Great Demon King Chapter 127 pt. 1

Partially edited by Premonition!

The first part of a colossal chapter, and the first part in dual releases! These will happen whenever a chapter is greater than 4k characters, which for reference sake usually runs ~7 pages in Google docs. Imagine wading through that!

I’m terribly sorry that the anti theft warnings have caused annoyance to some, but they actually did work since the thief copied the chapter word for word onto their place. Unfortunately, this is the most effective way I can think of to actually take any sort of stand. You will not be affected if you read normally, but it will affect those using TTS software. For that I apologize — but given that my chapters are being stolen five minutes after I post them, I really wanted to do something about it. Thank you all for your support and understanding!

  • thanks for the chapter!

    cant wait for the new chapters,
    keep up the good work : )

  • atn

    I’m completely fine with you splitting up chapters! I think some loose sight of the fact that sure, this may be “just” 4k characters, but after doing that for over 100 chapters really adds up! I’m sure the theft doesn’t help your motivation, but I am happy you continue your translation efforts!

    And as always, thanks for the chapter!!

  • Etvolare, you do you! If you think the chapters are too long, then split and cut them up. I’d prefer having to read cut up chapters then you dropping the Novel and getting nothing to read. Please DO NOT DROP the novel.

    Also, I did a Google search and found the guy stealing your work. Damn idiot didn’t even try to take out your anti theft warning. Fricken hilarious although the fact he’s stealing from you is annoying. Don’t worry, I set up something that will make his/her life a lot harder 😉 waaaaahaaaaaahaaaaahaaa. My inner GDK has awakened, and it demands blood.

    Thanks again for everything. We appreciate all of your translations.

    • etvolare

      Haha with wonderful readers like you, why would I want to drop the novel? 😀 (although I’m abt to Pikachu thunderbolt my support ticket regarding comments!). I so wonder what you did! O__O

  • Like what was said before, if the chapters are too long, please just cut them up in bits and keep translating this novel.

    Also, if the secret thief warnings don’t help, I just had an idea (it’ll mess up those that see them here though). You could just insert random bits of other novels in between your paragraph or at the end of each lines, in the same way you insert your thief alerts. So that the readers at that other website will be pissed since the flow will be messed up and they won’t know which part is in the story and which part isn’t.

    I don’t know if it’s all that much doable and if it’ll piss off readers here too much though and it might be too much work…

  • Anyone that complains too much ask them to please start translating themselves or stfu ^.^ as for myself I greatly appreciate the time and effort you put into your works

  • Dear Etvolare, you welcome. please don’t drop. Even if you were to split it in 3 or more parts, it would be ok. We all know that this translation is not the only one, next to your other time consuming work, next to your private life. To be so consistent since start, is already amazing and worth way more than simple praise and applause. You are amazing. Sincerely
    Your Admirer

  • Personally I would like you to release chapters in full, because they are already short enough Q.Q

    • etvolare

      Then I’m likely to drop GDK. The chapters are too long. The first half I released today is the length of a regular chapter, back when the author was not going nuts. It really gets a chore to translate 9 pages in Google docs. :\

  • Dear Etvolare, thank you. Don’t stress about others being annoyed. It worked out after all and many people could made aware that you are behind that translation. Am happy that something so simple had desired effect.
    Your Admirer

    • etvolare

      Haha thank you for the kind words!

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