HTL Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: I Was Picked Up

Calculating a bit, I had spent about an hour, which means it would take at least five days for the System to complete the update. Was it messing with me?

When the wolf pack returned, my stomach was rumbling with hunger. After not eating anything for half a day, I was starving.

The wolf pack brought back a lot of food. Among the variety of food, what astonished me the most was the ox that the big white leader pulled back with him. With copper colored skin, it was as big as the leader. They must have spent quite some time to kill this thing.

Meal time has arrived.

Thinking of eating raw meat sure was disgusting, but this couldn’t be helped. I couldn’t count on these wolves to roast meat.

Even if it was disgusting, I could only endure it. Who let myself become a wolf?

The adult wolves surrounded the food and ate voraciously. I wanted to squeeze in, but as soon as I squeezed halfway in, the other adult wolves drove me away.

After two times, I had understood. From the beginning, they had never intended to share the meat.

Seeing the other adults eating and drinking as much as they like, to me, really was a kind of a torment. I was also very hungry alright? How come you wolves didn’t respect the old and cherish the young even a bit?

Just when I was lying down outside the wolf group and grumbling about how this society wasn’t cultured and virtuous, Miki ran over and consoled me. At least that’s how I saw it, in fact, she was stepping on me.

At this moment, a female wolf ran over toward me. Why I would say she was a female wolf?

Because in the place of her abdomen,  it was filled to the brim with mother’s milk. I don’t want to explain the specifics. I, this cultured wolf wouldn’t say such sensitive wordings.

I recognized her from her scent, she was precisely the one who had carried me out from the cave with her mouth this morning.

However, I was really sceptical. Was this one actually my biological mother or not? Because she was also totally white, not having even a slight stain.

You ask, how was she able to give birth to this handsome little grey wolf?

But she was probably unable to answer this question.

She ran up to my side, standing directly above my head, lightly **** my fur. Raising my head, I could then see her swollen and bulging breast.

TL Note: Was written **** in the raws.

I roughly understood her meaning, breastfeeding me.

But, how could I easily bring myself to suckle?

In my past life, I had heard from the news that some rich old guys would especially hire wet nurses, but I don’t have such perverted hobbies!

On one hand I’m so hungry that my chest is sticking to my back. On the other hand, I’m faced with psychological rejection. How should I actually choose? I was embroiled.

The female wolf noticed I didn’t breastfeed, but didn’t force me anymore, she most likely thought I wasn’t hungry!

She lay down sideways beside me, her ample bosom facing me, squinted her eyes and didn’t budge.

I understood this pose, when you’re hungry, you can go drink milk by yourself.

I continued to pay attention that group eating meat. They weren’t the slightest bit sanitary. It was you take a bite, then I’ll take a bite. But in my heart, I was somewhat envious.

I ran up to a bone that was left over by an adult wolf, sniffed it a bit and did not feel that it was very disgusting.

Compared to drinking breastmilk, I could still quite easily accept eating meat.

However, I still needed to continue waiting. In wolf packs, it had always been the strong eating first, the old, the weak, the sick and the disabled ones could only wait till the end and eat a bit of the leftover food.

Let’s say for example that big white leader, it wanted to eat such a big prey alone and no one was fighting over it.

After those old wolves have finished eating, there wasn’t much food left. Lots of white wolf cubs ran over and gnawed on bones, with the the lucky ones getting a few pieces of meat.

I also ran over, but I was chased away by a white adult wolf.

I really want to tell it: I have weaned, I want to eat meat!

Receiving this kind of big grievance, yet had nowhere to tell; From different positions, I have been chased out by different white wolves all the time; What makes me feel most depressed is, Miki, to my surprise, squeezed in and ate meat!

This wasn’t fair.

I suddenly noticed, that of the wolves I had seen today, practically all the wolves were all white; At most they had some very small pattern, but only I was a grey wolf that didn’t have even a speck of white.

From a genetics point of view, this was not logical.

Even if I was mutated, in the tens of thousands of adult wolves, I shouldn’t be the only mutated one!

Thinking back to the different attitudes from those adult wolves from earlier, the other wolf cubs, and the freezing air that Miki had spat out, I began to come to my own conclusions.

I’m probably not the same breed as them.

Reportedly, some female mammals during pregnancy or labor periods, if their children die, they’d adopt other mammal babies, just like the legendary “Wolf child”.

The truth about this matter, probably only that female wolf was clear about it!

With this conjecture in mind, I felt extremely frustrated. In a wolf pack, if I wanted to live free and unrestrained, I definitely needed to blend in with the group. Wolves are after all pack animals. If I get excluded to the extent of being driven away, then it would be rather unpleasant.

I lay down beside the female wolf, she actually opened her eyes and looked at me, then continued to rest.

Staring at those few nipples, knowing they were filled with sweet breast milk, I couldn’t bring myself to suckle.

Even if no one would mock me, this wolf possessing an adult soul, for drinking breast milk, I myself would still be embarrassed!

However I really was hungry, I’d rolled around the entire morning and had consumed too much energy.

Just when I was flat on the ground, motionless in order to decrease my energy consumption, I detected the sweet smell of meat.

Miki ran towards me, her mouth full and bulging.

Could it be that she had run over here to let me see her eat?

I moodily looked at Miki, who ignoring my gaze, ran up to me and with a pu sound, spat out a clump of red meat.

She wanted to savour the meat that she was going to swallow in front of me?

This fellow was too hateful, how could there be a wolf cub with such a vicious intent?

I had even gave her such a cute name.

I shut my eyes. What the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over, but that sweet smell really tempts people.

Ai! Let me have one more look, to sate my greed.

Miki wagged her tail, and used her nose to push over the clump of meat to me.

Seeing this action, my nose soured and I was almost unable to hold back the urge to cry. I understood her intention, she wanted me to eat.

So kindhearted this little female wolf was, she doesn’t have the heart to watch me starve.

Later on when she grows up, she’d definitely be a good wife and loving mother.

I’d long been badly starved. Staring at that piece of meat, I opened my mouth and the saliva in my mouth dripped down onto the grass blades.

However, I attentively looked at that piece of meat, what was that layer of transparent liquid that was on top of the meat?

How could I eat with so much saliva?

I really wanted to curse her.

Recalling that this piece of meat was spat out by Miki before, I didn’t have the slightest appetite.

Miki cocked her head, curiously staring at me, not understanding why I wasn’t eating.

I gave Miki a look, not wanting to say anything. This girl also had good intentions, too bad she’s unable to understand my sanitary habits.

Pushing the piece of meat to her, Miki was also not polite thinking that I didn’t want to eat, she opened her mouth and bit down.

Your own saliva, you would of course not hate.

I couldn’t calm down, I was so hungry that I became agitated. There were still people beside me eating voraciously, and my saliva uncontrollably flowed down.

I glanced at Miki, she was still enjoying that lunch meal. I glanced at the female wolf, she had been motionless for a long time, seemingly asleep. I sneakily ran over to the female wolf’s side, stared at those pink nipples and swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Let’s just drink milk then, at least it’s better than starving to death.

The warm breast milk was extremely sweet I sucked with all my might, during which the female wolf also moved a bit. This frightened me, I somehow felt very guilty, like a thief.

I drank and drank, Miki then lay down beside me, found another nipple and started to suckle.

This little female wolf’s appetite sure was large, wasn’t she afraid of bursting to death?

In fact, for a moment, I wanted to wake up the female wolf and complain to her: Foster mother, Miki’s pilfering my milk!

But thinking a bit, I’ll let it pass, Miki could be considered a good girl.

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