Great Demon King Chapter 14

GDK’s sponsored chapter has just posted! And the latest and greatest (I was cackling when I was translating) of STR coming up after it’s gone through the editor mill tomorrow. I’ve already subjected you guys to a week of grammatical mistakes, I won’t destroy your eyes further. XD

In the future, I will be giving a permanent shoutout to both GDK and STR sponsors on the TOC page on this site. I’m not doing it on Gravity because I don’t want to mess up the formatting…

  • Leyley

    I can’t read chapter 13 or 14…

  • Black death

    Heyyyy the link leads to a “Oops! That page can’t be found.” page :'(

    • etvolare

      Just reposted them, do they work now?

  • unlimited

    thanks for the chapter
    but link not working

  • chase

    cannot read chapters 13 and 14 still shows 404 page