Harry Potter and the Rise of the Ordinary Person Chapter 2

Come get it here!

QualiTea and I are tag teaming the chapters, and I’m currently on the train so I’ll set up the novel page for HPROP as soon as I have time!

Once again, this is all without editor attention so please bear with any small mistakes you might find!

  • Oing

    Oh gosh, I figured I’d try it since the other novels you do are pretty good. But after reading this chapter I will have to quit this novel. sorry but an character that keeps referring to himself in the third person. Thinks time traveling means decreasing in age and getting a new identity (going to assume reincarn + time travel) and I think the author was trying to be funny in a couple instances, but wasn’t.

  • Fan

    Thanks! 🙂

  • xravia

    would prefer more demon king tbh

    • etvolare

      GDK hasn’t missed its release schedule yet 🙂