Killer Nights

Killer Nights (这里的夜色会杀人)

Author: Stray Cat for Life (一生流浪的猫)

Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Crime, Mystery, Romance, Adult, Chinese

Official Summary: She is a street-walking prostitute; he is a cog in the law enforcement machine; they live in different worlds, but life has brought them together.  This is a beautiful love story, this is a series of mysterious murders, this is the story of a fantastic supernatural power.  Perhaps they live right beside us, or perhaps they never really existed at all…

Translated by: daAznSensazn

Edited by: Taishi Ci


Release rate: 4x a week

Raws: Zongheng 原著作者为纵横中文网【一生流浪的猫】“这里的夜色会杀人”

Chapter 1: A Strange Homicide
Chapter 2: Promiscuous Woman
Chapter 3: The Industrious A-Jiao
Chapter 4: New Developments
Chapter 5: Yet Another Murder
Chapter 6: Smoker at an Internet Cafe
Chapter 7: A Woman Violated
Chapter 8: Professionalism and Dignity
Chapter 9: A Man Who Cares for Her
Chapter 10: I Want to Go Home
Chapter 11: Uncle Cai’s Noodle Shop
Chapter 12: The Woman Underneath the Bed
Chapter 13: A Dispute Between Two People
Chapter 14: A Sense of Undeserved Sweetness
Chapter 15: New Leads
Chapter 16: Here’s Five Yuan Change
Chapter 17: A Special Date
Chapter 18: The Hot Pot City Incident
Chapter 19: A Hero Scolded
Chapter 20: Who’s Paying the Hospital Bill
Chapter 21: The Fifth Murder
Chapter 22: The Taiwanese Noodle Shop
Chapter 23: The Surgeon’s Secret
Chapter 24: Cops on the Street
Chapter 25: A-Tie’s Confession
Chapter 26: Wei Xin’s Date
Chapter 27: Days on a Long Journey
Chapter 28: A Policewoman Kidnapped
Chapter 29: The Woman in the Ditch
Chapter 30: A-Jiao’s Story
Chapter 31: Uncle Cai’s Concern
Chapter 32: A-Jiao’s New Life
Chapter 33: That Poor Woman
Chapter 34: That Despicable Man
Chapter 35: The Death of Wei Xin
Chapter 36: A-Tao’s Revenge
Chapter 37: The Legend of The Bald Wolf