GDK Chapter 72

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Chapter 72: An alarmingly breathtaking completion of an assassination

Phoebe and Han Shuo had set up the room accordingly after a while.

“Why were you able to so miraculously discover traces of the wind mage Ellis when he made his way over?” Phoebe creased her brow, perplexed, and looked at Han Shuo in inquiry as she was inspecting the inside of the room.

Han Shuo was stooped close to the ground at this moment and carefully collected some sawdust from scraps of wood. He conscientiously stored it within his space ring and responded without lifting his head. “This is my business and has nothing to do with you!”

Snorting lightly, Phoebe shut her mouth, but couldn’t help but observe Han Shuo’s actions after a while. She gave an involuntary cry of astonishment, “Were you a killer before? How come you are so steady and cautious right now, and even possess such extraordinary perception?”

If it was Han Shuo’s original personality, he naturally wouldn’t face any matter with such a steady and cautious mentality, but his magical training forced him to continually exist in a state of enduring inhumane pain, unconsciously creating Han Shuo’s firm and indomitable personality.

After the trials of the Dark Forest and Claude’s death, Han Shuo’s careful prudence and steadiness had been unconsciously and soundlessly trained into being. Add to that his extraordinary perception – this truly gave Han Shuo the characteristics of a professional killer. No wonder Phoebe would dare to ask.

“No, do you think I’m you? Tonight, I’ve been operating under your watchful instructions ever since we entered the Guild up until our preparations just now. I think that you certainly wouldn’t have grasped such methods if it weren’t for certain experiences. Looks like you were the one who was a killer before, otherwise why would you be so well-practiced?” Han Shuo finally cleared the sawdust from the bed panels and raised his head to rake Phoebe with his eyes.

“You’re the one who was a killer before!” Phoebe rolled her eyes coldly at Han Shuo. She continued to say, “However, my honored mastered has passed onto me knowledge of these matters. The particulars of assassinating someone was also one of my required subjects of study.”

“Oh. Looks like your master was a very proficient killer!” Han Shuo said diffidently.

“Shut your mouth, don’t you dare slander my honored master. My honored master is a true swordsman. He wouldn’t do such things!” Phoebe’s face was even colder as she glared ferociously at Han Shuo.

It was at this moment that faint footsteps could be heard approaching from afar. Han Shuo’s brow knitted as he carefully discerned them. He said to Phoebe, “They should be coming back, I can hear them!”

Phoebe also focused on her hearing and listened. She only heard the sound of footsteps draw near a few breaths after Han Shuo’s warning had sounded. She looked at him in shock and said in a low voice, “No matter how strong or weak your strength is, you’re already quite frightening just based on your foresight and extraordinary senses.”

Han Shuo didn’t respond and moved according to Phoebe’s earlier instructions. He crouched down, turned to the side, and rolled underneath the bed. Upon seeing that Han Shuo was in position, Phoebe scanned the four corners of the room with her beautiful eyes and suddenly sprang upwards. Leveraging the chandelier in the room, she hid herself in the shadows of the rafters.

Holding his breath and concentrating, Han Shuo slowed down the frequency of his breaths and heart rate, until he was appeared to be dead. His mind completely clear, Han Shuo rifled through his mind, going over the items they had set up in the room once more in his mind, then placing all of his concentration on the people arriving.

At this moment, footsteps sounded at a volume in which even normal people could hear. The coy laughter of a man and woman flirting sounded from far out the room door, accompanied by various sounds of them making out.

The room door creaked open as the two of them slowly walked in, slowly approaching the bed under which Han Shuo was concealed.

“Darling, were you feeling that itchy today that you had to be so wild at the banquet tonight? Who’s caught your eye now?” Darnell laughed softly as he teased Yuna.

“What’s my business is mine, are you a beast that only knows how to think with your lower body? You only have that b*tch Phoebe in your heart now. If it wasn’t for you wanting to do something last time, we would’ve completed Grover’s mission and killed that b*tch. Her guards got there in time because of your mistake, we almost didn’t get out in time.” Yuna berated Darnell. She’d already sat down on the edge of the bed.

“Heh heh, her skin is as smooth as silk and her face seems like it was exquisitely sketched by a painter. It’s said that she hasn’t had a man yet. Wouldn’t it be such a pity for her if such a beauty doesn’t experienced the manliness of my strength before she dies?” Darnell leered.

At this moment, Han Shuo’s concentration had been raised to the utmost. Although Darnell and Yuna couldn’t detect Phoebe waiting in ambush, Han Shuo could hear her heartbeat and breathing quicken. It looked like she was exceedingly furious. He gave an internal start of surprise and concealed himself even more carefully, ready to act, in case Phoebe sprang the ambush earlier than planned.

“Damned lecher, you’ll die beneath the crotch of a woman someday!”

“Heh heh, I’ll let you die beneath my crotch first!”

The shifting sounds of clothes being taken off slowly spread throughout the room, mixed in with Darnell’s depraved laughter and Yuna’s light panting sounds.

Sucking and kissing sounds followed after as Darnell’s depraved laughter and Yuna’s moans grew louder and louder. The wooden bed above Han Shuo’s head became a small boat in the midst of large waves as it rocked endlessly. A wailing moan, like someone crying, suddenly emerged from Yuna’s mouth, followed by the sounds of repeated smacking sounds and heavy pants fillings the ears, mixed in with Yuna’s uncontrollable wails in between.

Beneath the bed, Han Shuo could hear the sounds from above and could feel the bed swaying. He knew, without needing to see, that the depraved couple above him had started their battle. His blood boiling, Han Shuo couldn’t help but imagine the scene going on just above him, and he desperately wanted to climb out and take a good look. His body had long since uncontrollably risen in a certain male fashion.

An exceedingly light breathing sound came within Han Shuo’s earshot. He started, and immediately detected that this sound came from Phoebe, who was still up in the rafters. He wondered if she was furious or also similarly affected.

Han Shuo could only hear the sounds from beneath the bed, whereas Phoebe had to continuously keep an eye on the two. She probably had caught a huge eyeful of their motions. Because even the slightest break in concentration wouldn’t be allowed during an assassination operation, Phoebe couldn’t even move her gaze away from the two. According to Darnell’s words, Phoebe was still a maiden. This type of stimulus was probably more effective to her than to Han Shuo, who was stuck underneath the bed and unable to see anything that was going on.

After a while, just as Han Shuo noticeably heard Phoebe’s breathing hitch higher and was afraid that she would be unable to further conceal herself, but the movements of the depraved couple above him became more and more intense. Enormous panting and moaning sounds grew louder as the movement of the bed frame grew bigger. Things had obviously reached the climax.

Just at this moment, a light sound pierced the air. Han Shuo’s entire body tensed when it sounded, immediately knowing that Phoebe had already made her move. He focused all the concentration in his body.

“Ow!” Yuna cried out in pain and abruptly yelled out, “Assassin!”

Before Yuna has even finished saying the word “assassin”, the dagger in Han Shuo’s hand was already aimed at a hole, that had been previously bored through the bedframe, and he stabbed it ferociously through the hole.

A ghastly wail ten times more desolate than Yuna’s suddenly sounded out from Darnell’s mouth, like a pig being slaughtered. The minds of the two quickly cleared up from the original heights that they had almost scaled. They screamed continuously as they jumped from the bed and made for the room outside, the cries of agony never once ceased to flow from their mouths.

Han Shuo had already rolled out from beneath the bed after his stab. He raised his head to see that Phoebe’s body was enveloped by the black nightwalker cloak, and that a ball of milky-white aura was flaring out from the longsword in her hand. The ball of aura was lustrous and brilliant in the dimness of the room. It dazzled so brightly that one could barely keep their eyes open, and it closed in on Darnell and Yuna, who were attempting to make their escape.

Han Shuo lifted the crossbow in his hand and realized that both were completely naked when he aimed and fired at Darnell. There was already a crossbow bolt stuck on Yuna’s snow-white left thigh, and she gritted her teeth with pain as she moved, her body was obviously not as agile as before. Darnell was even worse off, as the lower half of his body was a mess of blood and flesh. He wore a devastated expression of tragedy, wailing continuously like a wolf.

Who would’ve thought that this dagger would stab directly into Darnell’s private parts. No wonder his cries were a lot more desolate than Yuna’s, Han Shuo thought in happy viciousness.

The crossbow bolt flew out like lightning and shot towards Darnell’s back. Darnell could actually still detect the danger from behind him when he was in the throes of horror and fright. Dark green light flared from the longsword he had long since wielded and demolished Han Shuo’s crossbow bolt with an abrupt spin.

A wall of water suddenly appeared after a hastily muttered incantation. The dark blue wall of water enveloped their two heads and turned Phoebe’s milky-white fighting aura into a sky full of rain, watering their two bodies.

But the appearance of this wall of water was timely and won a few seconds of time for the two. The two screamed and ran for the outside of the room, but halfway through the room, the hanging chandelier suddenly crashed down, forcing Darnell to halt his steps again and smash the chandelier to the side.

Phoebe had already descended from the rafters by this time and Han Shuo had just fired his crossbow. They rushed the two at the same time like cheetahs. Phoebe had planned on finishing off Darnell, but displayed a trace of panic and disgust when she saw his naked body. She shifted her sights and longsword to Yuna.

The crossbow in Han Shuo’s hand fired again and was then flung to the side. Just when Darnell had demolished the crossbow bolt, Han Shuo’s dagger was already rushing to greet him. Darnell had already sunken into a crazed frenzy and due to the pain and heartache of losing his manhood, he increased his fighting aura to the maximum and clashed with Han Shuo’s dagger.


A mouthful of fresh blood splurted out as Darnell’s wild fighting aura rushed into Han Shuo’s body. Although he had the restraints of the magical yuan, it still wasn’t enough to fully defend against it. Han Shuo stumbled a few steps backwards after that clash.

Upon seeing Han Shuo hastily retreat after clashing with this sword, Darnell wanted to crazily pursue Han Shuo, but he suddenly discovered that the longsword in his hand was boiling hot, and that the skin of the right hand, that was grasping the sword was suffering from extreme burning pain. He immediately flung out the longsword in his shock.

“Hurry and run!” Yuna called out at this moment.

A water serpent had appeared at some time and had surrounded Phoebe, attacking fiercly. Except, part of its body would be severed whenever Phoebe waved her sword, turning into watery mist before it even hit the floor.

Darnell glared viciously at Han Shuo, but didn’t pursue him further. He covered his lower body with his left hand and continued rushing out the door.

At this moment, Han Shuo’s ears caught the sound of faint footsteps coming from afar. Agitated internally, he once again rushed towards the two. Phoebe had also destroyed the water serpent by now and chased the two with speed that was on par with Han Shuo’s.

Han Shuo and Phoebe both understood that if they didn’t kill these two now, they would no longer have the chance to once they left the room. Therefore, they strived with all their might to keep the two in the room.

At this moment, a prearranged prop was curiously effective. Han Shuo had made some modifications to the table legs of a round table set in front of the door. In their unparalleled haste, the two didn’t circle around the round table, but actually leap towards it, intending to use it as a lever to quickly leave the room.

The unexpected happened. Their two bodies landed on the table, and the table legs all broke with a sharp crack as they were unable to hold the weight of the two bodies that had suddenly landed on it.

The two of them had already used all their strength to begin with, planning on using the table as a stepping stone to push off of, but the table collapse caused their bodies to lose balance. With the sudden lack of a support, their bodies followed the table in a wobbly fall.

Han Shuo and Phoebe had both arrived at this moment. Phoebe’s sword stabbed out, her aura already enclosing the two.

The two had just regained their balance when they saw that they had been fully surrounded by Phoebe’s fighting aura. Darnell suddenly pulled Yuna and, under her terrified and panic stricken eyes, thrust her straight into Phoebe’s attack. He didn’t even turn back to look at Yuna as he gave no second thoughts about anything else, rushing out of the room.

However, the poison powder that Han Shuo had applied to the dagger finally took effect. Darnell’s footsteps suddenly became as heavy as a thousand tons after he took two steps. Han Shuo swiftly closed the distance before he had time to react and waved the dagger again, taking his life.

After killing Darnell, Han Shuo’s eyes fell on the space ring on Darnell’s fingers. He reached his hand out for it, but felt that it took a bit of effort to do so.

Time was of the essence and Han Shuo ended up chopping off Darnell’s middle finger with a slash of the dagger. He put away the finger with the space ring and turned his head to see that a bloody hole had opened in Yuna’s chest. Phoebe seemed to have killed her.

“Let’s go!” Han Shuo called out softly, rushing to Phoebe’s side. A light fragrance suddenly emanated from Yuna and Phoebe’s direction. Han Shuo took in a breath, but paid it no heed. He only saw that the look in Phoebe’s eyes were a bit strange, and rushed at the girl, who was staring off into space.

He used the same method to break off the ring finger on Yuna’s left hand, taking her space ring as well. He grabbed the crossbows that had been discarded with a smooth motion, and grabbed Phoebe, and with a mighty leap, using a hole that had opened in the roof previously, and made their escape along the roof.


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