GDK Chapter 128

I’ve often been called a translating Pikachu by the editing community, so I think it’s high past time we understood the various bits of this adorable Pokemon! Iiiiiiit’s Pikachu trivia time!!!

For those of you wondering what the heck is going on, this is a continued effort to fight shameless theft of translations.

Original and most recent chapters posted at volaretranslations, translated by etvolare. Any other reproduction is without permission and contributes to translator feeling frustrated and annoyed.

Chapters can run 9K+ characters and take three to four hours to translate. They’re stolen within five minutes of posting.

This toxic combination could lead to the translator quitting, which means no more future chapters as thieves only know how to steal (and ignore etvolare’s requests to stop) and don’t actually know how to contribute to society in a meaningful, productive way.

So why are you reading this chapter on anywhere but volaretranslations?

Why support theft?

It costs you nothing to do the right thing.


Did you know?:

1. Pikachu’s final smash, Volt Tackle, is a powerful move in Pokemon (exclusive to the Pikachu evolutionary cycle) that can only be learned through breeding.

2. Before Brawl’s release, there was speculation that Brawl’s Pikachu is actually Melee’s Pichu evolved because Pichu in Melee wore blue goggles just like Brawl’s Pikachu.

3. A female Pikachu has a dent at the end of its tail that makes it resemble a heart.
3b. Due to this physiology, Brawl’s Pikachu is considered to be male.

4. In the Pokemon anime, Ash’s Pikachu is always at odds with Team Rocket’s Meowth. Pikachu is a good guy while Meowth is a bad guy. Pikachu is a mouse pokemon while Meowth is a cat Pokemon. Pikachu is #25 in the Pokedex, while Meowth is #52. Good guy, bad guy. Mouse, cat. 25, 52. It’s not known whether or not all these opposites were intentional, but it would make sense.

5. The original Pokemon mascot was going to be Clefairy, but Pikachu became so popular it was decided for Pikachu to become the mascot.
5b. This is why Ash’s main Pokemon is Pikachu on the show.

6. “Pika” is the Japanese onomatopoeia for the noise when electricity crackles and sparkles. “Chu” is how the Japanese describe the sound a mouse makes. That’s the way the name “Pikachu” was created.

7. Pokedex entries from various games say:
b. Pikachu is naturally a forest dweller, and feeds on berries.
c. It can cause lightning storms when gathered with other Pikachu.
d. It recharges its electricity while it sleeps.

8. In the Pokemon game franchise, Pikachu is the only non-water/flying type Pokemon capable of learning the moves Surf and Fly, through special events.

9. Before Pokemon Platinum, released recently on Sept. 13th, Pikachu was the highest level Pokemon any other trainer had. It was a level 81 Pikachu that Trainer Red uses against you in Pokemon Gold & Silver after you defeat the Elite 4.

10. Pikachu is voiced by Ikue Outani, as he has been in the anime and throughout the SSB video game franchise.

11. Pikachu has been a part of Nintendo since Pokemon Red & Blue were released for the Japanese Gameboy in 1996, released along with all of the first 151 pokemon.

12. Since Pikachu knows Thunder in Brawl (and the previous 2 SSB’s as well), Pikachu must be at least level 41. That is the level he learns Thunder in all the Pokemon games.

13. Pikachu’s Brawl moveset is speculated to be animated based upon the following corresponding Pokemon moves: D-throw- Body Slam. U-throw- Strength. U-tilt- Tail Whip. F-smash- Thundershock. U-smash- Iron Tail.
Again, it’s just fan-based speculation and never confirmed.

14. Pikachu has been referenced on many other TV shows and commercials, while rarely any other Pokemon have.

15. In Japan, Pikachu is the equivalent of the USA’s Mickey Mouse. People are often hired to go to public places in a Pikachu costume, such as malls and amusement parks, to entertain the kids.

For the actual chapter, please visit volaretranslations!

For confused readers, there is no actual chapter, sorry to confuse! I asked NU not to pick up the chapter link so not to confuse you guys. This is just to mess with the thieves. <3 you all for the support!

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  • Who is stealing? Show us so we can counter-troll. Also heckling and throwing of rotten fruit is possible. And also lodge Digital Millennium complaints with their domain. And flag them. And spam them. And I can’t publicly approve of DDoS attacks…But if I could, an Ion Cannon network would be employed.

  • Please etvolar i read the gdk from 1 to 127 it was awsome after that i read it 4 times they story is just to awsome please consider they opertunity of going to whuxia where you can post yoyr gdk woth out that some body is stilling it
    Greetings from holland

  • It’s really troublesome that this is happening. I started reading GDK and some other novels on here a few months ago and the quality of your translations is incredible. I hope that all turns out ok and you are once again able to translate without worry.

  • Etvolare, just go with GDK on wuxiaworld page like with Sovereign of the Three Realms, maybe this is solution

  • You know,Etvolare, I do like your works. But I feel this was probally not a good idea. Yeah its fun to troll people who screwed you over, and I can understand being angry at your work being stolen. But this is just screaming that such pressure is getting to you, if your taking actions so public enough to catch everyone else in it too. All thats done is paint a big target on your back to thieves and trolls saying your are not able to handle the pressure. It’s only going to get worse that way. and I was not saying let them do it. Just that this was a rather unwise choice..

    • etvolare

      Ah. This chapter was inspired by another translator who put up a recipe as their regular chapter. I thought it was funny. The thief has slowed down his theft of my chapters already, so that’s something. 🙂 And if the pressure from thieves, trolls, and whatnot actually gets to me… Then I’m dropping the novel. *shrug*. Life is too short and this novel isn’t paying my salary.

      • Fair enough, I just find its just better to avoid getting into a quagmire argument or feuds with trolls and thieves is all. If they keep stealing, and this site allows embedding images, you could always post the chapters as an image(s) with watermarks. So if they steal it, they’d have to copy it down letter for letter at least. I know it’s not likely a preferable solution, but its still an option.

  • I think that reddit is a thief they have they same great demon king and also to ch127. But is that because they steal it ore is Etvolare also a team member of reddit
    And etvolare whe understandt what is happening we give you oywer fullest support

    Fake= reddit

    • etvolare

      Lol no no Reddit is not the thief. They are a fine place for discussion.

      • Etvolare if you give use they site then whe can all leave comments like
        Het guys this site is fake go to volaretranslations
        Fore they real great demon king
        Ore somthing like that but please dont stop

  • Nam

    F*ck, this stealing thrash “Lou” really have guts.. to think that he actually got mad and scold for the fact that they got throlled and he even asked to have a free endorsment for them to profit from the original translators’ work with the pretext that “the novel is good so we post it in our site” do they think that we are a 5 year old child.. such a thick skinned trash.. haha and im honestly fine with etvolare’s boycott chapter movement its good teach this thiefs a lesson.. and for that guy that asked for GDK to be dropped, are you perhaps an idiot.. so what if you find that scum site, its not like youre able to read GDK without Etvo’s translation. Slow-witted trash.

  • I hope you learned your lesson, Lou.

  • Lou

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      • Lou

        Look here you slant eyed f*ck nugget, you forgot to say f*ck my brother.

        I have had my work stolen before. Not translations, but advert projects with months of work behind them. You know what the solution was? Sack up, roll on, take it as a compliment, and use the work that was stolen as part of my resume to get better jobs.

        Besides, simplest solution to the problem is to turn the text into a watermarked image.

        • etvolare

          I think no with regards to turning text into image, because it wouldn’t resize automatically and properly on different screens. Half the readers on the site are on mobile, and we all know cell phones have a lot of different sizes these days.
          With regards to taking stolen work as a compliment — absolutely not in my case. My full time job, of which I have a well established career in and many credentials, has nothing remotely whatsoever to do with translating. I do this in my free time, it’s certainly not paying my salary. Besides, if your advert projects ended up appear in rather sketchy sites/locations/places, it’d be a tad awkward to say that you were the architect of the project but that particular use of it wasn’t you, no?

    • F**

    • [comment from etvo] Friends, let’s stop copying and pasting Nickname’s comment. Thank you for your outrage, but the comments section is going to be filled with profanities at this rate. 🙂

    • [Previous section deleted by etvo because it’s the same as above]
      Don’t f*ck with Etvolare. Nobody f*cks with our favorite translator. NOBODY.

      • Oh, btw, my nickname is Ainz-sama. So if you have a problem, come find me. Bitch.

    • Lou must be a retard since you clearly don’t know how this works.

  • there must be a good hacker among the readers. do somthing good and crush them 🙂

  • A solution that might anger some: A paywall.

    With that, I mean that you can only read by paying, say 2$ monthly. Then you could give each user an individual code hidden in the text, so that his code is in the text he steals. If the code appears on the thief site, ban the user. I don’t know if that would possible, but maybe you could even ban that peculiar paypal/visa etc, so that the thief can’t create a new account with the same information. Same could be done with mail.

    If the paywall is unacceptable still use accounts and individual codes, and rather just ban the email-address. That should at least help somewhat.

    • etvolare

      Naw, a paywall is definitely not the road I want to go down. One of the largest allures of web novels is that it’s free to read for all, with people donating if they like. Thank you for the suggestion though!

  • Hi all,

    I’d like to sugest some things, I’m one of the people who like to higlight the content when I read.

    However, to counter the possibility to stole you’r stuff, wouldn’t it be possible to block that ? If they can’t select you’r text, they can’t stole it ….

    However, it would take quit a bit of work to do that.

  • Wow that thief sure is rude, i hope you manage to solve the problem somehow. thanks for the pikachu trivia btw, Pikachu is adorable, even thou if i was ash i would constantly bring my charizard with me ;-;

  • Can you give me a link to the site/s that are stealing it.

    I need to cuss them out

  • For someone who’s first handheld game was pokemon yellow on the game boy color. Never noticed the 25 52 thing. Saw the rest though.

  • Cant you just ip ban them?

    • Even if Etvolare was to IP ban them, they would just keep visiting the website with a different IP each time. Unless their website is directly accessing this one, there’s sadly no convenient way to ban them as you ban MAC addresses on a LAN.

      • Blog agregation is website that takes links to chapters like this one: from different blogs, that how i got to know about GDK.
        i would recomment you to upgrade your URL from /gdk-chapter-128/ to /[email protected]$DDSFG/ where the suffix is generated value from chapter number (cryptography) and your KEY(concatenatenation). The suffix should not be present on NEXT/PREVIOUSE links but point to controler who set view or just take chapter from database. From XPath u get the the url and context of the chapter. But if u can not enter the page easy by URL it is hard to copy its context.
        That something easy to do in spring ;D but probably you have used different technology.( like non-rational database e.g. MongoDB )

        if u have RSS you should upgrade link to new chapter as next/previouse.
        the idea is to hide somewhere on webpage information that let controler get the right chapter. pass some param or in Xpath information like X28 where X represent number 1. its complex idea. but the hiden information should be put in chapter preview (Entries RSS) and where u have next/previouse links.

        I created a web agregation page before so i have some understanding how easy is to get context from others webpages, but i never deploy my webpage. I am not to knowlage in this sector but maybe this advice give you some idea

        • There’s no way to completely prevent them from stealing the chapters off the website, as long as readers can read the chapter there will always be a way to steal it.

          The only thing you can do however, is to make it harder for them to do so. Making sure that the chapter isn’t fully visible when browsing the source code, and preventing text selection & right-clicking is a good start.

          It won’t stop it completely, but it will make it harder for them, and might discourage stealing to some extent.

  • Vax

    you might be able to report them for a dmca violation.

    • etvolare

      Thank you, but only works in the States. 🙂

  • sorry for the misunderstanding but I think I am I’m copying their texts but not to pass by others, but to my own reading. I like to keep the chapters to read later …..

  • I think next time you need to explain to readers about the birds and the bees.. 😀 keep up the thief trolling.

    • etvolare

      OH my word. I love it. I LOVE YOUR SUGGESTION. 😀

  • Pls just drop this series. you only post 3 chapters a week and now your dividing them into parts mind you that GDK has over 1k chapters. Its clear that you cant handle both sotr and gdk. And btw i found a site which steals every novel that can be found on NU and their posting it on their site

    • etvolare

      Haha I think your comment won’t be very popular… 😀 Did you read why I’m dividing them into parts? Each GDK chapter is now 2x or 3x a regular chapter.

      • Yo etvo i saw you at the thieves site commenting with your name reverse haha. Cant believe people there believe that they are the ones translating all those hundreds of novels

        • etvolare

          That er, actually isn’t me lol. I thank whichever reader standing up for me!

      • Err. I want my GDK chapters. ^^
        If don’t have my 3 chapters/week, i will be a very Evil Tyrant with my poor colleagues at my office. XD

    • Definitely not too popular.

    • if u dont like it, get the fck out and dont read it, let other people enjoy it.

      trashes never change, always demand from others for more while th
      ey dont contribute sht

    • You should be very happy what you are currently sitting behind a computer screen, because the disrespect you are showing is simply infuriating.

      What do you take Etvolare for? A mindless work drone?! Three chapters a week is a LOT, most series that I’ve seen aren’t released anywhere near that frequently. And those few that are, are usually translated by a group of translators (usually three or more) taking turns translating.

      I take it that you are talking about, I was furious when I saw the the disrespect they were showing towards all those translators.

    • You shut your god damn mouth you motherf*cker. I will f*cking kill you. I will Han Shou you so bad that your ass will pray for forgiveness. I will shatter your soul. I will then proceed to rape your soul before shattering it again. Then I will reform your soul, rape it again, then f*cking burn it for eternity. Don’t f*ck with GDK.

  • lol

    Nice. Now, i have more lore about Pikachu. ^^

    Thank you Miss Etvolare! 🙂

    Don’t worry. I like to read novels in ww (SOTR) and in volaretranslations (the other novels like GDK, Relasethat witch or Wife is a Beautiful CEO…) 😉

  • Guys guys, this is clearly a trick post to troll the thief (LOL). So chapter 128 is not out yet.

  • Psyduck next pls <3

  • But there is also a Thunder TM so Pikachu doesn’t necessarily need to be level 41 to know Thunder

  • I’m sorry to hear that people are stealing your content (and page hits.) The manga scanlation community has been dealing with this for a long time. In their case, copyright for the original works are strongly enforced by large japanese companies, so scanlators have very little ability to do anything about their own stolen works. Many novel translators are apprehensive about claiming ownership over their translated works, probably for this reason.

    I noticed one site (RLN) along with no mentions of translator, even declares copyright on pages that have stolen content.

    I suggest that you require viewers to complete a captcha to access each chapter. This should make automated content ripping more dificult.

    I don’t know how possible it would be to copyright your translation works, so I can’t suggest anything other than looking into the possiblity.
    You can try to file a DMCA takedown request. Visit and see if it cant work for you.
    On RLN I noticed that A Martial Odyssey has also been plagiarised without even citing the author. Apparently RLN doesn’t know that the translator for that project is the original author. You could try requesting help from him in filing for a DMCA takedown request. DMCA is a content ripper’s worst nightmare.

    Hope that helps.

  • z

    I know about the theft I came here from RLN that is usually pretty good and has lots of stuff. Appreciate the work. I know it sucks to have stuff stolen when you work on it even if others say it isnt your just because you edited it like with the whole mod war that is going on with PC and Console. I appreciate your work to translate it as I am sure everyone is even if they are jerks

  • so where’s the chapter l o l

    • Not out yet. It’s just a trick post for the thief. Etvolare’s explained that in her post.

      • Yeah for the thief, I think this is just an excuse because you can’t really handle so many translations.

        For the guys sucking up to etvo, you’re too obvious, you are obviously attracted to her you loads of dick.

  • Y donde esta el capitulo?

  • How interesting. I’ve learned a lot! I wonder what next pokemon will be. And I hope the bastards who keep stealing get thunderbolted all up their asses!!

  • This makes me want to go back and watch start of pokemon series.

  • Pikachu maybe cute but Flygon is cuter
    Just 1 move Earthquake and Pikachu will fled
    Also if Pikachu’s Light Ball get knocked off…. you wiiiin

    Hope that the thief got what they deserved

  • Never knew that Pikachu is that complicated. This post enlightened me

  • i’mpretty sure this is volare translations so why is there this instead of the chapter…

  • So…. where exactly is the chapter?

    This is the first time I’m seeing anything about this. However the bit about it being on the site.. I don’t see it anywhere.

    • There’s no actual chapter. It’s just to troll the thief.

  • uh o.,o………….