GDK Chapter 63

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Chapter 63: Snobbish base person

Han Shuo knew in his heart what three thousand gold coins meant. This was indeed enough to buy a lot of lives. Even when he understood that he had been inexplicably embroiled into a sticky situation, his original anger was instantaneously crushed by gold coins when Phoebe mentioned the astronomical price of three thousand gold coins.

“Don’t be happy too early. At this point, I think you can probably guess what’s going on without further words from me. The person who’s purchased murder and wants ‘Shadow Ghost’ to kill me is my ‘dear and beloved’ Uncle Grover.

My uncle has wealth that speaks louder than others. There are many skilled talents by his side who can make you die unknowingly. Besides, after the events of today, my uncle is sure to tell ‘Shadow Ghost’ that you were the one who killed the three assassins. ‘Shadow Ghost’ is a killer organization that is renowned for seeking revenge for the smallest grievances. I think you’ll have many troubles ahead of you.” Upon seeing Han Shuo’s satisfied smile, Phoebe thought for a moment and felt that she had to speak up and warn Han Shuo.

“Heh heh, this has nothing to do with me. When I leave the Boozt Merchant Guild, I’ll hide myself well. Whether it’s ‘Shadow Ghost’ or your uncle, none of them will be able to find me. It won’t be that easy for them to kill me.”

Han Shuo had already thought of these matters when he accepted this matter. After he left the Boozt Merchant Guild, he would immediately conceal traces of his movement. After he’d given the gold coins to Fanny, he’d directly asked for some time off and made use of the transportation matrix hidden within the space ring to train at the cemetery of death for some time. He’d be able to avoid Phoebe’s troubles in this way.

“I see, I’m at ease then since you’ve made plans already. I’ve pushed everything onto you because I didn’t wish to reveal my strength too early. Otherwise when ‘Shadow Ghost’ sends even stronger assassins, I would be hard pressed to handle them even with my strength as a swordmaster.”

Nodding, Han Shuo smiled, “I understand. Since you’ve already paid gold coins for me to be your scapegoat, then I, naturally, have nothing to say. I have absolutely no interest in the internal affairs of your Boozt Merchant Guild. If there’s nothing else, can you take inventory of my items? I’ll leave after receiving the gold coins.”

“Alright, Fabian, take out the items in his bags and look them over.”

Fabian had calmed down by now and upon hearing Phoebe’s words, immediately walked towards Han Shuo’s thirteen bags and took out the items within the bags one by one, counting them up. He finally said respectfully to Phoebe, “Miss, these items should be worth about four thousand gold.”

“Plus the three thousand gold I promised you, that makes seven thousand gold in total. Are you satisfied?” Phoebe looked at Han Shuo remotely and asked.

“No problem, I think we will still have many opportunities to work together in the future. Except, this Boozt Merchant Guild doesn’t seem to be too safe. Can we switch to a different location next time we do business?”

Phoebe’s black eyebrows creased in a pleasing manner upon hearing Han Shuo’s words. She nodded afterwards, saying, “That old thing’s confidantes are arranged all throughout the Guild, I haven’t dared to live here for extended periods of time. The old thing has dared to start something within the Guild this time, this means he’s becoming emboldened, secure in the knowledge that he has a strong backing. It looks like he must’ve bribed the others within the Guild.

Fabian, find me a new place to live. We move out today. I can no longer live within the Guild. I will communicate as quickly as possible with the other founding members of the Guild. As long as I prove my abilities to do business and obtain the support of the other founding members, we can then harry that old thing off the stage.”

“No worries miss, I’ve thought of this already. I’ve already found a new place for you to live before you returned today. The new residence is on the north street, next to the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force. Many of the Empire’s nobles and aristocrats live there. I think even if the ‘Shadow Ghost’ wanted to run rampant, they would have to think twice before committing any atrocities there.”

“Very good, we move out today then. When that old thing is out of the picture, I will be sure to treat you well!” Phoebe nodded with satisfaction and smiled at Fabian.

“It’s my honor to serve you miss!” Fabian shed tears of joy and gratitude as he bowed, and took out a card and gave it to Han Shuo afterwards. “This is our new address, you can come find me if you have any further business. You’ve saved my life twice, so I will be sure to give you the fairest prices. Mm, give me the crystal card and I’ll transfer the seven thousand gold into your account.”

When Fabian had transferred the seven thousand gold into Han Shuo’s crystal card and Han Shuo had verified that all was in order, he finally nodded in satisfaction and with a slight smile. “Since our business is concluded, I’ll be on my way now. I’ll be sure to find you if there’s any more business to be conducted in the future. Farewell, to the both of you!”

“Be careful along the way and make sure you’re not followed by anyone!” Phoebe bore her customary remote expression and suddenly passed on a reminder when Han Shuo was about to leave.

When Han Shuo had left the room, Phoebe finally said huffily in a low voice, “This snobbish base person, where is he from? He grabbed my hand and hugged me, but only thought about his gold. He didn’t even apologize damnit!”

“Eh… Miss. You didn’t mention this incident either and so I thought you didn’t mind at all!” Fabian smiled with embarrassment upon seeing Phoebe’s face change drastically with Han Shuo’s departure.

“Hmph! I am a girl who’s been educated in the courtesies and graces of nobility. How could I bring up this matter first? I feel that this fellow only has money in his sights. Not only did he not feel the least bit guilty, but he seemed to think that I owed him something. What an incredibly wicked person.” Phoebe complained angrily and then took in a breath, asking Fabian with gritted teeth. “Right, this person is also quite odd, where does he come from?”

Shaking his head with a wry face, Fabian responded, “I don’t know that either, just that I happened to bump into him in the Dark Forest. I paid him two hundred gold coins to save me from the forest trolls. I gave him our Guild’s address after he conducted a business transaction with me for the items from the forest trolls. I really don’t know anything about him.”

“I see. Mm, notify me if he comes to find you in the future to conduct more business. I’ll personally transact with him.” Phoebe creased her brow and thought for a moment, clamping her teeth slightly and leaving these instructions with Fabian.

“Understood, miss!” Fabian agreed trustworthily.

After walking out from Phoebe’s, Han Shuo made ample preparations to handle Grover’s possible revenge at any time, but perhaps due to the sudden death of the three killers from “Shadow Ghost”, Grover hadn’t had time to make other plans and so not only did he not run into any motions of revenge along the way, but even the guards he had seen earlier had all vanished without a trace.

However, when Han Shuo walked out of the Boozt Merchant Guild’s front door, the two guards he’d cursed at before seemed to have been waiting for Han Shuo. When Han Shuo appeared, the two of them looked at each other and directly blocked the door. One of them looked at Han Shuo wrathfully and asked, “What did you say when you walked in just now?”

“I said the two of you are idiots with no eyes. What about it?” Since he knew that these two were on Grover’s side, it wouldn’t harm the relationship between him, Fabian, and Phoebe if he pummeled them. Han Shuo naturally unceremoniously cursed at them, confident in his knowledge that he had firm backing.


The two of them shouted angrily and came at Han Shuo directly, waving their fists.

Laughing coldly, Han Shuo’s body suddenly dashed forward and arrived in front of them before their punches had landed. His left and right hands pressing down on their chests, the activation of the “Mystical Glacial Spellfire”, and a faint cloud of magical air respectively tinged purple and red sank into their chests.

Giving way to a long laugh, Han Shuo had already taken great strides out before they’d had a chance to react, swiftly leaving the Mystical Glacial Spellfire. Although the two clouds of purple and red magical air wouldn’t take their lives, it was enough for the two to be in agony for quite a while.

After leaving the Boozt Merchant Guild, Han Shuo’s extraordinary senses allowed him to sense that there seemed to be someone following him. He raised his attention to the highest and weaved rapidly within large streets and small alleyways, constantly changing his directions and barrelling towards areas with a lot of people.

After quite a while, when Han Shuo felt that no one was following him, he found a random clothes shop and obtained a new set of clothes. He then hired a carriage and started out in the direction of the Academy.

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