worries about your English or Chinese skills, I has editors and I will TLC all your chapters! Come on over, or forward this to your favorite translator! 😀

  • etvolare

    *facepalms* The number of people who thought I was dropping GDK…

  • watchin

    Lol I can’t help but to think this entire post was made just because of me. It was a slip of a tongue that wasn’t meant towards you I SWEAR! I have properly reflected on my wrong doings. Please calm down my lord!

    • Vortex

      Lord? *twitch twitch* Fairy Etvo is best LADY!

  • Kage shukuun

    I too hope it is not being dropped.

  • Humbledaisy

    I have English skills but no Chinese skills to lend. I hope you find an assistant for those tricky NSFW bits! Thanks for all your work so far.

  • LordSadas

    Oh crap I hope this Isn’t being dropped, I don’t think that’s what the post is stating I hope that I’m wrong.

  • Mike Dougz Enales


    • etvolare

      *facepalms* After reading so many chapters… have you not realized I am a girl?

      • Vortex

        *hands guns* Eliminate him. Or maybe put up a “I’m a f#$king girl” sign.