Labor Day Trivia Results

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The top three most answered questions were:
1- Prodigal Alliance Head (and Cook) with 2382 votes/unique users
2- A Will Eternal – Question 1 with 1962 votes
3- A Will Eternal – Question 3 with 1920 votes

Novel Results # of chapter(s) released
A Will Eternal Q1 – Correct
Q2 – Correct
Q3 – Correct
Bewitching Prince Spoils his Wife: Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort Q1 – Incorrect
Q2 – Incorrect
Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort Q1 – Incorrect 0
Blue Phoenix Q1 – Correct
Q2 – Correct
Q3 – Correct
Q4 – Correct
Q5 – Correct
Bone Painting Coroner Q1 – Incorrect 0
Cultivating to Become a Great Celestial Q1 – incorrect 0
Divine Throne of Primordial Blood Q1 – Correct
Q2 – Incorrect
Q3 – Incorrect
Doomed to be Cannon Fodder Troll question 1
Eunuch is pregnant Q1 – Correct 1
Flowers Reflecting the Sky Q1 – Correct
Q2 – Correct
From Maid to Mother Q1 – Incorrect
(4 votes difference)
Q2 – Correct
Q3 – Correct
I’m sorry for being born in this world
**special question**
Q1 – The correct answer was 2nd most voted 3 (instead of 4)
Legend of the Dragon King Q1 – Correct
Q2 – Incorrect.
Lord of All Realms Q1 – Correct
Q2 – Correct
Q3 – Correct
Master Devil Don’t Kiss Me Q1 – Correct
Q2 – correct answer is “ex æquo” with incorrect answer
Q3 – Correct
Q4 – Correct
Q5 – Incorrect
Poison Genius Consort Q1 – Incorrect (Ruyi is crying.)
Q2 – Incorrect
Praise the Orc! Q1 – Correct
Q2 – Correct
Prodigal Alliance Head (and Cook) Q1 – Correct 1
Red Packet Server Q1 – Correct
Q2 – Correct
Q3 – Incorrect
Q4 – Correct
Q5 – Incorrect
Reign of the Hunter Q1 – Incorrect
Q2 – Correct
Short Sci-fi korean stories Q1 – Incorrect
Q2 – Correct
Q3 – Correct
Q4 – Incorrect
Siege in Fog Q1 – Incorrect 0
Sovereign of the Three Realms There was no correct answer 1
Still, Wait for me Q1 – Correct
Q2 – Correct
Q3 – Correct
Q4 – Correct
Q5 – Correct
Supernatural Girlfriend Q1 – Correct 1
Talisman Emperor
**special question**
Q1 – The correct answer was 3rd most voted 1
The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven Q1 – Correct 1
The MC is Kickass Q1 – Incorrect 0
The Noble Girl Living in Debt Q1 – Correct
Q2 – Correct
Unruly Phoenix Xiaoyao Q1 – Correct
Q2 – Incorrect
Q3 – Incorrect
Q4 – Incorrect
Why Is the Prettiest Girl in School Trying to Talk to a Loner Like Me During Lunch Break? Q1 – Incorrect
Q2 – Incorrect
Q3 – Correct
Q4 – Correct
Q5 – Correct
Zhao Taizu Escorts Jingniang a Thousand Li Q1 – Incorrect 0
total # chapters
 52 out of 79


Answers Sheet

Google spreadsheet was acting as an @$$ and didn’t allow me to correctly filter everything in order.

Novels Questions Choices Answer
Legend of the Dragon King
What does Legend of the Dragon King have in it? a) Dragons in mecha b) Main character suplexing bears c) Magical girl iron men d) All of the Above D
Who is best waifu? a) Tohsaka Rin b) Megumin c) Hitagi Senjougahara d) LittleShanks covered in 55 gallons of lube e) Deceptioning bathing in 200 gallons of milk tea f) milk tea  A and F
Cultivating to Become a Great Celestial Which ‘way’ does the Red Dress Hall practice? Select P, V, S, or M. A) Pratyekabuddhayana B) Vaibashika C) Shravakayana D) Mahayana A
Prodigal Alliance Head (and Cook) What is Jinkela? Choose the best description. A) a bell B) an advertisement video C) a fertilizer D) a type of chocolate C
Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort Which saying did Su Qiqi use to get Hua Chi to back off? A) ‘a powerful dragon cannot crush a snake in its old haunts’ B) ‘while the green hills last, there’ll be wood to burn’ C) ‘there are people beyong this person and skies beyond this sky’ D)’comparing oneself to another, drop dead from anger’ B
The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven Which term for the forty-ninth day after a person dies was used in this series so far? A) ‘end of sevens’ B) ‘seven seven’ C) ‘final seven’ D) ‘full seven’ B
Poison Genius Consort
What is this? (Ruyi has the picture) a) Animal totem b) Ancient drum c) Hair ornament d) Ceremonial scepter (CORRECT) D
Below is a rough translated excerpt from an ancient Chinese poem. What was the motive of the poet in composing this particular piece? “The beanstalk is burned to boil the beans, and filtered to extract the juice.” a. He wanted to record a recipe for cooking beans b. He wanted to save his own life (CORRECT) c. He was hungry d. He wanted to code in a secret message for revenge B
Unruly Phoenix Xiaoyao
This famous Chinese vernacular novel written in the 16th century tells the story of one dynasty’s fall and another dynasty’s rise against a backdrop rich in Chinese mythology. One of the main characters is a divine strategist who attracts the attention of the local king by: a) Flying on a cloud in broad daylight b) Cutting off his head and putting it back on again c) Fishing with a straight hook without using any bait (CORRECT) d) Summoning his mythical beast for the king to see C
This legendary figure from ancient China invited an extraordinary method for record-keeping that caused a miraculous event to happen: showers of grain fell from the skies. He was commonly depicted in pictures with these extra body parts: a) Eyes (CORRECT) b) Arms c) Ears d) Feet A
In Chinese philosophy, Yin and Yang represent opposite principles. Yin is the negative/passive/cold nature, while Yang is the positive/active/hot nature. Too much of either causes an imbalance and can be harmful. There is one day in the Chinese Lunar Calendar known for its excess of Yang energy. Traditionally speaking, where is the best place to go to avoid excess Yang on this day? a) By the ocean and/or other bodies of water b) Into a cave c) The forest or other places with lots of vegetation d) Top of a high mountain (CORRECT) D
Which of the following is not a core characteristic of the historical xia (俠)? A) Loyalty to one’s lord (CORRECT) B) Altruism C) Reciprocity D) Keeping one’s word A
Siege in Fog Which group does Pan Jianchi have ties to? A. White Lotus Sect B. The Boxers C. The Tianmenghui D. The Tongmenghui C
Blue Phoenix
What was the name of the woman that Hui Yue sacrificed himself for? (Chapter 0) 1) Wang Ju Long 2) Huli 3) Sha Yun 4) Li Fen 4
What kind of power does the Poppies that Wang Ju Long can control have? (CHapter 108) 1) Poison 2) Alluring 3) Healing 4) Taunting 1
What is Zhong Fai’s original body? (Chapter 432) 1) Golden-Furred Blood Lion 2) Transparent Jade Snake 3) Ice-Serpent 4) Black Nine-tailed Fox 3
(Chapter 593) What is the name of the True King of Hell? 1) Yanluo 2) Chujiang 3) Yama 4) Qinguang 3
(Chapter 651) What kind of flame does Hui Yue use to mend King Chujiang’s soul? 1) Blue Phoenix Flame 2) Nirvana Phoenix Flame 3) Elemental Core Flame 4) Alchemist Flame 2
I’m sorry for being born in this world Invisible Dragon is rather well-known for its shockingly good ending. How does this unfortunate novel end? A. Invisible dragon dies B. Duichidak jumps in and starts fighting the readers and never finishes the novel C. Duike uses his Duike action to take Shang’a and become god D. Invisible dragon super stronk he no die A
Zhao Taizu Escorts Jingniang a Thousand Li In Unruly Phoenix Xiaoyao, how were the Dragon Guards saved from execution? A)They weren’t saved at all, they were buried alive! B)Supreme Commander’s handkerchief C)Ning Xiaoyao’s fake imperial edict D)Big Boss Black’s advice to Ning Xiaoyao B
Red Packet Server
Question 1: How many fragments was Soul Pearl Yiyuan separated into? 1) 3 2) 6 3) 5 4) 7 2
Question 2: How long did Xuanzang/Tang Sanzang, Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing’s journey to the west take in the original novel? 1) 9 years 2) 16 years 3) 14 years 4) 22 years 5) 25 years 3
Question 3: Which of the following acts is the Yellow Emperor famous for? 1) Defeating Chiyou and his alliance of tribes 2) Tasting a variety of herbs personally in order to see the effects of each herb 3) Thinking up a flood control system in order to prevent flooding by redirecting water 4) Uniting the entirety of ancient China 5) Leading a revolution against the monarchy and helping to establish the Republic of China 1
Question 4: Is Red Packet Server the name of the chat group Ye Zichen joined in Chapter 1 of Red Packet Server? 1) Yes 2) No 2
Question 5: Who was the first one to give Sun Wukong the title of “Great Sage Equaling the Heavens”? 1) Single-horned Ghost King 2) Jade Emperor 3) Bull Demon King 4) Taibai Jinxing 1
Eunuch is pregnant Question 1: Which of the following is not part of the Chinese zodiac? A. Year of the rat B. Year of the cat C. Year of the dragon D. Year of the monkey B
Supernatural Girlfriend In Supernatural Girlfriend, what is Suyang’s nickname? A. Annoying human B. Annoying demon C. Annoying goblin D. Annoying dolphin C
Bone Painting Coroner In an emergency situation at the hospital, an intraosseous access needed to be install to a patient with a weight of 150kg, in hypovolemic shock. Where should it be installed? A) Humerus B) Sternum C) Ribs D) All of these answers A
Lord of All Realms
Q1: What spiritual tool did Nie Tian grab when he was one-year old? A.A bone
B.A beer
C.A brunette
D.A Bible
Q2: Nie Tian did unspeakable things to which of the following characters? A.Uncle Li Fan
B.Grandpa Nie Beichuan
C.A Frost Armor Rhino
D.Yu Tong
Q3: What is the true identity of Hua Mu, the doctor who cured Nie Tina’s fever? A.A Talented Doctor
B.Nie Tian’s birth father
C.Nie Tian’s future master
D.Nobody knows yet
The MC is Kickass As of chapter 38, how many members does Jade Sea Pavilion have? (Include Shen Jingbin, Shen Jingchen and Quiet And Steadfast) a) 15 b) 17 c) 20 d) 22 C
Reign of the Hunter
Which country is Jimminx from? A. Singapore B. Malaysia C. Australia D. America B
How old is Jimminx? A. 19 B.21 C. 26 D. 24 B
Still, Wait for me
In which year was xts conceived? A)2015 B)2017 C)2003 D)1984 D
Which of these did NOT contribute to xts legendary status in Libei Senior High? A)Assault B)Truancy C)Delinquency D)His singing voice D
What is xts driven primarily by? A) Rationality-driven B)Emotion-driven C)Wealth-driven D)Libido-driven B
When occurred the first major turning point in xts rebirth? A)Family friend came, discussed pig farm B)Happy Shoppers, Noveau riche C)Big words, Red chart C)Feigned sickness, stayed at home D
Which of these girls did XTS resonate most with? A)Wu Yuewei B)Yao Jing C)Apple D)Ye Yingjing C
Why Is the Prettiest Girl in School Trying to Talk to a Loner Like Me During Lunch Break?
In the beginning, how was Andou’s impression of Asakura-san? A. Gremlin with ribbon
B. Beauty with severe narcissm
C. Dissappointing beauty of hundred faces
Just how degenerate Andou’s existence in class rep’s eyes? A. He is comparable to water fleas
B. If asakura is a beauty, then andou is the beast
C. Small fry dull loner asshole
When Andou-kun visited Asakura-san who caught a cold, what was his foremost reason to do so? A. Gave light novel as present for Asakura-san
B. He simply want to see her
C. He was worried about her
How did Andou-kun end up having lunch together with Asakura-san? A. Asakura wrote him a letter to invite him for lunch
B. Class rep lured him with special menu on cafetaria
C. He couldn’t rebuke the mighty class rep’s order
What is the recent ultimate goal that commander satanachia (class rep) assigned for Asakura-san? A. Molest Andou-kun until he resigned under her feet
B. Touching his body casually here and there
C. Give him her first wink
Sovereign of the Three Realms If you add together a Minim, 4 Quavers, 3 crotchets, and a semiquaver, you will have the same value as.. 1) 3 Minims, 3 Quavers, and 4 semiquavers
2) 1 Minim, 4 crotchets, 2 Quavers, and 2 semiquavers
3) 2 Minims, 3 crotchets, 3 Quavers, and 3 semiquavers
4) 1 Minim, 2 Quavers, 6 crotchets, and 2 semiquavers
no answer
From Maid to Mother
What was the very first dish Lily served Jill? A. Pot-au-feu
B. Rice Porridge
C. Honeyed Apples
How many contracted spirits has Lily met till ch 2? A. 5 B. 1 C. 3 B
What is Lily most troubled by with Leonard-sama? A. His curt, blunt speech
B. His common sense
C. His behavior towards Jill
Doomed to be Cannon Fodder What are the constant struggles of being in volare? 1) Trying to avoid being food and making a grab for the fluffy throne 2) Getting doghaused or wanting to, but getting fluffeh unicorn instead 3) Drop and gimme 20 chapters!! CHARMB 4) Calling bossu fat (and then trying to get her to sleep before 3am) 5) sneak PEAK sneak PEEK! huehuehue  ask TL
Flowers Reflecting the Sky
Select the word that doesn’t have the same meaning with the others: 1. Yaoi
2. BL
3. Yuri
4. Danmei
How would you address your master’s Junior Fellow Disciple / shidi? 1. shixiong
2. shibo
3. shishu
4. shifu
Praise the Orc!
What is Ian’s operative callsign? A- Crow B- Simba C- Raven D- Tiger C
Crockta has experienced death in the game before. Where did this happen? A- Against the behemoth B- The undead dungeon near Orcrox C- Chesswood D- Antuak’s house D
A Will Eternal
Which of the following appears in AWE but not ISSTH? A) copper mirror B) turtle C) wooden sword D) mastiff E) flying silk E
Which character does not appear in AWE or ISSTH? A) Shangguan Chen B) Shangguan Tianyou C) Shangguan Xiu D) Shangguan Hong A
What is the difference between wuxia and xianxia? A) All xianxia stories are wuxia stories, but not all wuxia stories are xianxia stories B) They are different words for the same thing C) Wuxia focuses on martial arts, xianxia focuses on cultivating magic and immortality D) Wuxia is more traditional, xianxia mixes western fantasy with Chinese themes E) You can read wuxia on wuxiaworld, but have to go to xianxiaworld for xianxia C
Bewitching Prince Spoils his Wife: Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort
Which chapter was Baili Hongzhuang and Dibei Chen’s wedding? A) Chapter 92 B) Chapter 90 C) Chapter 93 D) Chapter 91 A
Who was Baili Hongzhuang’s first friend? A) Baili Yuyan B) Shao Zifan C) Ji Wenbei D) Su Wanjing C
The Noble Girl Living in Debt
What was the cat’s condition when Bernard found it? a. It’s body was slightly dirtied by mud and there was mucus accumulated in the corner of its’ eyes, making its’ eyes half-opened.
b. It’s body was wounded where it’s intestines are sticking out and an eye was scooped out.
c. It’s body was in a healthy condition where the fur looks smooth and is glowing in health free of any wound
Where does the kitten’s name Miels derive from? a. Honey b. The Old French word for honey
c. The Greek word for honey
Divine Throne of Primordial Blood
Where is Gu Qingluo from? A) Northface City B)Longxi Region C)Three Mountains Region D)Gandalfs_socks house B
What is gandalfs_socks favorite sport to play? A)Ultimate Frisbee B)Badminton C)Basketball D)Football B
What is gandalfs_socks favorite musical soundtrack (take a guess!)? A)Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild B)Interstellar C)Dunkirk D)Project Sylpheed C
Master Devil don’t Kiss Me
Who is most supportive/wants to see An Chuxia succeed? a. Xinwei and Tangqiu b. QiLu and Baozheng c. Liuhai and Jiang Yuan d. Hanyu and Mingluo C
What is Jiang Yuan’s profession? a. Housewife b. Author c. Interior decorator d. Chef B
The Ling family is known for their business in: a. arms dealing b. environmental protection c. healthcare d. security D
Why does Qilu dislike Chuxia? a. she will be the reason his credit cards would be frozen b. she reminds him of his ex-girlfriend c. he doesn’t want a sister d. his mom prefers her over him B
Which of An Chuxia’s classmates is her half-sibling? a. Chenchuan b. Qilu c. Xinwei d. Mingluo A
Ensj’s short sci-fi stories
In scifi, the concept of Universal Translator comes up a lot to facilitate communication between different cultures. If, at some point, the cultures themselves lose the ability to speak their native languages, will they retain their culture or will they eventually lose it? (About The Translation of Khaliafandën) a – They will remain who they are b – They will converge with the other culture c – neither, please specify with a comment C
In scifi, Asimoc’s three laws of robotic comes up a lot: – A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. – A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. – A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws. At what point will these laws be obsolete? (About The Robot That Became A Messiah) a – Always, they are laws for a reason b – When robots gain true intelligence c – As soon as they’re implemented d – When humans cease to exist e – None of the above B and C
3. When two alien species meet each other for the first time, what is it called? (About The Art Of Stitching Stars) a – first meeting b – first contact c – first interstellar war d – all of the above e – none of the above B
What is the most efficient type of rocket engine? (About The Mother of Revenge) a – Chemical rockets b – Ion engines c – Electrical engines (VASIMR) d – Nuclear pulsed propulsion B
Talisman Emperor What secondary profession does the MC pick up in volume 1, besides Talisman Crafting of course 😛 (All these jobs do exist in the novel) A) Tamer B) Botanist C) Alchemist D) Spirit Chef E) Puppeteer F) Equipment Refiner D