GDK Chapter 354

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Chapter 354: Metal attribute treasure – The Golden Cudgel?

The central stone pillar in the place of extreme metal was shining with a faint golden luster. It was also the area where the metal element was the most dense.

The place of extreme metal was the most difficult one to form out of the five extreme places, because no matter where, the human enthusiasm for harvesting ore was tireless and endless. Be it flat land or high mountain, as long as that area was rich with ore, people would flock to it like flies to cow dung and exploit all of its minerals.

It’d take hundreds thousand of years for a place of extreme metal to gradually form. If this formation process was disturbed because of the exploitation of the ore, it’d be difficult for it to restore to the natural state. All of the five places of extreme elements were formed thanks to their unique terrain as well as the forces of nature. Even Chu Cang Lan, who’d cultivated his demonic magic to the nine changes realm, had been incapable of using human ability to create the five places of extreme elements or repair them when they were damaged.

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