Great Demon King Chapter 128 part 0

I’ve often been called a translating Pikachu by the editing community, so I think it’s high past time we understood the various bits of this adorable Pokemon! Iiiiiiit’s Pikachu trivia time!!!

Come here for the fun!

For those of you wondering what the heck is going on, this is a continued effort to fight shameless theft of translations.

Original and most recent chapters posted at volaretranslations, translated by etvolare. Any other reproduction is without permission and contributes to translator feeling frustrated and annoyed.

Chapters can run 9K+ characters and take three to four hours to translate. They’re stolen within five minutes of posting.

This toxic combination could lead to the translator quitting, which means no more future chapters as thieves only know how to steal (and ignore etvolare’s requests to stop) and don’t actually know how to contribute to society in a meaningful, productive way.

So why are you reading this chapter on anywhere but volaretranslations?

Why support theft?

It costs you nothing to do the right thing.



  • Jae

    I saw a few sites that disabled right clicking, alternatively I think there is a way to turn text into a background image. Which might work a bit better. Assuming you have not already tried those things.

  • Might try what japtem does and just make your content not highlight able, though I don’the know the technical aspect of it.

  • I fully support the actions of eralovte 🙂 Also, did you look up the Pokemon information or did you actually know all that stuff?

  • yo

    RLN is it that site that is thief?

  • hi i would like to suggest you try out what the other websites are doing masking out notes using color tag in html so when we read it in your website we wont see the translated by notes but if idiots are trying to steal your work copy pasting your translation the mask or the color tag wont be copied and so will appear in their website a great example is what light novel. world is doing in every single paragraph here is link
    try highlighting the translation and the notes will be revealed every paragraph

    • etvolare

      I did indeed do that a few chapters ago, thank you for your suggestions! 🙂

      • Unfortunately, it doesn’t play well with reader view in Safari 🙁

        I’m not sure how it makes things difficult for thieves (as one can spend 5 minutes to write a simple script to cut them out automatically), but it could also be a pain for legit readers.

  • where is the chapter ?

  • Is this going to be an actual chapter, or just a troll post to screw with the thief?

    • etvolare

      Just a troll post dearest Ainz — although for you, I’ll see if I can bring about a new chapter earlier. 😀

      • Go read some of my other comments from today (on GDK 127 and SOTR). Should give you a couple laughs lol. Also, I appreciate all the work you and your team does. Troll away, Etvolare, troll away.

        • I mean the comment on your new SOTR notice post.

      • Oh, one more thing: I read all of the translated chapters for “Release that Witch.” The story is very good. They need (like desperately need) new editors though. The grammatical and spelling errors almost make it unenjoyable. It has lots of potential! Thanks for hosting it and suggesting it to me.

  • I can’t find it :–(

  • grrr lots of trans-thief out there. it maybe why some are using methods that copy block there site pages where the info is a uploaded file link so even if they try to pull the source page they only get a computer file link.

  • Ha ha is gold!