GDK Chapter 115

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Chapter 115: Demon Han Shuo

“Who are you?” Trunks first heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that Han Shuo had arrived safely, then fixed these strangers with a cold eye.

“Don’t bother with who we are. Leave behind the Medusa’s core and blood as well as the Fruit of Dagmar. You can keep your lives and leave.” One of the adept mages held a magic staff in his hands and said with a sinister face.

“Leon, we can’t let them off that easily. Heh heh, look, three beautiful girls have come running. We haven’t had girls in so long. Those three girls have to stay behind for our enjoyment as well.” Another senior swordsman, ferociously built like a gorilla, shouldered a broadsword as large as his body on his shoulder, as he leered with a lascivious grin.

“Angelo, your words make some of sense. I didn’t see the three chits just now. Haha, leave the three beautiful ladies behind and all your belongings. Strength is above all within the Dark Forest, you can get the hell out now if you want to live.” The adept mage Leon also looked at Nia, Aphrodite, and Angelica running in from the distance with great interest and spoke with a merry twinkle.

There were more than ten people in this group, with not only mages and swordsmen, but also archers, priests, and thieves. They were all well experienced and possessed uncommon strength.

“What, to the likes of you?” Han Shuo had walked over from the distance by now. He was suffused with a dangerous presence that he wasn’t bothering to suppress. Having been burnt, Han Shuo appeared quite grim and horrifying. Everyone felt a bit shocked and fearful as he drew closer, step by step.

“Han, are you alright?” Trunks couldn’t help but immediately ask when he saw Han Shuo’s outrageous appearance.

“This ugly thing is an eyesore. He clings rather stubbornly to life and hasn’t died yet. Brothers, take him out first!” Angelo called out with a cold face and spoke directly.

Gordon, Aphrodite, and the others had finally made it over. Han Shuo didn’t say another word as his body flew out quickly and made directly for Angelo.

A faint, black demonic mist slowly exuded from Han Shuo’s body. His desire to kill and anger reaching unheralded heights, it caused abnormalities in Han Shuo’s unstable molded spirit realm mentality. The black demonic qi leaked out due to the effects of the magical yuan as Han Shuo sank into a stupor. There were only the violent emotions of bloodlust and destruction left within his heart as his eyes turned a frightening ghastly white, with no black pupils left.

“This, this kid is a bit strange. Everyone be careful.” Han Shuo’s current demonic appearance gave Angelo a fright and the latter immediately called out.

Although Trunks and the others couldn’t see Han Shuo’s expression from where they stood, they could also feel that something wasn’t quite right with Han Shuo at the moment. Tendrils of black demonic qi interspersed with frightening, evil presence arose from Han Shuo’s body. This kind of presence made one feel terror arise from the depths of their hearts.

“Let’s go and help Han kill these people who wanted to take advantage of him when he was in trouble!” Gordon roared out and took the lead in dashing out. When everyone behind him saw Gordon make his move, they also started mobilizing without a bit of doubt.

Only Angelica stood there, a bit at a loss of what to do with herself. She spoke to Nia, who was seeking a large tree for cover, “Hey, sister Nia, should I help?”

“Just protect yourself! It’s too dangerous right now.” Nia called back impatiently as she’d already notched an arrow into her bowstring and taken aim at a human archer in the distance.

A forlorn and desolate wail permeated the entire surroundings in the span of an instant, as if it was the desperate wail of a demon residing in the depths of hell. Everyone’s hearts trembled and their skin was clammy, utterly shocked by this bizarre, soul-wrenching, shrill scream. They looked around frantically to try to identify the source of the sound.

“The sound’s coming from that kid!” Angelo was horrified as the veins on his forehead jumped, shouting as he looked at the swiftly approaching Han Shuo.

Everyone finally noticed that the source of the sound, as he shouted out this warning, was the Demonslayer Edge that was flying close to Han Shuo. A thick, demonic qi was bubbling up from the blade of the Demonslayer Edge and encircled Han Shuo’s body. The black demonic qi that circled around it danced like a demon that swallowed everything, causing others to feel an exceedingly evil visual impact.

“Kill him, kill him first!” Angelo was truly panicking internally now. An exceeding sense of discomfort rose in his heart as he suddenly started hollering.

Everyone could see Han Shuo’s peculiarities now, even Trunks, baptized by countless battles, felt an internal chill when he saw Han Shuo’s current condition. He couldn’t understand just what had happened to Han Shuo. The enemies were even more frightened and could only think of destroying this unknown danger.

Suddenly, several violent magical attacks and bolts from crossbows flew through the air, shooting towards Han Shuo. Even Trunks would’ve found it difficult to deal with such ferocious attacks.

However, the currently berserking Han Shuo emitted a low roar, like that of a wild beast, and pushed off with both feet, his body seeming to actually fly a few feet through the air and completely sidestepped the attacks, shooting directly towards Angelo. In the area where Han Shuo had just pushed off, several crossbow bolts and magical attacks from the enemy landed around a pair of sunken footprints.

“Damn it!” Angelo frowned and suddenly discovered that the frightfully grimacing Han Shuo was heading directly towards him. There was only the adept mage Leon next to him and the latter would be of no use at all. He could only raise his broadsword and strike a good stance, ready to give Han Shuo a painful blow.

The Demonslayer Edge, that had been orbiting Han Shuo, magically flew out with a soul entrancing whistle, making directly for Angelo, like a demon to its food. His heart chilling, Angelo suddenly exerted force as dark green fighting aura surged out of the broadsword in his hand, forming a cross and striking at the Demonslayer Edge that was descending through the air.

A metallic clashing sound abruptly spread from where the Demonslayer Edge and Angelo’s weapon made contact. After a round of howling, a crack actually appeared in the Demonslayer Edge as it swung to the side. Whilst Angelo was stricken in shock, Han Shuo’s body descended from the air and crashed into Angelo with a loud bang.

A biting scream emitted from Angelo’s mouth as painful keens sounded from a person who had just been arrogantly domineering. Han Shuo descended like a demon had possessed him and straddled Angelo’s body, the Demonslayer Edge ripping at Angelo’s body.

Angelo fought back, his blows interspersed with fighting aura. However, Han Shou had no reaction when the attacks struck his body, and only responded with even more ferocious attacks. His palms seemed to have become sharp weapons as he ripped off Angelo’s ears and sank his nose into his cheeks. The flesh within Angelo’s eyes became a blurry, bloody mess, his eyes having already exploded into plasma and were leaking out in a gooey mess. Large swathes of flesh and skin on Angelo’s chest were being ripped out beneath Han Shuo’s crazy tearing. The scene made everyone else’s scalp go numb.

“Save me, save me!” At this moment, Angelo’s features had been obliterated and he looked even more frightening than Han Shuo. Only his mouth was left and able to voice desperate cries for help.

Having sunk into a demonic stupor, only the urges of bloodlust and destruction remained within his heart. There was no more of the usual placidity and restraint that could be normally found. He was a bit irritated by Angelo’s calls and swung a fist down at Angelo’s mouth. The sound of teeth breaking rang out as Angelo moaned feebly and spat out bits of teeth.

“Oh, my gosh. How did we enrage such a madman?!” Leon, not too far in the distance, was getting an eyeful of Han Shuo’s brutal torture. A cold fear grew in his heart as his body trembled and he gave an involuntary scream.

Blow after blow from Han Shuo’s fists landed on Angelo’s cheeks and neck. He’d been moaning continuously before, but his chest now faced upwards and his cheek was against the ground. This posture noticeably indicated that his neck had already been broken and Angelo was long without breath.

“What’s happened to Han? Why is he being so brutal?” Aphrodite and the others had been about ready to attack the other side when they were all scared senseless, even forgetting to raise their hands against the enemies and could only stand there dumbly, watching Han Shuo continue his violence.

“Angelica, stay there and don’t come any nearer!” Nia saw that Angelica was curious and wanted to come over to check things out, and so suddenly yelled out loudly to prevent her from drawing close. She wasn’t willing to let Angelica see such a bloody scene.

“Don’t let them get away! Although Han is a bit out of sorts right now, we should still assist him.” Although Trunks had killed his share of people, Han Shuo’s current violence also made his scalp numb. However, Trunks was someone who’d weathered strong winds and big waves as well and understood what should be done at this point.

Trunks rushed over with his manticore, milky-white aura flaring out from his longsword and immediately killed a robber and an archer. His milky-white aura represented his identity as a swordmaster, and the appearance of the manticore indicated Trunks’ identity.

It was only now that these people finally realized that they had gotten entangled with Trunks of the Dark Forest, and that Leon cursed and said in pain, “Damn it, why were we so unlucky? It’s enough that we met one crazy madman, but now we’ve run into this notable harbinger of bad luck.”

“Damn it, why is it Trunks?! Everyone run!” Another swordsman also cried out with some trepidation.

The group of more than ten, which contained senior swordsmen and adept mages, as well as all sorts of other professions, actually had more than enough strength to defeat them. Even with Trunks on the other side, Han Shuo’s group may not have full confidence in defeating them, but the other side was overwhelmed by Trunks’ reputation and Han Shuo’s outrageous reactions, and thus made the decision to retreat.

“You stay here, I’ll chase after them.” Seeing that Aphrodite and the others were attempting to follow them, Trunks suddenly called out loudly.

His voice had just sounded and didn’t even have the time to taper off when the berserk Han Shuo suddenly leapt up from Angelo’s corpse and dashed out with the Demonslayer Edge, making for Leon, fleeing towards safety, at the speed of lightning.

“That demon’s catching up to us. Leon, how did you decide on picking on them? You’ve doomed us all!” One swordsman turned his head back to see Han Shuo appear and complained bitterly to Leon.

“Everyone split up. Although I can’t tell how strong that demon is, he absolutely wouldn’t be much weaker than Trunks given that he could kill Angelo just like that. You better hope that you don’t run into him, or you’ll be tortured to death.” Leon immediately changed direction after calling out these orders.

Everyone had also witnessed Han Shuo’s brutality just now and didn’t need to be reminded by Leon. All of them suddenly changed direction and formed groups of two or three, splitting off into several directions to escape from the premises. Although they’d heard of Trunks’ might, they also knew that Trunks had never killed someone so brutally. Therefore, they’d rather bump into Trunks and didn’t want to run into the equally unknown, but much more brutal demonic Han Shuo.

Whoosh sounded out as Han Shuo appeared and rushed ahead without stopping. He finally caught up with two journeyman swordsmen and one thunder adept mage in front of a river.

When the three of them saw that the person ahead of them was Han Shuo, they all displayed expressions of fear. Their bodies all trembled uncontrollably, and when they saw that Han Shuo was swiftly approaching, the adept mage finally roared, “Damn it, let’s fight him head to head or we’ll all be tortured to death.”

After the thunder mage had spoken, he recited a string of incantations and five bolts of lightning, like traversing dragons, appeared out of thin air, snaking towards Han Shuo. The two journeyman swordsmen gripped their longswords and were a bit nervous due to fear.

It wasn’t until Han Shuo had rushed in front of the two of them and evaded three lightning bolts, but was rendered greatly charred by two more, that the two swordsmen and mage were overjoyed. The swordsmen intended on killing Han Shuo after the mage had done his bit.

It was a pity that they had no way of knowing how strong and durable Han Shuo’s body was. Although his body had injuries upon injuries after taking two bolts of lightning, he felt no pain in his enraged mental state. He crashed into the swordsmen and mage, immediately giving rise to a struggle between life and death.

After taking a few breaths in, he took two bolts of light from the swordsmen’s swords based purely on an indomitable will. He killed the thunder adept mage, who had miscalculating Han Shuo’s bodily strength and used the last bit of his magical yuan to severely injure another swordsman. His body finally thoroughly lost all strength and he sank down listlessly.

“He’s done for, help me kill him, hurry!” The heavily injured journeyman swordsman lay in a puddle of blood and called out to the other fellow.

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