Labor Day Bonanza – Chinese Culture Trivia

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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven

Translator: YumeAbyss
Group: Moonbunny Cafe
Yao Moxin did everything to allow the love of her life, Ye Hongyi to gain the throne. But great grace becomes grudge, and what she got in return was the ultimate betrayal. All because he felt useless compared to her. This time, reincarnating in the body of her younger sister Yao Mowan, Moxin takes on her younger sister’s name and swears revenge, and to protect those she love. This time, she won’t be blind, and she will not fail!


Poison Genius Consort

Translator: Ruyi
Group: Volare
The slow as heck romance story between a transmigrated poisons expert and a “Giant Ice Cube” as they battle against scheming women, power-hungry men, and two male leads who seem totally more awesome if not for the lack of their Male Lead halos. 265+ chapters and they’ve only kissed twice, z0mgawd.
Graphic for question 1 below:


Unruly Phoenix Xiaoyao

Translator: Ruyi
Group: Volare
A story about a Snow White-ish animal whisperer and ex-zombie killer who Hulk smashes her way through the opposition at the imperial palace, all while ruling as the emperor as a girl in boy’s clothing. Spoiler alert: the MC gets hungry like every chapter dude, so we eat a bunch of food.




Eunuch is Pregnant

Translator: Grace
Group: Grow With Me
The Eunuch is Pregnant is a novel about a modern girl that has transmigrated into an ancient era. Her character was wearing a eunuch costume and now she must pretend to be a eunuch and serve the ruthless Prince Rui! The Prince is strangely attracted to her, and often wants to get as intimate as possible. If you enjoy snu snu, this is the novel for you!


Flowers Reflecting the Sky **BL**

Translator: MoMoe Pom
Group: Ainushi
A murder mystery with a quick-witted tsundere cracking a blunt honest man



Red Packet Server

Translator: Selutu
Group: Volare
A mere mortal who came into contact with the Heavenly Court’s chat group, only to find out that all is not as it seems. Why was he ‘chosen’? What was he in his past life? Who is he? Those are the questions he’ll have to find answers to while face-slapping young masters every other day.






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