Great Demon King delayed

Hey all,

Sorry it’s not your usual chapter. This is because I was notified of someone reposting my GDK chapters without my permission (which I call stealing, by the way) on another venue. These guys usually promptly take it down when I contact them so I wasn’t unduly worried. Unfortunately, it looks like some convoluted logic is at play here and we as translators should be “honored” that a full reproduction of our work is trending on another website with no links and no credits. Honestly, if this was about sharing, then only links to the works themselves should be posted.

Remember the line I put in chapter 84 about reading GDK on volaretranslations? The thief had the temerity to reproduce that line too but remove my link. So no, this is just flat out stealing. Me reaching out has gone unacknowledged, so I’ve straight up reported them and am waiting for authorities to take action.

If you’re the thief and reading this, no I’m not honored that you’re sharing my work without my permission. I’m not even vaguely amused. This is a direct result of your actions.

At the same time, these things may take a little while and I don’t wish to delaying GDK indefinitely. I’ll be searching around for ways to make it less easy to steal my work, perhaps in the form making the site unhighlightable or right clickable. Would losing those functionalities terribly sadden/annoy you guys? Please weigh in on the comments!


    What’s going to change if anything?

  • Marvolo

    I just have an idea. I wonder if you have the time, despise being lazy, to make a troll chapter for them to steal. Would be pretty funny. Just change some portions here and there, in put your name and the site dot com.

  • Elena Mystoria

    Great news. The thief’s Wattpad got taken down but since she’s a repeat offender, it’s best to be on the lookout for chapters being illegally distributed.

  • Ainz-sama

    So can we find the thief, pull a “Bryan” and, in a completely ‘accidental’ fit of rage, multilate said person until they beg for a quick death?

    In all seriousness, do what you gotta do!!! In the famous words of Akame, “Bury” them waahahahahahahahaa. But this really sucks and I’m sorry you’re have to deal with this.

    As stated above, can you ban the IP address of the user(s) stealing? I’m not savvy enough on the know how, but I know it should be possible for you (as the site owner) to ban whatever IP addresses you so choose. Seem like banning the IP of whoever steals the work is the easier method of tidying up this issue.

    Best of luck resolving it. Let us readers know when it’s time to grab the torches, pitchforks, noose (whatever you’re feeling).

  • Elena Mystoria

    The copycat and her legion of mindless followers are shameless. Their confounded logic that the thief’s actions are helpful to the translator is illogical. While it does allow mor more people to read the novels, there is no link to the original source, merely a link on the cover page of the series. All chapters are copied and pasted as is with no mention of it being copied from another site and there are people who thinks that the thief is the author of these “works”. She is a repeat offender and from her comments, she does not intend to stop her actions despite the situations and her apologies. I believe that translators should band together to get her and her legion to respect the copyrights of hard working translators everywhere.

  • John

    Is the website gravitytale that took your work because I found that it is also thier?

    • etvolare

      Oh gosh let me halt this in its tracks right now. GDK was hosted on Gravity until chapter 65 or so. They definitely did *not* steal my work as I was the one who posted it there. 🙂

  • AMK

    Wouldn’t care too much about losing the highlight-able/right-click-able functionalities…
    Most of the time, I’m reading on a tablet anyway!

  • VLS

    I do use the highlight function to help paste character names and long passages I want to quote here in the comment section. However, if removing this function helps get GDK back up again please do so.

    • VLS

      P.S. I do right click on the chapter link to open it in a new tab. Would this trigger a ban with the changes?

  • Soniko

    Unhighlightable text… That would suck a tiny bit in my case. I’m not a native english speaker, so I’m using a chrome plugin/module that translates highlighted words into my own language on the fly. It’s not reaaally necessary but it helps a lot when I want to get a 100% of the full meaning sometimes. Usually 2-3 words/chapter at most, but still… So yeah… If making the text unhighlightable was an effective means of preventing theft, I’d bear with it no problem, but it doesn’t seem to be the case, and it would prevent any “legitimate” use of the highlighting function. I know I’m probably a 1 in a 1,000,000 case, it’s just food for thoughts anyway. Thanks for the hard work !

  • anon

    subscription & password, annoying but con narrow down the individuals that are on the list of potential suspects.

    • etvolare

      Naww, that’d be too much of a hassle then.

  • If someone really stole ur translations then u should say their name so that we readers will know about it . LOL 😛

  • work getting stolen, that is just such a BS thing to do….etvo-san u should take those actions u stated (if at all there is no alternative)!
    i hope the thief gets screwed big time….there is a courtesy to everything and when one does not follow it, that is just criminal

  • Marmyst

    I am not a fan of unhighlightable sites (I don’t care about not being able to right click on a site). I often highlight where I finish and go back to read some previous fragment or I switch to another tab for something for a moment.
    If making the site unhighlightable and/or right clickable mean that I still will be enjoying reading GDK, then go for it. I will live with this.

  • Radar64

    Gravity tales got all there stuff removed I think someone followed him then reported him you should ask Deceptioning I’m sure he wouldn’t mind telling you what he knows

  • thunderhill

    how dare they! To those of you who don’t know, translating 4k characters into immaculately good english (like etvolare or DB), requires a solid 3hrs at least.

    Even if you do want a copy of it, keep it for yourself only, don’t plagiarism others’ work.

    I believe fellow daoists agree I’m correct? (no sh*t)

  • Twix

    Well if you worried about someone stealing your translations you could always go to and post there. There is a series of stories from one author I love and she had the same thing happen someone stealing her work and claiming it as their own and since she moved to she has not posted that she had anymore trouble since the move. Just a thought 🙂

  • agila0212

    making the site unhighlightable or right clickable << not a fan of this solution

    Would losing those functionalities terribly sadden/annoy you guys? Yes

  • JakkJakk

    I constantly highlight the paragraph/text I’m currently reading and find it really annoying when I can’t do so.

    Of course I’m not going to tell you not to do it as it’s your site.

    Its very easy to get around though. I have an extension on chrome for the singular reason of allowing me to highlight text on sites that block it, which took me all of 5 minutes to find. So if the thief wants to they will be able to keep copying your work easily.

  • thevongolax

    it’s fine whatever you do as long as we still can enjoy GDK here.. 😀 btw, just mention their site so there may be someone who will help you to trash their site.. 😀

  • kenchan223

    You’re another sadist just like NickDoyle from Entruce translations? *sarcasm* 😛

    I should just call you Great Demon Queen lol

  • we can report him for sexually explicit material, the main character gets a little carried away on the horse if i recall

  • I’m so disgusted by all this, I don’t even have anything to say. The nerve to just steal other people’s work and be proud about it! What’s there to be proud of, when you just copy-paste other people’s work? I’m also astonished by how some of these people who reads the stolen work are so supportive of this disgusting act.

  • Justice

    [etvo’s edit: Sorry Justice, had to edit the link out of your comment. Let’s not make things that personal. ><] His Facebook profile spam him

    • dns7950

      I wonder if this is that person who always spams “Yuki was here” on all the new chapters?

      • etvolare

        Yuki is a popular name, don’t witch hunt the one that appears here without 100% surety!

        • dns7950

          I wasn’t going to start a witch-hunt (yet).. I was just wondering if it was a coincidence..

  • dns7950

    Just searched for a passage from one of the last chapters, and it turns out this scumbag has a wattpad account where he just posts nothing but stolen content from other translators…
    I just don’t understand why anybody would support them instead of the the original translators. Apparently wattpad sucks so badly that there doesn’t seem to be a way to report this unless you’re the copyright owner.. I say we get out pitchforks, turn on our adblockers, and brigade his page with comments telling him what we think of scummy, loser thieves.

    • Megabacon

      That’s retarded. You’re just going to give an attention whore what he wants. More attention. We just need to make sure this site shows as top results when people search up GDK on Google.

    • yeah pitch forks and flaming torches and anoying memes to post mwahahaha

    • dns7950

      Just reported them for spam, and wattpad lets you explain why you are reporting them. Everyone go report this loser!

    • Aggron

      Nice, that Scummy’s account is gone now…

  • WLtrc

    if its becose of adds i wonder if it would help any to repot a site for malicious use of stolen content to those sites that provide adds and pay out revenue or something? sory dont realy know how adds work from technical and hosting side was just wondering.

  • jwalker2_4

    It’s not really gonna affect me either way. Do whatever you can to prevent content thieves, but people will be @ssholes no matter what. If they are in America, or hosting out of America, they are about to get a figurative @ss [email protected] that will make their wallets bleed.

  • Shadowbinder

    Totally understand do whatever you need to. Protect your hard work and keep up the amazing translations!!

  • kskx

    well i hate it when someone steals or betrays, so you should go on with how u planned to deal with the thief.
    But I don’t think it will be much of a problem cause most of the people use NU to read this series.

    P.S. – why not make it so that whenever someone right clicks it opens an ad in the tab(always).

  • Link- the immortal cultivator of hyrule

    Why would they steal it? I don’t understand. It’s perfectly free to read here anyways, so why are they being so stubborn?

    • GrimHeir

      Ahreed, other than being asses, or wanting to try and steal the credit, I don’t see any point in stealing it.

      • Tamashii

        Probably ad revenue.
        It’s about money I guess.

    • Yeah, it’s the money. This sort of thing apparently happened to the manga tl industry as well. Unfortunately, that one got out of hand, and now no one really appreciates the actual manga tlers, and just reads the manga off sites that steal content. It’s disgusting and sad. I really hope this doesn’t happen to novel translations as well.

      • pothb

        While true, a lot of manga sites don’t host their own translations. I used to go to some sites but they just link to elsewhere… or a download link. Lots of people don’t want to download it, though I’m not really one until more recently since there is just less and less manga I want to read.

  • Savarian

    You do great work if it comes down to the extremes do what you can to protect your hard work. I like many fans who enjoy your work will learn and cope with those methods.

  • Lonjest

    Yeah do what you have to do.

    There are a couple sites that have that no highlight function/Right click.

    Really for readers the need to highlight any of the wording is close to zero. And if they need to the can type it out.

    Keep up the good work. And may the thieves be raped but big hairy burly men.

  • potatoe

    Can someone give me the link to that stolen work site so I can spam obscenities in the comments?

  • Paul

    Love the work and i pity those who fall into the thievery business but please keep up the good work

  • Drgnblu

    Do people even read the stolen work and is it an attempt to troll u?
    Anyway i dont mind do what u gotta do and thanks for the hard work as always

  • Tamashii

    Well, from a technical point of view the methods mentioned (not right clickable, not markable, etc) are no use at all. The thief can always use script blocking and your efforts are gone.
    Only method would be to render the entire thing as image – but here you will lose all adaptability to different clients (PC, mobile, tablet, etc) the bandwidth will go up, usability down and the thief can still OCR the thing with 99%+ accuracy with just 15min more effort.
    Also depending in where he is hosting the authorities may not be able to help you…

    • etvolare

      :O :O :O That shows the depths of my technical ignorance.

      • Tamashii

        You could release your work in some e-pub format, which can be secured (=non editable, non printable). Amazon and other e-book publishers do that. Yet it is STILL possible to steal – just more work. And a lot more work for you and probably an inconvenience to your readers as well as a loss of ad revenu as you cannot put ads in e-pubs.

        • etvolare

          Indeed Tamashii. Being the lazy bum translator I am (this is where Kidyeon and Based Jessica nod their head in huge agreement XD), I most likely won’t go down this path…

          I wonder if making the site unhighlightable and non right clickable will be enough to deter thieves? I’m making the gross assumption that they’re not that technically savvy enough to run scripts like those.

          • J Doe

            Most thieves probably grab your translations from scripts. Furthermore, it is really trivial to remove highlight/right click restrictions. You can simply get a Chrome extension (or Firefox, etc.) that removes those restrictions.

          • James

            You don’t to be tech savy though. All you need to do is disable javascript in your browser. Putting an overlay over the page might be a better work around. When you right click and copy, you get a picture. Filing a DCMA request is pretty easy to do also.

          • LoliMikoHimePowerOver9000!

            in all technicality, you wouldn’t need to right click to copy-paste as there is the “ctrl-C” command… i think making the site not highlight-able would work more, or unable to copy using ctrl commands… or set up where pressing ctrl and C together will close the tab/page
            though that would only work for computers and not so much tablets or phones

            anyways sorry about the thiefs… you would think that people would know better, but in reality they ignore it and it hurts us all, you being wrongs and us readers getting delayed chapters 😛

            not that im leeching or anything~ baka!

          • Serene snorlax

            I think I’ve done this before in an old webpage I used to run. To immediate alert/record the action of a “right click”. However, if you can modify it so that it records the IP address of those who “right click” or “copy” “print” the materials, the. Ban that ip from the sight. Not sure how much authority you have on your hosting page though. Vice versa, you can go on his page and see what IP he is hosting from and ban that from your site, you’ll need some background hacking to do that though.

            • etvolare

              Serene this is a fantastic idea. Since volareTL is 100% mine, I have no problem doing so. Do you still have the code lying around?

          • TheAimlessPasserby

            It wouldn’t make it downright impossible to copy, but it would be a huge step up. I say go for it even though I usually hate those sites (I like to highlight the chunk of text I’m currently reading). It’s not difficult to implement. Also thanks for SOTR 😀

          • Tamashii

            Sorry again to rain in your Parade, but like J Doe said, this measure won’t impact the pirate in any way…

            For Firefox:

            For chrome:

            these Plugins makes all those measures moot with 2 clicks.

            And as J Doe said: If he uses scripts to leech off you site automatically – he won’t even notice you implementing these measures…

            The only effective thing will most likely be the community, who sticks with you – provided the site provider does not act.
            Also include Text in your release, where you tell the reader the origin of the work as well that it updates faster at the source. He will most likely NOT read the release and just copy 1:1 minus any links and HTML (those are most likely auto removed) and paste it at his site.

        • Jav

          Agreed. Another thing he could do that wouldn’t have as large am impact (but would still impact some people) is basically put in a bunch of garbage text throughout the piece that is the same color as the background. Most likely the copier is lazy and basically either clicks and drags or does a select all in the column before copying.

          Still not a perfect solution (which it is doubtful there is), and this technique could be worked around with either editing or a smart copy, but it’s another option.

          • Erebus

            Another option is to put the chapter in a pdf file with watermarks and make it uneditable and such, and then embed it in the webpage somehow.

  • Frozzendeth

    As long as i can read it on me phone, then you can do what ever you want. As we are just leaching of your good Will, and If you didn’t translate i wouldn’t Even be mad at you og because it is stealing what they are doing ao you have to respond to it somehow….
    Hope you find a good solution to this problem, and May the theives have an ichy ass and arms too short to reach….

    • John Christianson

      Agreed, I maybe a leech but I am a honorable leech that reads on a cellphone

  • Brian

    If someone wants to steal it, they will find a way to steal it. I don’t think making it unrightclickable is a smart move. You can try contacting their Host and/or registrar about it and letting them know that your content was stolen.

  • Zurandis

    Do whatever you have to do, keep up the good work! Thanks!