Happy Birthday to Kidyeon!!

Everyone, please join me in wishing happy birthday to Kidyeon! What a stupendous day! 😀

I would insert some crazy graphic but I’m traveling this weekend so maybe when I’m not on the road later tonight!

I’ll add a photo for you Etvolare – Based Jessica

  • selihg

    Happy birthday !!!!


    Happy birthday kidyeon!

  • Seals

    Happy birthday to you kidyeon!! do you have b-day gift for us maybe another bonus bonanza with SOTR?

  • reclaimer

    Hap-Hap-Happy Birthday Kidyeon!!

  • Happy birthday Kidyeon!

  • sufod01

    HB Kidyeon!

  • victor zp

    happy birthday kidyeon o/o/o/o//

  • Raizen

    Happy birthday Kidyeon hope you have an amazing day

  • Leila

    Happy birthday 🙂 <3

  • Happy birthday Kidyeon 🙂

  • ZaX

    Happy birthday Kidyeon!! Have a great one!

  • Fantie

    Happy B-day Kidyeon, thank you for all your hard work <3

    Now, go back to working, i need my drugs!!! I mean chapters, chapters aren't drugs, sorry sorry.

  • randomGUY

    Happy B-day to Kidyeon

  • LordVanyal

    Happy B-Day I hope it is/was pleasant for you :~)

  • Orangesode

    Don’t normally post on stuff but you guys are cool, hard working dudes. Happy Birthday, have some fun today and thanks to the team for all your work filling my SoTR crack addiction.

  • Busybee

    Happy Birthday Kidyeon. Thanks for your dedication in bringing us all the translations.

  • Chucaosilvestre

    Happy Birthday Kidyeon!!!!!!!

  • Cocktail

    Happy birthday Kidyeon !!!!

  • agila0212

    Happy Birthday Kidyeon 😀

  • Happy Birthday Kidyeon!

    I hope “Mark” gets translated somehow.

    • Kidyeon


  • Dark

    Happy Birthday Kidyeon!! I hope we’ll celebrate many more birthdays to come with you & you’ll edit many more chapters to come for us!!

  • Zenith

    Happy birthday Kidyeon!

  • Aeval

    Enjoy your B-day.