Legend of Yun Xi’s Character Posters + Profiles!

PLEASE NOTE: This post contains lots of images and POTENTIAL SPOILERS for future chapters/characters of Poison Genius Consort! Proceed with caution. 😉

Picture from one of the LoY sets, some sort of medical depository. The red photoshopped characters read “secret”.

It’s been a little over a month since the drama adaptation of Poison Genius Consort (天才小毒妃) started filming in July under the title of Legend of Yun Xi (芸汐传). Since then, the official weibo for the series has shared pictures left and right, including posters of its main cast of characters in costume.

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Onwards, fellow poison fans…!

Photo Gallery (click to expand):

SNH48’s Ju Jingyi as Han Yunxi

Zhang Zhehan as Long Feiye

Merxat as Gu Qishao

Wang Youshuo as Tang Li

SNH48’s Liu Guiran as Han Ruoxue (HYX’s younger sister)

Characters that have yet to appear in the novel as of this post/Chapter 257 (click to expand)

SNH48’s Xu Jiaqi as Chu Qingge, who seems to have replaced Duanmu Yao’s character from the novel to be the princess of Western Zhou. The character Chu Qingge also exists as a separate person in the book. 🙂

SNH48’s Shao Xuecong as Baili Mingxiang, who appears in the story arc after Chu Qingge. A gentle girl who ends up being one of HYX and LFY’s allies and the daughter of a general.

SNH48’s Lin Siyi as Ouyang Ning Jing, the girl who ends up with Tang Li. ^-^ I don’t recall her background in the novel, but she has ties to the merchant world in the drama.

SNH48’s Xie Leilei as Bai Su….someone whom I can’t quite remember. Let’s just say she shows up way waaay later in the book. 😉

So far it looks like things are going well! They have a lot of real props and sets (none of that extra CG business, whew) as well as on-site shooting in the mountains. Stills are few and far in between, but we’ve gotten posts of the justice courts recently. Gulp…well, I’m sure you can remember what Han Yunxi went through in there…!

The justice courts.

This picture was posted next to the one above it, and is most likely another shot of the imperial prisons. >o<

In addition to photos, the LoY team also made game-type “character profiles” for each of their characters, which you can see below. Again, be careful of spoilers if you haven’t read the series yet!

HAN YUNXI – Han Estate’s daughter by the first wife

-Carefree and kind, an optimistic type
-Enjoys studying medicine, naturally gifted and intelligent
-Has a hobby of studying poisons, but to save people, not hurt them

Poison Skills: OVERFLOWING
Appearance: 100%
Kindness: 50%

LONG FEIYE – Tianning’s all powerful Duke of Qin

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER AHEAD. DO NOT READ IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE SPOILED (I’m serious, there is one thing that has yet to be revealed as of Chapter 257. Do not open it, you will regret! YOU WILL REGRET!)

-Orphan from the Great Qin Empire’s imperial house
-Steady and staid, introverted, wise and full of strategems, resourceful
-Has many admirers, is cold on the outside but passionate within (tsundere)
-Single-heartedly deep in love with Han Yunxi

Poison Skills: 0%
Martial Arts Skills: 100%

Non-Spoiler Version of LFY’s Profile Text Below:

-Steady and staid, introverted, wise and full of strategems, resourceful
-Has many admirers, is cold on the outside but passionate within (tsundere)
-Single-heartedly deep in love with Han Yunxi

Poison Skills: 0%
Martial Arts Skills: 100%

GU QISHAO (rest of description is a spoiler located under expand arrow)

Pill Fiend Valley’s master, Tianning’s teahouse owner

-Devilish and eccentric, demonic aura, dissolute and romantic/free and easy
-Possesses great wealth, unconventional
-Can be ruthless to anyone
-The only person he won’t hurt is his “Poison lass,” Han Yunxi

Martial Arts Skills: ~60%
Poison Skills: 100%

GU BEIYUE – Tianning Country’s most powerful young imperial physician

-Like a light breeze and a clear moon, an elegant gentleman as gentle as jade
-Strong inner strength, extremely skilled in the medical arts
-Admires Han Yunxi very much

Disguise Skills: 80%
Gentleness: 100%
Medical Skills: OVERFLOWING

LONG TIANMO – Tianning’s Crown Prince

-Not only aggressive and a boss-type, but cold and mysophobic as well
-He’s both the Duke of Qin’s “career” rival and his rival in love
-“The mountains have trees, the trees have branches, the heart finds joy in Yun(xi), but Yun(xi) knows not”
-Deeply in love with Han Yunxi
Outgoingness: ~10%
Status/Rank/Position: 100%
(Translator’s Note: They totally made him into a Long Feiye clone.)

TANG LI – Young head of the Tang Clan

-Has an carefree and open personality, lively
-Beloved of Ouyang Ning Jing (she doesn’t show up ’til way later in the novel gaiz), Long Feiye’s brother (could mean brothers-in-arms in this case since they have a slightly different connection in the novel, unless the drama changed things)
-Born with the consummate skills of the Tang Clan, attacks mercilessly and kills people without a trace

Intelligence: 60%
Ruthlessness: 100%
Carefree Nature: OVERFLOWING

CHU QINGGE – Western Zhou Country’s princess (merged with Duanmu Yao’s character and replaced her in the drama)

-Heroic woman who compares favorably with men in terms of ability and courage, working hard to prop up Western Zhou’s dynasty and power plays in the imperial court
-The most respected woman in all of the three countries (Western Zhou, Northern Li, and Tianning)
-For the sake of stabilizing the country, seeks a marriage alliance with Tianning

Emotional Quotient: 0%
Ruthlessnes: 100%
Veneration Factor: OVERFLOWING

(Translator’s Note: There’s a Chu Qingge in the PGC novel too, but she’s the daughter of the main military family that serves Western Zhou–AKA the Mu Liuyue equivalent of Western Zhou.)

BAILI MINGXIANG – Daughter of General Baili

-Gentle and refined, a pure lady with a magnanimous spirit
-Deeply loves Long Feiye, voluntarily nurtures the Beauty’s Blood (a type of poison) for him in her body
-Believes that she shares the same fate and destiny with Long Feiye
-Wishes to know Long Feiye better and protect him

Gentleness: 80%
Toxic Levels (in her body): 100%
Single-Minded Devotion: OVERFLOWING

(Translator’s Note: This character’s pretty close to her novel equivalent. We’ll be seeing her after we meet Chu Qingge in the next arc, so about two story arcs later from Chapter 257!)


Leader of Cloud Realm Continent’s Chamber of Commerce/Merchants’ Guild

-The Ning Family’s second Young Miss, Tang Li’s wife
-Her looks are on point and she has a slim build
-Serious and cold, sharp and peppery personality, capable and experienced as well as decisive
-Enjoys cross-dressing and tying up her hair

Martial Arts Skills: 80%
Position and Status: 100%
Boyfriend Factor: OVERFLOWING

(Translator’s Note: I haven’t read far enough into the series to know about Ning Jing yet or compare her to her novel version, but hey! A girl with overflowing boyfriend factor, sounds neat!)

Of course, everyone looks picture perfect when they’re posing, but what about behind the scenes? You can find my full collection of pics collected from weibo via the Legend of Yun Xi discussion thread on NUF (check out the links in the first post), but here are some gems below:

Justin Zhao Yixin as Chu Xifeng riding on his horse. (His costume is blurred out since the drama’s yet to air)

Fighting bad guys with a facema–I mean, face veil~

CXF plus his boss on the right, Giant Ice Cube.

Bloody selfie! Out of all the cast members, this guy likes to take pictures the most. Hey, doesn’t he look a little like Huang Xiaoming in this one? xD

Actor Lu Xingyu will be playing the role of Han Yunxi’s father, Han Congan. This is a shot of him celebrating his birthday. uwu




Hope you enjoyed the slideshow of images! Don’t spoil yourself too much and–until we meet again next cliffhanger time!