Great Demon King coming soon

Hello all,

In light of yesterday’s post, I just wanted to tell everyone that the next chapter of GDK will be coming soon! And thank you for all your responses, I have decided to leave the site as is and not make it unhighlightable or non right clickable. Too many of you use that functionality and I don’t want to make life difficult for y’all!

Thank you also for the great support you’ve shown, and I hope that issues of translations being reproduced (whether any of my series or those of other translators) won’t happen in the future. All of us take around 3 – 4 hours for each chapter, and it sadly only takes 30 seconds to copy and paste. Having reader support on translators’ own sites is huge source of motivation for us! So if you ever find a site reproducing translations, please contact the translator affected as well, and please be polite and firm if you decide to reach out to the person reproducing. Everyone’s made of flesh and blood and has a beating heart after all! 😀

Thank you all very much once again. <3

  • Dude

    No all heroes wear capes (I am assuming that you don’t wear a cape, if you do wear a cape then that’s awesome too).

  • Mimir

    I don’t think u have much to worry about. This website still shows up if I Google “Great Demon King”.

    Also even if u were to make it so they can’t copy/paste they can always just look at it and type it themselves.. :/ I would just hide more subtle Volaretranslation.Com throughout the chapters honestly.

    • Fanged Panda

      i couldn’t find another site except for gravitytales o.0

  • Ainz-sama
  • Shadowbinder

    You are amazing and have fone a fantastic job !!!! Good luck now and into the future!

  • reclaimer

    etvo, you the real mvp here