HTL Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Wolf God’s Golden Body

The sun sank into the mountain, the afterglow lighting up the whole sky. The green grass in the grassland had also become a brilliant red, indicating that tomorrow would be a great clear and sunny day.

The me that was lying by the Dummy’s side, was suddenly woken up.

Opening my eyes, it seemed Miki was by my side, chewing on my ear.

The System had shut down and my mood wasn’t too good. I turned my head back to look at Dummy, she was still asleep.

The snake venom hadn’t been completely eliminated yet, and that injury wasn’t going to heal quickly either. The harmful effects of the snake venom would still linger.

Despite that, Miki’s appearance actually helped raise my mood a lot. Those people who have raised pets before would know, a grieving and gloomy mood can be alleviated a little with the comfort that comes from hugging your pet.

At least you aren’t alone in this world, isn’t it like that?

The me who had never fed Miki before, was already looking at her as a pet.

To be honest, Miki was actually pretty cute. She could be considered my childhood sweetheart, but it was a pity that she was a small female wolf. Even if my body is that of a wolf now, my aesthetic perspective is still that of a human.

My mood was a little bad, so it was time to bully Miki a little. A little tumble on the ground, and I could snap at her small claws! She was especially happy as she lay on her back and stretched her tiny claws to scratch me.

Fortunately, she wasn’t a small kitten.

Otherwise, my face will be blossoming.

Unwittingly, night came. I was drained from head to foot, and Miki also left.

I lay on the ground, my four limbs powerless. Turning my head to look at the chunk of meat Dummy left behind, I still couldn’t gather the courage to eat it.

I was a wolf with mysophobia.

It was at this moment, that a beam of mysterious light appeared before my eyes. The System started up, and the System Fairy Yao Yao appeared, sitting on a sofa with one leg over the other, sizing me up with much interest.

“You petty and low common wolf, have once again met me, the Queen. Do you have the impulse to kneel down?”


Looking at this over a thousand year old Queen, I wanted to cry but lacked the tears to cry. I cannot afford to offend her!

The System was the only thing he could rely on.

I did not reply.

“Really, you don’t have a sense of humor at all. No wonder you were still a virgin when facing death’s door.”

Was there really a choice?

I was a man suffering from a terminal illness, so I was stuck at the hospital. Moreover, the big sister nurses wouldn’t necessarily help you satisfy your wishes before death. Besides, I also know how to be be shy.

“Tell me the truth. When I turned the System off a moment ago, were you scared?” Yao Yao’s face approached the screen and curiously asked.

“I really was a little scared!”

I was an honest wolf.

“Hahaha……I knew it!” Yao Yao loudly laughed. It seemed that being needed by others still gave people a sense of satisfaction.

Laughing until my stomach was taut from anger, only then did she clear her voice and state with a solemn face: “First, you should celebrate. You are my second assigned host!”


“You know, even being a System Fairy needs work experience. Because of my lack of work experience, my first assigned host had a problem.”

“What problem?” I curiously asked.

Yao Yao stroked her forehead, a little embarrassed as she said: “Just after I met my first assigned host, I argued with him a little due to our different views. Soon after, I had my beauty sleep.”

What does sleeping count as?

“After that?”

“By the time I woke up, I noticed that the System was wandering the universe.”

“What happened?”

Yao Yao acted shy for half a day, and only under my sharp eyes did I finally force her to explain: “I just found out that the assigned host died fifty years ago.”

How should I describe my feelings at this moment?

At least there is one thing I am certain of. I’m very glad that Queen Yao Yao only slept for a half a day.

“One sleep lasted fifty years?”

“To say it more accurately, sixty-two years, ten months and twenty-nine days.” Yao Yao explained as she shook her head. “From the records of the System, that host lived for nearly thirteen years. In the end, he was seriously injured by some prey while hunting and died.”

TL Note: Somewhat of a pun here. Yao Yao Yao Yaotou – 瑶瑶摇摇头 – shaking her head

“Then you……”

I really do have some kind of urge to kneel before Queen Yao Yao.

“Look at this!” From her pocket, Yao Yao fished out an alarm clock and pressed it, the alarm clock’s clanking sounds were very noisy.

Yao Yao has a face full of pride, yet I was a bit forlorn.

“Yes, very professional.”

I got off of my high horse and flattered her. Not that doing this bit of flattery was okay, this was just in case she goes to sleep some day and forgets about her alarm clock, okay?

“Don’t underestimate this alarm clock, it’s linked with the System. When the System detects a suitable mission, it will shoot me out. That kind of event won’t happen from before again!”

“Then how does it deploy missions? And how is the Atrocity Point calculated?”

“All the missions are distributed by me. Through missions, you can obtain skills. You obtain Atrocity Points from massacring other organisms, and you can use it in the Department Store to exchange for goods.”

“Then the Department Store?”

“Because your Atrocity Point is zero, it is not open.”


I really want to take a look and see what’s all inside the Department Store.

“In fact, I see that you are very pleasing to the eyes!” Yao Yao suddenly laughingly said. “Your action of saving that mother wolf made me add a few more points to you.”

“Didn’t you say I shouldn’t save her?”

“What shouldn’t save, I was just testing you.”

“Testing me?”

“Yes, don’t forget, I was created by Dr. Hui Tai Lang. I have a very deep relationship with wolves, even though the wolves here are very lowly.

Speaking of Dr. Hui Tai Lang, I am very curious: “Hui Tai Lang is the one from 《Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf》?

TL Note: “….” Those Translators, even Pleasant Goat and the Big Grey Wolf is a more correct translation. -.- Although the second half means Grey Too Wolfy

“Not exactly, Dr. Hui Tai Lang lived in another world. Over there, all the Wolves and Goats were very intelligent, even surpassing the people from your world!”

“Then this image of yours……”

I pointed at Yao Yao and imagined her with a wolf head. So dreadful.

“Don’t doubt my appearance! When I was being created, I already had this appearance, a never seen before natural beauty!” Yao Yao shamelessly showed off her looks for a while and continued: “Back in Dr. Hui Tai Lang’s world, he also had family, but he was considered a pet.”

Humans can be kept as pets?

Hard to believe, in this case, I admit myself ignorant and inexperienced.

“Alright, enough nonsense. Since I see that you’re a bit pleasing to the eyes, I’ll give you a benefit. I also only have access to this kind of privilege once.

“What benefit?”

“Just watch and see!”

“New Novice Mission: Saving the near death mother wolf.”

“Mission Reward: Unknown!”

“Completed Novice Mission.”

“Evaluation: Perfect.”

“Mission Reward: Wolf God’s Golden Body (In theory, is immune to all physical and energy attacks, a state of invincibility!)”

Wolf God’s Golden Body?

Just hearing the name sounds formidable and domineering. Looking at the skill in the introduction, one could simply walk sideways in all the worlds. Unrivalled under Heaven and Earth!

I was really about to drool. Thinking that if I possessed the Wolf God’s Golden Body, I would be impervious to sword or spear, and make Big White go flying with a single kick. I felt fully satisfied.

“Look at your conduct, hurry up and wipe your drool! Don’t let it drip on the System screen!”

“Isn’t the screen a virtual one?”

“I would still feel nauseous seeing it!” Yao Yao sat back down on the sofa and spoke in a high-class manner: “How is it? Satisfied?”

“Satisfied, satisfied. Completely satisfied!” I incessantly nodded my head.

“Is there a sense of worship?”

“There is, there is!”

“I see that you’re nice and furry, also very cute. I will give you special permissions to be my pet, and allow you to lick my toes.”

Yao Yao smilingly stretched her foot in front of me.

The distance of that foot from my nose was roughly 3.6 centimeters. My keen nose also detected a sweet fragrance, it really doesn’t seem to be virtual.

If her height wasn’t 10 centimeters, she might really be able to seduce me.

However, why do I have the urge to bite her to death?

This really was the last draw, was she really making herself a God?

I was also a wolf with dignity!

Not a house pet.

Casting a quick glance at the screen, a claw patted and pushed the “Shut Down System Fairy” button.

With the Wolf God’s Golden Body, I was already in the position of invincibility.

Why would one wish to become the strong one?

One reason is to beat down all those people you don’t like and let them disappear forever.

“The next time I see you, I’ll show you why I’m called Queen!” Yao Yao sneered and said.

With a pa-ta sound, Queen Yao Yao finally disappears.

It was obviously spring. I have fur and the Wolf God’s Golden Body, so why did it feel so cold?

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