Great Demon King Chapter 97

Hello all! Please find the unedited version of the chapter here!

Once again, the tale of me not giving it to Based Jessica in time for an edit. Please read the chapter with an easy eye! Or check back in 24 hours for a nicely edited one. 😀

On the other hand, my standing desk and ergonomic chair is being assembled right now in front of my eyes, so here’s to greater concentration and no more spine pain!

EDIT: I’ve edited and updated the chapter, for those of you who were waiting, sorry for the delay! PS I have no idea what “hoity toitiness” means – Based Jessica


  • Pork

    Hoity toitiness is like…being snobby, stuck up, stereotypical rich person/noble behavior. Examples would be things like looking down on others, calling them trash, refusing to eat cheap food, sleep outside, a common CN one seems to be acting like most people don’t exist…

    So in the chapter he’s basically saying she acts like a stuck up dick to people she doesn’t know but acts like a regular human being to people she likes.

  • Tamashii

    Thank you for the chapter etvolare!

  • RezaStillAlive

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    • etvolare

      Heh thank you!! <3 The ads aren't crazy bad are they? Given the crash the site went through earlier today, I may have to upgrade the plan yet *again*. That's three times in six months! ><