Great Demon King Chapter 126

It’s here! Come get it!

I’m posting the regular chapter update for once because there’s two items I’d like to discuss with everyone. First of all, there are pervasive anti-theft warnings in the chapter. Most of you won’t be able to see them though, because I made them the same color as the site background. So carry on as usual! But in other words, yes, there’s another thief going around and I’m not happy to say the least. If there’s anything I can ever, ever ask of you guys, is to please support the translators at their original sites. There are readers on this thief’s site that think the thief is the real translator. Nothing more soul destroying than that. 🙁 Again, that whole mumbo jumbo of translators spending 2-6 hours on a chapter translating, only to get it all stolen within minutes of posting — that’s incredibly disheartening.

And in other news, I may split up chapters whenever they’re more than 4k chapters. The last… 10+? chapters have been 6k-8k characters, which in other news is at least double of a usual chapter size. I’m getting burned out at this rate and it’s turning into a chore to translate. So from now on, if I go cross eyed when I look at the raws for the next chapter, it’s going to be split up. My apologies, and thank you all for understanding. 🙂

The next chapter will likely be split up because it’s 6k characters. ><

[edit to say] Sorry I was so tired from translating this chapter that I forgot to say! Sponsored chapters will still be full chapters, so have no fear sponsors! Half chapters will only be for regular when I just can’t stomach things anymore. The alternative to not releasing half chapters is… me taking a week or so break, truly. I’m getting burned out by the long chapters at this rate. 🙂

And, I’ve had the lovely ensj, FallenSoul, and Ruyi check for me and the anti theft warnings do not show up on mobile, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or when colors are inverted. So please, if you see the warnings, let me know under what circumstances you see them! If… you are here from the site that stole my work, hey, I’m glad the warnings worked and you found your way to the right place! Read the chapter here, it’s not near as annoying in the proper place. 🙂