Great Demon King Chapter 88

Hello Everyone!  Excited because my stressful week is coming to an end, but more stressed because I have to go camping tomorrow and I still have classes and I’m not packed or ready, but here is your third and final regular chapter for the week!  Enjoy!

  • nelus

    For quite some weeks i’ve been reading sottr at wuxiaworld.
    and i thought last friday to visit your own site.
    and then i found out about gdk that you’re translating.
    And became quite hooked about it
    and i spend yesterday and today in reading it and damn, i had a great time reading it.
    so thank you for your hard work in translating these great chinese novels you gave me and all my fellow leechers.
    and i hope you have/had a great time at the camping trip
    greetings from a nutcase from the netherlands

    P.s. keep up the good work

    • nelus

      P.p.s. ive finished reading gdk in these two days.
      and i can’t wait for tommorow for one chapter of one of your two novel translations

      … please pardon my horrible grammar, i’m dutch and english grammar isn’t really my forte
      (Heck, i suck with the grammar of my own native language (TT_TT))
      So i apolegise for the inconvinience i’ve caused for my bad grammar typing.
      greetings from a nutcase from the netherlands

  • Oscar

    Have fun on your camping trip!!