HTL Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Not Being a Pretty Boy

The relationship between my foster mother and I has at last been determined. No matter if she is or isn’t my biological mother, I’ll only call her foster mother anyway.

And starting from today, Miki and I became good buddies. To be more accurate, she’s persistently sticking to me. I’m not a kindergarten auntie, nor am I interested in being a nanny.

The System was taking more time than I’d thought to start, I slowly began to sense the wolf pack’s wolf cubs’ malice. Except for Miki, the other wolf cubs all ignore me. I don’t care about the way the wolf cubs look at me, but sadly, even the adult wolves exclude me. Every time I try to squeeze in and have a large and sumptuous meal, I always get chased out. Sometimes, I’ve been violently thrown out, hurting so much that I’m unable to stand up even after half a day.

Every time this happens, foster mother would run over and lightly lick my head. I’ll admit that this kind of concern and care is capable of slightly warming my icy heart.

At that time, I would complain: Why isn’t foster mother the wolf pack’s leader? That way I wouldn’t be bullied.

It was clear, that I had in fact suffered a setback. My complaints were unreasonable, just like the poor children from Earth complaining why their own parents aren’t rich and had a high status!

Miki would also occasionally bring some pieces of meat to me, but I would always refuse. Apart from the disgusting saliva, I also had my self-respect as a male. I absolutely couldn’t depend on a female to provide for me!

Especially being provided by a not yet adult female wolf. In this way, where would my face go?

I can’t live off a woman, and can´t be a pretty boy. This was the bottom line of me being a wolf.

Actually there’s a small river not far away. If I wash away the saliva on top then it would become edible. I had already noticed this long ago.

Look, there’s practically only this one animal on Heaven and Earth that would so persistently follow principles. It simply should be the model for the animal world, the wolf pack’s model!

TL Note: He’s talking about his Miki being the only one who actually cares and don’t discriminate him.

I simultaneously drank sweet breast milk and fantasized complacently.

But why did I feel sad?

The breast milk is clearly very tasty!

It was easier to digest than meat, tastier than meat, more nutritious than meat, and both fragrant and sweet. Drinking too much wouldn’t easily cause diarrhea either. Breast milk doesn’t contain any food additives, and it’s said that it contains antibodies that can strengthen the body’s immune system.

But why does my heart ache?

Looking at foster mother’s squinted eyes, I’m extremely doubtful if I, in this lifetime, will be capable of weaning.

To wean or not? When can I wean?

This was indeed an extremely embarrassing yet also imminent matter.

The wolf pack had excluded me, so there would inevitably be a day where I would need to go hunting by myself. If I hunt alone, I’m afraid I would starve myself to death.

The success rate of a lone wolf hunting really isn’t high. Moreover my own breed’s success rate was seemingly quite a bit lower than the other wolves in the wolf pack.

I recalled that lousy System, it has only updated 30% so far. Exactly which telecommunication company’s fault is this?

Mobile? Telecom?

No matter how, life still continues.

I’d been excluded, so I didn’t plan on joining in on the fun. Being alone doesn’t entirely matter either. In the past when I was sick, I also stayed in the hospital ward alone, except for the beautiful nurses occasionally passing by. I stayed there for a year after I first lay down. Even like this, I still remain alone.

Solitude, I could still bear.

Miki didn’t ostracize me at all, still bothering me just like in the past. There was also foster mother’s care and concern for me, giving me a strand of sunshine.

As a wolf, you depend on hunting for a livelihood, a highly dangerous profession.

Prey certainly wouldn’t obediently wait for you to eat them. Every day I would experience all kinds of dead prey, they just don’t look like easy prey, even when they’re dead.

The wolf pack would occasionally bring back some injured small prey, and let the wolf cubs take care of them, to train their hunting skills.

Of course, I didn’t have the privilege to join in such a fun game, and could only watch from afar.

I’d once seen a white rabbit spit out an ice arrow. Another time, a copper colored little ox was being torn at by 10 wolf cubs. It persevered for a whole afternoon, relying on its valiant defense. By then, an adult wolf could no longer bear watching, and mercifully killed it with a bite.

At this time, I was even a bit worried for foster mother, and inwardly prayed that she won’t get hurt.

However, it was very clear that no gods heard my prayer. On the fourth day, just when the System had updated to 98%, foster mother returned limping back.

She powerlessly lay down next to me, as she usually did, but didn’t display her affection for me.

The ao ao sounds weren’t as forceful and courageous. On the contrary, it was more like painful groans.

I ran over, and soon noticed two small black holes on her hind legs, the skin around it pitch-black. It looked like she was bitten by a viper.

The fact was, she’s injured. Most likely, she’s seriously injured.

I was anxious, not knowing what I should do.

My scant knowledge of first aid told me that the best method right now was to suck out the venom. Or inject her with snake antivenom, but did I have such things?

I didn’t!

It was probably too late to suck out the venom. Hurrying back from so far away, the poison must have thoroughly circulated through her body. In a world without antivenom, one could already issue a critical condition notice.

TL Note: 病危通知书 Seems to be for patients with conditions uncontrollable by doctors, so by issuing this notice the doctors won’t need to bear any responsibilities if the patient dies. So in this case it could mean like get ready for funeral?

This stupid female wolf, could it not just be a bit smarter?

When poisoned, it was best to not move!

The female wolf stared at me, with her miserable gaze, and unceasingly let out that kind of sounds that makes one sad. I didn’t even have the heart to tell her that.

I turned my head away, I did not want to look at her.

The female wolf seemed to understand that she doesn’t have much time left, so she shifted herself to me, bit onto my nape, and threw me to her chest. As for the meaning of her actions, it was clear. She wanted to breastfeed me.

Remembering that in the past few days, it was always at this time that she would breastfeed me.

I, your daddy’s nose turned a bit sour, I really wanted to scold her.

TL Note: Nose turning sour happens when you’re about to cry.

How could I, your daddy have this kind of foster mother?

So stupid you would get someone killed. You yourself had been poisoned, and you still want me to drink breast milk? You really weren’t afraid of poisoning me to death?

Dying by yourself is fine, why the heck were you pulling me down with you?

I vowed to heaven, if she recovered, in the future I wouldn’t ever call her foster mother again, I’d call her Dummy.

Just when I was restless, the ground shook.

I turned my head and looked, it was Big White.

The first time I met this kind of truck like monster, its body carried a naturally powerful pressure, immediately suppressing me down to the ground. I felt as though I was a mole cricket or an ant, able to be killed with a single careless blow.

In the past, I had a somewhat favorable impression of this guy. I felt it was very brave and powerful.

But now, I feel it’s very hateful, completely ugly. I wanted to peel off its white fur, lay it down on the cavern, and use it as a carpet.

Foster mother had be been bitten by a viper, it definitely held the lion’s share of responsibility.

Every time they go hunting, this guy is the one that leads. Wherever it ran, the wolf pack followed.

Why did they not go to a good place? They just had to go and step on vipers?

Unyielding, I looked up at it’s head that was suspended in midair.

Enduring the naturally powerful pressure that emanated from its body, a pressure that came from its race, I gritted my teeth, shakily straightened my legs and walked over to its feet.

Big White looked at me somewhat curiously, not knowing what I wanted to do.

Staring at one of its forelegs’ toe, I bit down. I couldn’t even bite through its skin.

Its skin was really thick.

Big White lowered its head, placed that table sized white face in front of me, sized me up for a bit, and snorted. I was suddenly attacked by a gust of wind, lifting me off my feet and sending me spinning through the air.

Its grandma, this guy was bullying me too much!

TL Note: 它奶奶的 = Its grandma, but can also mean damn it, blast it.

Big White left behind a few pieces of meat, walking away without another word. I looked at its “enormous” body, not knowing what to do with it.

Was this a promise of welfare?

The female wolf slowly chewed the pieces of meat. The several strong and healthy adult wolves in the surrounding covetously looked at those pieces of meat, but did not dare to steal them. In the wolf pack, the wolf king held absolute power.

The remaining piece of meat, she pushed it over to me, yet I had no appetite.

I’m allergic to saliva, especially Big White’s.

That piece of meat was therefore placed between me and her, and neither of us made a move.

She just lay down like that, occasionally opening her eyes and casting a look at me when she heard something in the surroundings. Calm just like a beautiful and virtuous woman, she serenely awaited her death.

But I, however, was unable to bear this kind of deathly silence. I opened my mouth, and bit at her wound. My small fangs tore open her wound, black blood flowing out. I wanted to try sucking out the black blood, yet I didn’t have any way to do so. Who was it that let my mouth protrude outwards?

Thinking for a bit, I missed humans’ lips incomparably, they were both flat and soft, sucking out venom with them was extremely easy.

You want to ask, why would wolves evolved a protruding mouth after how many tens of thousands of years of evolution?

No wonder the wolves on Earth were always being hunted by humans. It naturally serves them right!

With great difficulty I found a protruding spot on her wound, and slowly begin to suck out the venom. If I’m even the slightest bit inattentive, I’ll be unable to bite onto that spot.

I spat out the black blood and felt my mouth turn numb, this isn’t an ulcer right?

Otherwise she’s certainly screwed.

I bit and tore open her wound, sucking out the venom, but all through this, the female wolf didn’t even twitch. Most likely, her thigh twas already completely paralyzed.

These methods could only slow down the spread of venom. The root of the problem wasn’t being addressed.

After sucking out the venom for a while more, my face turned numb.

I suddenly heard the System say, updated to 99%. I abruptly jumped.

Didn’t I have the System?

Maybe I can cure the female wolf!

I turned my head and looked at the female wolf. Only then did I notice that she hadn’t moved in a very long time.

I ran over, and used my front claws to claw her big face. I bit her ear and stepped on her stomach. I was so worried, I almost cried.

Only after a long while, did she open her eyes. Her eyes dull, she lightly swung her head, pushing me away. I accidentally stepped on that piece of meat and slipped.

Immediately, she shut her eyes again, she really seemed to be very tired. I don’t know if she’ll dream about her late husband.

However, I reacted very quickly, I rushed forward and disturbed her. I used my claws, teeth and head all together to attack. I pulled her fur, bit her ear, and bashed her head. I was completely unscrupulous, just like shrew fighting.

I shouted in my heart:


Sleep your sister!

Quickly get up! For I am your daddy. I, your daddy’s hungry, I want to drink milk!

You still won’t open your eyes?

How about we play peekaboo? Pick up the soap?

Alright, you win, I’ll be the prisoner, I’ll pick up the soap, that should be fine right?

Open your eyes for I, your daddy!

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