HTL Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Lousy System

Under my disturbance, the female wolf opened her eyes from time to time. Sometimes, she was even fed up with me and shoved me away, but under my indomitable spirit and strong resolve, she couldn’t fall asleep.

Finally, after an hour, the System activated.

A virtual thing similar to a computer window appeared in front of my face.

I looked, and saw my own attribute information.

Name: none

Gender: Male

Lineage: Purebred Earth Wolf (Common Grade)

Innate Skills: Olfaction 2nd Grade

Level: None

Skills: None

Profession: none

Atrocity Point: 0

I swept through the information, then I heard the System’s ice-cold machine voice sound once again: “System first time activation, System activation reward, you have the following choices: 1.  Can choose to upgrade your lineage for free (limited to 1 grade); 2. Can choose to train a set of Wolf Race martial art for free; 3. Can choose a medicine pellet for free (**** and below ****).”

TL Note: The **** is probably about the range of selection of pellets he can choose from.

There’s actually free stuff. Upgrading my breed, I’ve yearned for it in my dreams. Wolf Race martial arts, even though I don’t know what kind of martial arts they are, it’s still very alluring!

Free medicinal pellet?

Just forget about it, just a glance would tell you that the effect wasn’t that high.

However, I turned to look at the female wolf. It looked like she couldn’t hold on for much longer. But her dying is none of my business! She’s not even my real mother!

I swept over the three choices a few times. Faced with these kind of alluring choices, I was unable to make up my mind for a long time.

I shut my eyes. Hot tears stinging them, I made my choice. As I did so, I started to curse. Every time I chose something, I would somehow end up sacrificing something. Fricking fuck this world!

**** Detoxifying Pellet – snake venom’s bane :  can detoxify the overwhelming majority of normal snake venoms.

This was really just spending money to buy peace of mind.

Foster mother, this would be the last time I call you this, pray that you were poisoned with normal snake venom!

A pill suddenly fell onto the ground. I used my mouth to bite it, pried open her mouth, and spat in the medicinal pellet.

The Wolf Race weren’t sanitary anyway.

I stretched out my small claw, and pushed the medicinal pellet down her throat. With a gulu sound, she swallowed it down.

Whether this medicinal pellet would be effective or not, I didn’t know. If it couldn’t cure her, then this would be a huge loss.

I stayed by her side, somewhat nervously staring at her. At this point, I wasn’t hungry anymore, my body had given up trying to tell me how hungry it was.

But being anxious wouldn’t help at this moment. Whether she would wake up was just Heaven’s will.

A few wolves walked past, but they didn’t seem to notice the System. It seemed that only I could see it.

Except for one’s attributes, there was also a button at the bottom right corner in the System: Whether to activate System Fairy.

System Fairy?

In my past life, in those web novels that I used to read, the System Fairy was indeed crucial. It was able to guide the user in correctly using the system.

No need to hesitate, I definitely needed to activate the System Fairy.

After pressing activate, I cast the female wolf a glance. There was no movement, but her originally pitch black thigh seemed to have turned to a lighter shade. Indeed, that was good news.

Just when I was feeling joy from the bottom of my heart, I suddenly heard a spell of deliberately abundant zither sounds, I turned my head and saw that countless beautiful fireworks have suddenly appeared on the screen, just like Chinese New Year’s Eve.

Kuang dang, With the peals of thunder, a girl’s back appeared.

Such a flashy appearance subdued me.

Her exquisite pink dress exposed her fair calves, and her feet wore high heels with red crystals. Her face came into view as she slowly turned around her body. She has an oval face, a sharp chin, and a pair of big eyes that I nearly lost myself in, beautiful even when angry and happy.

Good, a white and delicate loli!

Lolis have three charms: they have a clear voice, a soft body and they’re easy to push down.

I’m a very honorable lolicon though. I have controlled myself several thousand times in my mind to keep myself from acting on my heart’s desires.

“You’re the System Fairy?” I curiously asked.

It can’t be helped, this little sister’s appearance was too shocking.

“That’s correct, I’m indeed the Hui Tai Lang System’s System Fairy, specialized in guiding you, these little whites’ guide, you can call me Sister Yao Yao.”

TL Note: Hui in Hui Tai Lang means grey yet she calls him little white

I feel I’ve been looked down on.

“Oh, that’s wrong, it’s not little white, you’re little grey.”

“Sister Yao Yao?” I don’t want to be taken advantage of by anyone. Even if it’s a little loli, it’s also not okay, “How old are you this year, little loli?”

“Little loli?” Yao Yao hearing this nickname, also didn’t get mad. She nearly swelled with pride as she said, “You haven’t discerned it right, Sister is 1566 years old this year.”

How much is a thousand five hundred and sixty six years?

Without a realistic notion of how long it was, I could only liken it to the age of a thousand year old demon from the legends.

Seeing me staring blankly, Yao Yao used her melodious voice and said: “That’s right, sister is a baby faced beauty from the legends.”

Baby faced beauty?

“You’re the System. Sigh, you’re not a real person anyway, of course your appearance can stay unchanged.”

But this Yao Yao, seemed  to have completely not heard my words. I took out a mirror, looked at my shadow and felt sorry for myself.

TL Note: Not a literal Mirror

“Yao Yao, how do I operate this System?”

I was impatient to become strong and powerful. In the past, I didn’t have a healthy body. In this life, even though I was a wolf, I wanted strength, to be able to run around as long as I like in the grassland.

“System?” The mirror suddenly disappeared, and Yao Yao somewhat solemnly said, “The System is actually just a display, it is I who is the real boss. As long as you listen to my words, then you can become strong!”

Hearing these words was really awkward, I finally understood why when starting up the System, the System Fairy didn’t immediately appear, but rather need the user to choose.

I’m a wolf, not a dog. It was impossible for me to be very obedient.

“The system is only a assisting System. It can provide you with resources, but to truly become strong, you will have to rely on yourself, understood?”

“I understand!”

“Let me see your information, I’ll let you know the benefit of having the System fairy.”

Yao Yao attentively read through my information once, her eyebrows creasing more and more. I have a really bad feeling.

“Look at your attributes again!” Yao Yao unhappily said.

I looked, seems like a lot of annotations had been added to it.

Name: None

Gender: Male  (Grew something it shouldn’t have)

Lineage: Purebred Earth Wolf (Common Grade) (Purebred trash breed, hasn’t the slightest impurity, truly marvelous)

Innate Skills: Olfaction 2nd Grade  (As keen as a dog’s nose, can differentiate different kinds of organism’s scent)

Level: None  (A very low status)

Skills: None  (Body has no special skills, society’s pest)

Profession: None  (If wolf even counts as a profession)

Atrocity value: 0  (Poverty is precisely the biggest origin of sins)

Evaluation: Even trash hotpot restaurants won’t accept it, because the meat quality isn’t good.

“Uh……” I was speechless. I felt as if living in this world was just a mistake.

“You still haven’t been named, what kind of name do you want?”

“Xiong Ba Tian, Yang Ba Tian, Tian Lang……”

TL Note: Xiong mean powerful, Ba means overlord, Tian means sky or heaven, so Ba Tian means overlord of heaven. Yang means manly. Lang means wolf, so Tian Lang means Heavenly Wolf.

Thinking of naming myself made me excited. In my past life, I was named by my old pops. I was somewhat unsatisfied, that name didn’t feel the slightest bit domineering at all.

“Alright, I’ve finished naming you.”

I still haven’t said I’m done yet!

I looked toward the screen: Hui Tai Lang!

TL Note: Hui = grey, Tai = very much, a lot, extremely, Lang = wolf

“How come it’s this name?”

Hui Tai Lang, this name is certainly a well-known name, but I really don’t want this kind of name.

Yao Yao didn’t consider my feelings at all, and waved her hand to indicate silence. I waited for her explanation.

“The System was also invented by doctor Hui Tai Lang. Today just happened to be the doctor’s 1000 year anniversary, so let’s commemorate it and express respect toward the doctor!”

While talking about doctor Hui Tai Lang, Yao Yao was very solemn.

“Why do you want to use my name to commemorate? Why the heck aren’t you changing your name?”

“Hui Tai Lang is a good name?”

“Where is it good?” I unwillingly said.

“In our world, only the strong and powerful beings are able to add the word “Tai” to their name. Just like your world’s Kongzi (Confucius), Mengzi (Mencius) and Han Feizi, they all added “zi” in the end, you understand?”

“That Han Feizi in that world of yours, would then called Han Tai Fei here?”

TL Note: Han Tai Fei seems to be some emperor’s concubine. Thus it might be some kind of joke as Han Feizi is a male but Han Tai Fei is a female.

“When I’m speaking, don’t interrupt!”

“Although you’re a trash right now,  because you have the System and my assistance, as long as you put in your effort, then you’ll definitively become strong and powerful. This name, ‘Hui Tai Lang’, indicates the earnest hope I have for your future, you understand?”

Two “Do you understand”?

I’m thinking, if I continue asking her, wouldn’t I seem particularly stupid?

“Moreover, there’s only one opportunity to be named, and it can’t be altered, so just put up with it for a bit okay? Names are only a code name!”

Yao Yao didn’t conceal the evil smile on her face at all.

I’m extremely regretting activating the System Fairy.

“Wait, you’re so weak, where did the System start up’s free benefit go?” Yao Yao suddenly angrily said.

“I bought a medicinal pellet, a detoxifying pellet.”

“You got poisoned?” Yao Yao questioned closely.

“I let her eat it!” I pointed at the female wolf Dummy lying at the side, the black colored wound on her thigh had become red. She ought to completely recover soon.

“You big idiotic dog!”

“I, your daddy is a wolf, a man-eating wolf!”

“Even a dog’s smarter than you! If you give a dog a bone, it won’t give it to someone else! You really regard her as your mother!”

“Don’t think that just because you’re the System Fairy, you can slander my human…… wolf personality!”

I wanted to continue disputing, but this fairy didn’t give me this chance at all, and the System immediately turned the screen black.

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