Great Demon King Chapter 84

Hello Everyone!  Call me Digiorno, because this ain’t delivery!  Here’s your second regular chapter of the week!


PS:If you don’t get the joke don’t worry about it

  • xravia

    you deliver frozen pizza’s?

  • etvolare

    Well crap. Someone explain the joke to me. T_T

    • MysticJazzEnforcer

      Lol, so you don’t get this jokes delivery?

    • Zenith

      Digiorno is a tasty frozen pizza, and in the commercials they compare it to delivery:
      “It’s not delivery. It’s Digiorno.”

      • etvolare

        OH. Heh. Why thank you. I’m not the hugest hugest fan of pizza so never had frozen.. 😀

  • thanks Digiorno