HTL Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: I’m a Wolf Cub

When I woke up, I noticed that I was no longer lying on a hospital bed and that my surroundings had become pitch black. It seems like I’ve entered the netherworld.

Is the netherworld really like this? How come Ox-head and Horse-Face aren’t here, nor the King of Hell, Yama?

TL Note: Ox-head and Horse-Face are the guardians of Underworld in chinese mythology.

Most likely, after I wait for a while, they’ll come and receive me!

I might as well find a comfortable position to lie down in.

Regarding my death… a year ago, when the hospital found out that I’d contracted cancer, I’d prepared myself.

Every time I saw my parents, in order to simply let me live a bit longer and more comfortably, they’d make so many pointless expenses, which just made me feel so uncomfortable. My little brother was still studying, and our old Yang family could still continue to burn incense to pay respect to our ancestors. Although I wanted to live, I didn’t want to be a burden to the others.

TL Note: A tradition for descendants to pay respect to their ancestors, otherwise they’d be considered unfilial. Also, as long as the male line is still alive, the name still exists. Since when you marry off your daughter, and they have children, they have don’t count as part of the family anymore, so it isn’t the main branch. However, the daughter still counts as part of the family they’re from, and as such, if their children do anything bad, it still damages the reputation of the family that they come from.

I smiled a little from within the cave—both Ox-Head and Horse-Face from the legends had yet to arrive, which made me feel a bit uneasy.

I wonder what those two look like?

I’m really quite interested.

After waiting for quite a long time, I nearly fell asleep.

I inwardly cursed the two in my mind: If you guys still don’t arrive, then when I meet Yama, I’ll complain. It’ll be best if you guys are investigated, and fired from office!

Just as I was beginning to grow impatient, I heard a rustling noise beside my ears.

They’d come!

But the ones I’d ended up waiting for weren’t Ox-Head and Horse-Face, but instead, was a washbowl-sized wolf head.

That’s right, it was a wolf head.

I couldn’t help being puzzled. Could it be that they’d decided to keep up with the times, and had promoted the younger officers such that the netherworld’s soul escort emissaries have changed?

I believe that’s probably so, as Ox-Head and Horse-Face have worked assiduously for several thousands of years in the netherworld, thus it’s about time for them to retire. Maybe they’re even playing chess and drinking tea at a retirement home right now!

“Are you the one here to receive me?”

I opened my mouth to talk, however I was only capable of producing “wan wan” sounds.

Something was odd!

The wolf head didn’t say anything to me either, it simply opened its bloody mouth wide open, as if it wanted to swallow me, and I hurriedly drew back my body in fright.

The truth wasn’t like I’d imagined, as the adult wolf simply bit my nape, and lifted me up.

I noticed just now, but this wasn’t some staff of the netherworld, but rather was a real wolf all along, a four-legged-with-a-tail wolf.

In this darkness, I could still clearly see my surrounding, following which I also noticed an astonishing matter—I hadn’t fucking died! I’m still alive, my nape hurts a bit, but I’ve become a wolf!

More accurately, I’ve become a wolf cub.

Gray furred, four legged, and also with a cute small tail!

How should I describe my current frame of mind?

One moment clear to cloudy, another moment cloudy to clear.

I’m both happy that I haven’t died and instead have been reborn, yet also dissatisfied that I’ve become a wolf cub, to the extent of being scared.

Nowadays poachers are too rampant, I might someday die under one’s gun!

No matter what, I’ll still accept my new life. However it’s said, it’s still something worth celebrating.

Even me saying that I’d rather be a dog in times of peace than be a human in times of war. Moreover I’m a wolf, at least I’m much better than a dog by a level.

As we walked out of the cave, the dazzling light caused me to be somewhat unable to adapt for a moment.

The big wolf, without any qualms, threw me towards a meadow, not even being a bit gentler or worrying a bit because of my small physique.

Bathing in the meadow, I raised my head toward the cloudless blue sky, as the sun’s gentle sunshine shone lazily down upon my body.

So wonderful!

Only those who’ve lost their lives can truly understand how treasured being alive is.

I excitedly ran around the meadow, however my body seems to be a bit feeble, having repeatedly stumbled on weeds and falling flat on my face like a dog would (literally dog eat shit)… Ehum, wrong, it’s fell flat on my face like a wolf would (literally wolf eat shit)… That’s also wrong!

Running towards a steep slope, lying in the meadow; The grass blades didn’t even give me any face at all as they tickled my nose.

It was so itchy it made me sneeze.

I tried to eat a bit of it, and it had an extremely good grass taste, except that the taste of grass wasn’t anywhere near good, so I threw it up.

Afterwards, I found another piece of incredibly good news—between my two hind legs, there was a small worm!

I’m still a male wolf, thank heavens!

Standing up, lowering my head, and looking down below, I shook it a bit, just to see it rock back and forth; Once again I recovered my self-confidence as a male.

Only now did I take notice of my surrounding: as far as the  eyes could see on the grassland, were full packs of white wolve. There were at least tens of thousands of wolves, looking at them made even my scalp grow numb.

If people were to walk through here, there’s no need to doubt that even their bones wouldn’t remain.

At the same time, I’m also thinking ‘where exactly is this, how could there be so many wolves’, for even if we were in Africa, I’m afraid there’s no way that there’d be tens of thousands of wolves to gather together!

I really want to ask around a bit, about where this is.

I’m afraid that this place isn’t on Earth!

Not on Earth?

I’m a bit grieved. I’m afraid that, in this lifetime I won’t ever be able to meet my father and mother again.

However, after thinking a bit, even if I was on Earth, I still probably wouldn’t dare to approach any cities.

Unless I got locked up in a zoo.

Just as I was recalling the joys and sorrows of my previous life, as complex feelings began to surge in my mind, and when I was almost in the mood to write poems, some unknown bastard kicked me in the butt.

With my frail physique, in addition to the fact that I wasn’t paying attention, I directly rolled down the small hillside with a “Gulu Gulu” sound.

I rolled at the very least 100 revolutions, and by the time I stopped, I’d already rolled until I’d become dizzy and saw stars.

Fortunately I hadn’t rolled into any stones, plus I was clever and quick-witted; Just as I was about to roll, I’d curled my body into a ball, even tucking in my tail, and in this way I rolled smooth and unhindered, with style!

From heaven’s point of view, I was just a small meat ball rolling down a hill.

Even rolling so stylishly, I’m probably the first person to do it from ancient times till now!

However, exactly which bastard is the one that pushed me down?

Could it be that he didn’t know that that was very dangerous? That it was very easy for accidents to happen?

This kind of mischief will certainly get you sent to detention!

With great difficulty, I suppressed the nauseous feeling I had, stood up with difficulty, trembling, and walked back towards the small hillside; I really want to see just who exactly had made a move against this young master!

I lowered my body as much as possible, and slowly climbed upwards. How come earlier I didn’t notice that this slope was this steep?

Could it be that I was climbing up it in the wrong direction?

However, it was already impossible to stop halfway, I noticed after climbing halfway up. It was impossible to turn back and start over once more.

I went through thousands of hardship, of untold difficulties and dangers one after another, before finally placing my claws on the summit of the hillside.

But even I wouldn’t rashly rush up, in case the one who’d pushed me down was a big wolf—what would I do then?

It was still better to secretly glance around a bit!

After I’d taken a look, I felt relieved. The one who’d pushed me down was actually a white wolf cub who was about the same size as myself.

Currently, the wolf cub was completely unaware that his enemy was lurking in the shadows in front of him, already prepared to attack him.

It was currently lying there, basking in the sunshine.

I felt that it was really hateful, that that treasured spot was mine.

Just as I was sneakily planning to get my small body back there, the wolf cub basking in the sun opened its eyes, and just so happened to see me.

I was alarmed, and at the same time inwardly prayed, hoping that it wouldn’t pay attention to me.

However, the scenario didn’t play out like that. The little wolf stood up and sprinted towards me, looking down on me from high up.

Of course it was looking down on me from high up, half of my body had yet to climb up.

Its eyes had a somewhat curious look, that’s right, it had a curious look.

I felt like it’d become an evil spirit soon; however right now, with me unable to either climb up nor climb down, it sure wasn’t a good time to duel; with great effort, I squeezed a smile from my face, wanting to express my own goodwill.

The little wolf cub seemed to have been deceived, as its eyes became friendly. I feel like my objective will soon be accomplished, I really am the smartest wolf in the wolf world.

However, why are you biting my ear?

I’m unable speak out the words I want to say, and am only able to let out “ao ao” sounds.

The white wolf also shouted along with me.

After finishing shouting, it continued to intimately bite my ear—apparently it really considered me its playmate.

Y-you can’t do this, my dear…

My ear both hurt and itched, and while I wasn’t fully paying attention I fell down again with a “gululu” sound.

“F*ck you, Master!” While I was falling, I shouted in a loud voice.

The small white wolf looked at its newly befriended playmate with a somewhat inconceivable look. Listening to the sounds I’d made, it seemed to have gotten angry.

Being bullied twice by a newborn wolf cub, how could I possibly tolerate that?

Switching to an almost flat hillside, I, your Wolf Boss, have returned again.

This time, I was discovered right after climbing up by the white wolf; I solemnly dedicated myself to dealing with it, and using One-Two-step dribbles, approached it with feints.

TL: Dwayne Wade’s One-Two Step dribble

This injustice, regarding this reincarnator’s honor, is intolerable!

Taking the opportunity where it wasn’t paying attention, I speedily rushed up and directly pushed it to the ground.

You little lamb!

So long as I simply focus my attention a bit, you won’t have even the slightest chance to turn the tables!

The little white wolf looked at me with astonishment, and aggrievedly shouted a few times. It totally didn’t know that its friendly little buddy from just a moment ago would unexpectedly deal with it in such a way, and felt a bit wronged.

No matter how wronged you feel, I won’t let you go.

I lowered my body and shoved it a few times, pushing it to the edge of the hillside, where down below was the steep slope that I’d rolled down twice.

A tooth for a tooth, blood for blood.

Sweetie, down you go!

I was full of confidence, as with just a light push, I could say goodbye to it.

Right at that moment, the little white wolf opened its mouth; I became firmly blank-minded, and vigilantly stared at it.

I could see that it most likely want to spit on me.

Suddenly, a flow of white air gushed out from the little white wolf’s mouth. Saliva, I could dodge by relying on my nimbleness; however, with this white air, I’ve completely fallen into its trap.

What was this?


From head to toe, I felt cold, like I’d been frozen! The grey fur on my body was also covered in hoar frost.

Could it be that I’d crossed over to a world that had these sort of things.

I looked on helplessly as the little white wolf, this wolf fellow, step by step, pushed me down the steep slope.

This time, I was unable to curl into a ball and roll with style.

Just as I was rolling down the hillside, a burst of “di di” sounds resonated from my body: “Rolling-type charging process starting, System Charging initialized, 1%……3%……6%……20%.”

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