HTL Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Rolling Type Charging

Although I had already been bullied thrice by the little white wolf, my face wore a brilliant smile as I tumbled down the hillside.

Without a doubt, I wasn’t hallucinating, there really was a System in my body. It was charged to 20%, it seemed that I would still need to charge it a bit more before I activate it.

System, hehe, was the interdimensional travelers’ indispensable cheat. An uncountable number of interdimensional traveler seniors have relied on this cheat to go on killing sprees of all sizes and types, killing until they surpass gods. And today, it had unexpectedly landed in my hands

But “Rolling-type Charging” sure was phony Why must it be the rolling type?

Even though it does follow the law of conservation of energy.

I jumped and ran around the place, but did not hear the System’s Voice. It looks like I really need to roll.

Recalling the little white wolf’s sorcery from a moment ago, my heart too was heating up. It was able to, so I too should be able to, right? After all, we are of the same race.

I tried holding my breath, pu, there really was white fog, but sadly it was all saliva.

Why couldn’t I shoot out white colored cold air?

Could it be the difference in talent between wolves?

Feeling somewhat discouraged and sad.

However, thinking about the System raised my spirit.

As I climbed up the hillside this time, the little white wolf vigilantly stared at me, but I absolutely did not bother with it. For a nobleman to take revenge, ten years is not too long. Wait till I activate the System, hmph hmph!

I would train it into an obedient doggy.

I arrogantly walked up to the top of the hillside, curled up my body and started my great cause of rolling.

The little white wolf curiously stared at me, I waved toward it, the internationally renowned sign language for: Goodbye!

I obviously forgot that it was just an inexperienced native dog, maybe it won’t understand the meaning of this elegant action.

As expected, when I was rolling, the System’s Voice sounded once again. This time it was charged to 41%, it had improved somewhat compared to last time, and I had also rolled forth the know-how and experience for rolling.

Swaying, I stood up, prepared to persist and strike while the iron was hot, when a white silhouette suddenly flew over, and directly knocked me over.

I looked up, the culprit was actually the little white wolf from the hilltop!

It f*cking really want to pick a fight with I, your daddy.

The little white wolf dizzily stood up, as if drunk. Seeing me seems to make it feel very happy, it skipped over to me and intimately rubbed against my body.

I just want to say, so unlucky.

Regarding me and it as contemporary wolves?

Activating the System is still more urgent, so not paying the slightest attention to the little white wolf’s intimacy, I continue my great cause of rolling. What utterly annoys me is that each time I rolled down the hillside, the little white wolf also rolled with me.

Originally, I would have finished after rolling five times, but midway through one of the rolls two meatballs collided once, causing me to roll one more time.

I could not defeat it, so I could only pinch my nose and admit defeat.

I lay down in the underbrush, ignoring the excitedly romping little white wolf, and heard a di sound.

“System activated, perceiving the world’s information, updating System data….”

The little white wolf seems to have become fond of this rolling game. Seeing me stay in the underbrush, it impatiently circled around me, and even jumped over to step on me.

However, its body was very light, so stepping on me doesn’t even hurt, at most making me uncomfortable.

I would endure it even if it was even more uncomfortable. It couldn’t be helped, who let me be unable to beat it?

Moreover, when dealing with this kind of mischievous kid, ignoring was after all the best method. Wait till it loses interest, then it won’t bother me.

Bored, I waited for the System’s update, and waited for a good half day without any response. I turned my head and looked at the little white wolf, and only then did I notice that the little white wolf was not really completely white, there was a clump of black decorative patterns on its right side’s belly.

So it turns out it’s not purebred!

I didn’t even have a bit of good impression of it, and had even cursed it in a roundabout way.

But the black decorative pattern on the little white wolf’s body had attracted my attention, a black circle plus two small black circles adjacent to it, it really looked like a Mickey Mouse portrait print.

Looked quite cute.

At the same time I also gave this little white wolf a cute name: Mickey!

Naming a wolf cub a mouse’s name was extremely appropriate.

“So cute, must be a boy!”

When it was once more jumping over and stepping on me, I suddenly stood up and flipped it over to the ground.

Mickey thought I wanted to play with it, so it lay on it’s back on the meadow and did not climb up. It stretched out its two small forelegs and pressed them on my face.

I ignored it, I had my own goal.

Following its pink belly and glancing down below, there was also nothing there. The structure was completely different from mine.

I guessed wrong, it was actually a female wolf.

Alright, let’s call it Miki!

TL Note: Actually, the name has the same pronunciation as Mickey but the name has the meaning of “Fine jade” which is often used to describe women. So I decided to use Miki which is a girl name in Japanese.

Guessing its gender wrong, I felt slightly uncomfortable.

However after thinking a bit, there were definitive differences between human faces and wolves’ faces. Using the ways of scrutinize humans to look at wolves was naturally unacceptable.

I once again lay down on the grassland, waiting for the System’s update. Actually, being a wolf wasn’t such a bad thing, at least I won’t have to worry about housing prices. A good place to dig a cave would give me a good dwelling spot, warm during winter and cool during summer.

As for getting a wife, for the time being I didn’t have any such intentions, wolf girls absolutely doesn’t suit my aesthetic view.

Miki had my foreleg between her teeth, and dragged me towards the hillside. I had to say, she really did have some brute force to work with.

I roughly knew her thoughts, she felt that rolling around was really fun.

Just at this moment, I had a brilliant idea. I came up with a funny thing.

I compliantly walked with her towards the hillside, she bounced and vivaciously led the way. If she could laugh and talk, she should definitively be cheerfully talking and laughing the whole way up.

Reaching the hilltop, she impatiently curled up her body, and cutely stared at me. I know her meaning, she wanted me to roll together with her.

Would I roll?

From behind her, I accelerated my body for an instant, curled my body and directly slammed into her back.

Miki was careless for a moment, and directly rolled down the hillside.

I lay down on the hilltop, watching that hairy ball that looked like a leather ball, and happily howled ao ao.

Big brother had finally taken revenge.

Smug, I held my forelegs suspended in the air, hind legs propped onto the ground. Temporarily a bipedal animal, sadly, I couldn’t put my forelegs onto my waist. I howled a few more times, it was a good feeling.

Just as I was at my most complacent, my butt hurt, and I rapidly followed in Miki’s footsteps.

In the instant I was rolling down the hillside, I turned my head and looked, a big white giant wolf that looked like a truck was standing behind me.

Alright, I had better obediently roll then!

Finally coming to a stop, I turned my head and looked curiously towards the hillside. Standing on the hilltop, the majestic giant wolf’s body was covered in snow white, luxurious fur. It was definitely valuable, I was just unsure if I would dare to want it.

Most likely, this was the wolf pack’s leader!

It was my first time meeting such an enormous wolf. The overwhelming majority of wolves in the pack were just like those from Earth.

Awoo……” As the leader howled, I felt the very ground shake, and the surrounding wolf pack stood and responded. I joined in the fun and howled a few times. It really was f*cking exciting, like The Chinese University of Hong Kong Chorus.

The little white wolf beside me also sat on the ground and howled loudly, its throat was quite good, but compared with mine, there was still quite a big disparity.

After the leader finished howling, it suddenly leaped down the hillside, running into the distance. Each jump was at least 50 meters, and all the adult wolves started to move, following behind the leader.

They were going hunting.

Over ten thousands wolves moved out at the same time, following behind the leader. Like billowing tsunami, wolves covered the grassland as far as the eye could see. The rumbling, trembling earth even left me on the ground, unable to stand steadily.

I looked somewhat reverently at the white flood disappearing into the distance. This was exactly the kind of wolf pack I was in!

Just at this moment, I heard the System’s Voice: Update 1% complete

It seems to have already been an hour!

Come on, the network speed is really lousy, Mobile Telecom don’t even build a base station here, a bunch of good for nothings.

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