HTL Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: My Foster Mother

What’s going on here?

I almost cried out, this was the first time I found out I was so popular within the wolf pack!

Although foster mother is a young wolf, handling these ten or so of these old bastards at the same time, I’m afraid that……

It was at this moment that foster mother picked me up with her mouth. In a single breath, she had already leaped seven meters away.

If you can’t beat them, then just run. Foster mother was too smart, worthy of being my foster mother. As svelte as that Boss Chairman years ago.

I rejoiced within my heart and turned my head around to look. The ten or so old wolves had also reacted and charged over to our direction at high speed. The bottom of their foot covered by something green, they ran like the wind, their speed only a thread slower than foster mother.

But that paper thin difference, that allowed me to escape with my life.

No matter how fast they were, old wolves were old wolves. How could they overtake my foster mother? When the wolf group comes back, no one would dare make things difficult for her. After all, Big White was going to be around.

However, the ten or so old wolves that were following behind were even closer than they were originally. It was then that I noticed that foster mother wasn’t running up the grassland but running toward where the small hill and den was.

“What’s going on?”

“You idiot, did you forget that your mother was injured?”

Yao Yao cutted in on the side.

F*ck, how could I forget that?

This time, I really discovered that things had reached a dead end.

When foster mother brought me to the cave, the old wolves were already extremely hungry.

In their eyes, I don’t even classify as the same type. Under the threat of death, I’m just a tasty piece of food.

With a fling of her head, foster mother threw me into the cave. Following the cave’s slope, I rolled several times.

I knew, we had not escaped from danger yet.

I scrambled back to cave entrance and tried to look out, but I was obstructed by foster mother. She was standing right in front of the cave entrance, looking at the ten or so wolves and barking furiously without end.

The old wolves took advantage of the landscape and surrounded foster mother while making threatening sounds, but she did not move one step.

You could see that the old wolves also didn’t want to make things difficult for her.

I was somewhat moved. It was so nice to have a foster mother.

I should be safe now.

Just as I was rejoicing, that old wolf that bit me before pounced forward. The rest of the old wolves also got the signal and pounced toward my foster mother.

I closed my eyes, my heart dark, and thought, ‘Finished!

Then I heard a bitter tearing sound along with the sounds of painful yowling.

Only after what felt like an age did I raise my head. Foster mother was fine, that was the matter that made me happiest.

The face of the old wolf that had taken the lead was drenched with blood while the rest of the wolves were all suffering from some minor injuries. Because of the topography, the only ones that match her were three old wolves.

“Sister Yao Yao, is there any way to help foster mother?”

“No Atrocity Points. You didn’t finish any missions, so you might as well pray for a miracle to happen!”

This sentence of Yao Yao’s broke my heart.

She wasn’t the least bit reliable at crucial times.

These old wolves are genuinely angry now. Even though their current strength couldn’t be compared to when they were young, if they all band together, even foster mother couldn’t handle it.

The old wolves let out a low howl. The old wolf that had taken the lead first stood out, barking wildly at foster mother.

But foster mother’s expression remained unmoved.

The leading old wolf proudly raised his head and opened his large mouth. A white blade successfully condensed and flew towards foster mother, bringing along the sound of cutting wind.

I stared blankly. F*ck this wolf, it still has a long range attack.

“This is the Snow Wolves’ signature skill, Ice Edge.” Yao Yao explained from the side.

However, the speed at which the leading wolf was condensing an Ice Edge was very slow. A cyan stream of air suddenly appeared on foster mother’s body and she calmly dodged. The Ice Edge struck the rocks and the cave roof shivered, sandy soil falling.

“Another one of the Snow Wolves’ signature skill, Gale.”

“Do you think foster mother can win?”

“It’s impossible. Even if the strength of these old wolves have declined a lot, you can’t forget that they outnumber her. They are also experienced hunters. The only reason why you guys have reached this point, is because they don’t want to hurt their own kin!”


I bowed my head and didn’t talk.

“This time she won’t be able to endure it!” Yao Yao suddenly said.

I raised my head to see more than ten wolves suddenly open their mouths. With the snow white Ice Edges being condensed at the same time, their goal was obvious.

I know, this time it’s impossible for foster mother to stay uninjured. If things get worse, there’s also a chance that she’ll die.

Looking at foster mother blocking the entrance to the cave, looking somewhat thin, I suddenly couldn’t say a word.

Being cared by someone was really comfortable.

I loudly shouted: “Foster mother, hurry up and get out of the way!”

Once she moved away, the old wolves would definitely squeeze into the cave.

But I already can’t care about that much, isn’t that right?

The death of one is better than the death of two.

But my Dummy foster mother can’t understand what I’m saying, because when I opened my mouth all you could hear was the sound of furious barking.

She turned her body around and looked me in the eyes. Seeing the warmth in her eyes, I couldn’t help but choke on my emotions.

Who said wild animals didn’t have emotions?

They really need to go die.

More than ten Ice Edges flew over to foster mother and the entrance of the cave. What kind of outcome was this?

I’m afraid that the body would be completely split into pieces!

Finished, it was all finished.

I tightly closed my eyes, I really didn’t want to watch.

Crack crack bang bang. With a series of cracks, everything was finished!

I didn’t know how much time had passed when I heard Yao Yao’s voice.

“Open your eyes, it’s all over!”

“Mission Complete.”

“Evaluation: Good.”

“Reward: two Grade upgrades to the Innate Skill Olfaction of Host.”

“Reward: A Healing Pellet.”

Only then did I open my eyes and found the retreating figures of more than ten gloomy wolves. Furthermore, foster mother who was standing in front was completely unharmed.

Foster mother licked my head and I also cheerfully responded to her, affectionately extending my small tongue and licking the fur on her face.

Because I know that I currently have no other way to express my admiration for foster mother.

I can’t just give her a hug!

Facing my savior and licking her a bit was something I was willing to do.

Foster mother really was too awesome. While injured, she could singlehandedly pick and win a fight with more than ten old wolves, simply a BOSS!

Big White may not necessarily be as awesome as foster mother. One of these days, I’ll let her go overturn Big White. Aren’t I basically the young master of the wolf race?

I preserved my own small life, so don’t even care about the System Evaluation.

Clicking on Receive Reward, a pellet dropped from the sky. That kind of medical fragrance, makes one really comfortable when you smell it. I swallowed it in one gulp, and felt my thigh itch.

That’s right! There’s also the reward for the Olfaction Innate Skill. This reward was so dishonest. I’m not a police dog, so what am I going to do with this sense of smell?

But I still clicked on receive. After I pressed it, my nose started to feel itchy, and very quickly, I started to smell all sorts of very different smells. My own smell is included in it, but there’s foster mother’s and on foster mother is a couple different smells from the wolf race. It should be from those old wolves.

Let’s look at my profile information:

Name: Hui Tai Lang (This is a great name. I hope that you can emulate this great name, and become a great wolf.)

Gender: Male (Grew something it shouldn’t have)

Lineage: Purebred Earth Wolf (Common Grade) (Purebred trash breed, hasn’t the slightest impurity, truly marvelous)

Innate Skills: Olfaction 4th Grade  (Your nose can tracked smells from three days ago, your sense of smell is above the Wolf Race. A pretty good supplementary innate skill.)

Level: None  (A very low status)

Skills: Wolf God’s Golden Body (Zeroth Stage: 2.51%)  (The only skill, and have not even entered the entrance. Still as trashy as before.)

Profession: None  (If wolf even counts as a profession)

Evaluation: It’s such a waste that you aren’t a Police Dog. If this world has a Police Department, you might be a bit more useful. But is it possible?

The hateful Yao Yao. Needless to say, I know who wrote these kind of taunting words.

But a great person is generous. I’m not angry, I’m really not angry.

As long as I have my life it’s good.

“Yao Yao, how did my foster mother chase off those old wolves?”

I lay near foster mother and asked curiously.

“Don’t dream anymore, you think your foster mother is Big White!?”

“How could that be? I saw those old wolves being driven away by foster mother.” I watched foster mother happily and said: “More than ten Ice Edges, but foster mother doesn’t even have a wound! I thought we were done for!”

Yao Yao touched her forehead, saying a bit unreasonably: “It’s not that your mother is awesome, it’s that those old wolves didn’t attack her in the first place!”

“It’s impossible, I heard sounds.”

“Do you believe, that those ice edges didn’t hit her at all?” Yao Yao asked.

“Don’t tell me they are really that trashy?”

“What do you think?” Yao Yao fixed her on my eyes and said. “What I saw was that group of old wolves sending Ice Edge brushing past your mother’s heels, then just retreating.”

“She’s your mother!” I abandoned those words and closed my eyes, pretending to be asleep.

I really hate those old wolves, and Yao Yao’s words made me feel extremely conflicted.

“You don’t worry about tomorrow’s matter. You need to know, she can’t possibly stay by your side forever!”

I heard Yao Yao’s words, but I didn’t want to answer. Tomorrow’s matter would be left until tomorrow. I only know that right now I’m really tired, and really sleepy.

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