HTL Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Lineage Mission

In the early morning of the second day, I was woken up.

“System Main Mission: Obtain the acknowledgement of the Snow Wolves.”

“Mission Reward: Snow Wolf Lineage.”

“Will you accept the Mission?”

Yao Yao only left the sentence “I want my beauty sleep” before disappearing.

There’s nothing really to say, I chose to accept the mission.

Obtaining the acknowledgement of these Snow Wolves is exactly what I wanted to do.

I was extremely hostile to the Snow Wolves yesterday, but last night’s events had more or less changed my overall impression of the Snow Wolves.

As least they weren’t savage enough to go against their own kinsmen.

“Main Mission 1: Defeat all the minor Snow Wolf pups besides Miki (The System tags all challenge targets with green). Become the strongest wolf pup among the wolf pack.”

“Mission Time Limit is within two months.”

“Mission Reward: A First Grade Healing Pellet for every defeated wolf pup; An Attributeless Crystal Stone shall be given when the mission is completed.”

Attributeless Crystal Stone?

I had a general idea of what a Crystal Stone was. Within the prey that the Snow Wolf Race caught, the majority of them had a Crystal Stone within their heads, but they were all blue.

If I possessed a Crystal Stone, perhaps I can possess skills like them!

Plus, I can obtain a Healing Pellet from beating each wolf pup, it’s simply made for the Wolf God’s Golden Body.

But were those wolf pups really that easy to deal with?

Foster Mother wasn’t around, and the wound on my leg had already fully recovered, leaving behind a furless scar. The healing pellet’s name was not in vain.

But I fear that it’s because I was too weak in the first place, that the effect was only this big.

I got out of the cave and noticed that the wolf pack had returned. In the distance, there were a couple of wolf pups playing around while old wolves surrounded and gnawed a large scale skeletal frame, eating the leftover meat.

Today, they probably wouldn’t have any thoughts toward me!

I ate a medical pellet yesterday, so I didn’t feel hungry. This Challenge Mission needed to be executed.

But the mission of challenging the wolf pups wasn’t something I was scared of. At most I would get some injuries. What I’m afraid of was how the adult wolves will look at it.

Gazing at Foster Mother not far in the distance, my confidence immediately came back again. I probably wouldn’t die.

Staring at the green dots on the screen, I went looking for a lone target to challenge.

Picking and choosing, I finally found a suitable target.

A wolf pup that was a bit smaller than me. He was not with any other playmates and was tanning in the sun in the distance. The System tag was green.

When picking persimmons, you need to pick soft ones to pinch. Picking on children weaker than you is a favorite tactic.

I ran over, and he stood up vigilantly.

Without the slightest hesitation, I rushed forward and bit his calf. He was quickly overturned by me on the ground, but he did not cower and tilted his head to bite me.

Both sides gave each other a bite. I was slightly regretful for underestimating the other party. At this time, we could only see who was more fierce.

Eventually, I won. That wolf pup actively let go of my leg, tucked his tail between his legs and ran.

It actually wasn’t easy for me to take either. My forelegs now had two extra bleeding holes.

A “1” appeared behind the Healing Pellet of the Main Mission 1. The experience bar for the Wolf God’s Golden Body also jumped to 2.61. As expected, if I didn’t get injured, this thing wouldn’t go anywhere.

I had long experienced the effect of the healing pellet, so I won’t bother wasting such a valuable medical pellet on such a minor injury.

The time limit was two months, so I didn’t dare waste any time. After lying on the ground to rest for a bit, I observed the reactions of the adult wolves in the surroundings.

A few of the full grown wolves took note of the situation while the scuffle between the wolf pup and I went on. But they did not run over to stop it, and instead, watched from the sidelines.

This allowed me to feel very relieved.

I quickly looked around for my next opponent, noting a few newborn wolf pups, but the System did not tag them. It was very obvious, it doesn’t wish for me to take shortcuts.

Circling the slope where the wolf pups were gathered, I then discovered, that the overwhelming majority of the wolf pups were about my size. The amount of wolves tagged by the System to challenge was more than 200. That meant in order to finish this mission within two months, I would have to challenge at least three of them a day!

It was simply an unprecedented situation.

Those are the young of the Snow Wolves, like Miki, they could spit out white freezing air.

But would I shrink back?

If it was before, I probably really couldn’t make up my mind!

But after being encircled by the old wolves and nearly becoming poop, I genuinely realize the rule of the wolf pack, the rule of wild animals.

In this place, no one will pity you. The weak, are destined to become the food of the strong. On this point, the rule of the wild animals were scarier than humans.

After dying once, I cherished life more than anyone else and knew the value of life.

Two months, was long but also not long, short but also not short.

In these two months I had repeatedly experienced being on the edge of life and death.

The pups of the Snow Wolves, because of their innate blood vessel advantage, held complete superiority over me in skills.

In the beginning, I first challenged the the small and weak young Snow Wolves. Pretty much none of them had learned how to use their innate skill. With the support of my clever brain, I have successfully challenged twenty-three of them.

The adult wolves had no reaction to this at all. Every time I challenged a young wolf, they would just linger on the sidelines and watch. Even Foster Mother would pass by occasionally.

It gradually became clear to me that as long as I didn’t beat these young wolves to death, these adult wolves would not meddle into this matter.

This one point made me really admire them. At least, they knew the benefits of this kind of toughening for the young wolves.

Ever since that day, the old wolves have never harassed me anymore. I was also happy and comfortable in hiding, saving up power for the correct time to take revenge.

After accumulating more than twenty healing pellets, I was excited for a long time. I think that the day where I can beat all of the wolf cubs is just around the corner.

Very quickly, my extreme joy turns to sorrow.

The wolf pups that were around my size pretty much all could spit out white freezing air.

The first time I challenged one while being careless, my four limbs were directly frozen and numbed and my body was bitten all over with some holes.

However, they’d perhaps gotten familiar with me. When these young wolf pups dealt with me, they were quite fierce, but it could at least be considered letting me off easy. While I was unable to move, they only bit me a few times before swaggering away.

Only after staying at the original place for half a day sunning myself did my body finally gradually warm up.

But if I were to compare myself to the other wolf pups, what was my biggest advantage?

At least for now, the biggest advantage wasn’t the System. The others have innate skills, in lineage, they distantly surpass me. The healing pellet basically can’t show it’s effects while in battle. My only advantage was my intelligent brain.

Very soon, I discovered that although the wolf pups could spit out white freezing air, it took them time to prepare every time. As long as I can calculate or maybe dodge it, then I could evade danger.

These wolf pups were still not proficient at using their skills. Moreover, the skill damage isn’t high and their experience are even smaller, finally letting me find some opportunities.

Under constant challenge failures, I finally learned a technique. But as time passed by, the damage of the wolf pup’s skill got higher and higher. The freezing air can cause frostbite, one even spat out an Ice Edge. Although it was only the size of a small knife, it still scared me half to death.

Hence, an anomaly rose up within the peaceful Snow Wolf pack.

Among the Snow Wolves, there is a small grey wolf overestimating his abilities and going around challenging the young of the Snow Wolves.

Even if I was drenched in blood from head to toe, as long as I could still budge, I will definitely rush up and leave some sort of mark on the other. Once I evade their skill, I will rush up for melee. An injury for an injury. A lot of the Snow Wolf pups were scared off by my fierce spirit.

Nevertheless, I was mostly filled with bloody scars from head to toe and frostbite, so Foster Mother will take me home by the neck or I’ll crawl back.

But on the second day, under the gaze of the astonished Snow Wolves, I once again stepped onto the path of endlessly challenging.  

Miki constantly followed by my side, each time the challenge was won, she would jump around in a lively manner. If I lost, she would still help me lick my wounds.

I can be considered to have come to an understanding, saliva can also help disinfect.

Back as a kid, when I was bitten by a mosquito, mom will definitely wipe some saliva on it.

However, having my wounds licked, really hurts.

Gradually, I noticed that the attitudes of the adult Snow Wolves toward me underwent a distinct change. Every time the Adult Snow Wolves brought back food for the young wolves, I was always not allowed to enter the area.

I have constantly relied on drinking milk to solve my food problems.

But after a bit over a month, Foster Mother wouldn’t give me any more milk to drink.

Forced by the circumstances, I mixed with the young wolves to eat meat. But the eye-catching leopard pattern leather on me makes trying to not be found hard.

Why is it leopard pattern?

Incessantly challenging, incessantly being injured, although I have healing pellets, the place where I was injured would no longer be long haired, and the scars will always remain on my body. It really looks a lot like a leopard.

I was expelled by an adult wolf once, thrown to the ground twice, knocked flying once, and even bitten on the neck by an adult wolf and thrown out. The adult wolf’s teeth left two bloodstains on my body. Regarding the pain, I have already gotten used to it. So I would get up, and continue walking to where the food was at.

At this moment, those adult wolves didn’t stop. Instead, they turned around and directly left!

Squeezing into the small wolf pack, they also didn’t stop me, after all, I was rather “infamous”.

TL Note: Some kind of pun on that, being Fierce and Famous.

I went late, so I can only scrape some meat off the rib that was even longer than me.

The scent was very fishy, and the taste also wasn’t good, but I ate with relish. Even the meat dregs that fell on the ground nearby and was mixed with a bit of dirt were found and swallowed by me.

And this was still my first time eating meat.

In nearly two months of time, I had grown up quite a bit. To the point that I was two-thirds of Foster Mother’s size, and around a meter long, almost becoming an adult.

The wolf race of this world grows really fast.

Arriving at the later stages of the challenge, I was more and more weak. In a previous battle, I met a valiant little wolf for the first time that was a bit bigger than me that could actually spout out a complete Ice Edge that was not inferior to the old wolves’. Fortunately, I had a sample experience and my body dangerously dodged it, but I also paid a huge price. My small tail was half gone.

I went mad. Recklessly getting close to the othersè body, tearing the other. The other was also not taking it lying down, ultimately, the conclusion was both sides suffering. But I was the last one to fall down and wasn’t able to get up anymore. I sneakily ate my last healing pellet. The System judged that I had won.

On the second day, after I woke up, I ran back to the original place only to discover that my that piece of my broken tail has disappeared!

Even if it broke off, I still want to preserve it, and commemorate it a bit from time time.

It’s like an eunuch, his little brother being cut off, but he still doesn’t bear to throw it away. It is after all still a piece of meat from your body.

TL: To explain this, when men become eunuch in China, they cut off both the balls and penis. Because they believe they will not reincarnate as a whole person correctly in their next life if they are missing anything in their current life, they will keep their parts in a jar on themselves somewhere so they can die with it and reincarnate correctly.

The matter with my tail, is my biggest regret. Where did it go?

I’m afraid that this mystery is something that will never be solved!

Today is the last day, there was one more small wolf pup I have not challenge.

Rather than saying it was a small wolf pup, it’s better to say it was a full grown adult wolf. I observed my opponent from the distance, he was as big as my Foster Mother.

I just want to say, the System is a Blind with it’s eyes open. Don’t tell me that that guy grew up eating hormones?

Distressingly looking at the section of my tail that was broken off, I set foot on the journey to my last challenge.

Once I fail, the Mission would definitely fail, and there wouldn’t be any chances after that.

I didn’t have any way to retreat. This fight, I can only win. I cannot lose!

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