Great Demon King Chapter 126

It’s here! Come get it!

I’m posting the regular chapter update for once because there’s two items I’d like to discuss with everyone. First of all, there are pervasive anti-theft warnings in the chapter. Most of you won’t be able to see them though, because I made them the same color as the site background. So carry on as usual! But in other words, yes, there’s another thief going around and I’m not happy to say the least. If there’s anything I can ever, ever ask of you guys, is to please support the translators at their original sites. There are readers on this thief’s site that think the thief is the real translator. Nothing more soul destroying than that. 🙁 Again, that whole mumbo jumbo of translators spending 2-6 hours on a chapter translating, only to get it all stolen within minutes of posting — that’s incredibly disheartening.

And in other news, I may split up chapters whenever they’re more than 4k chapters. The last… 10+? chapters have been 6k-8k characters, which in other news is at least double of a usual chapter size. I’m getting burned out at this rate and it’s turning into a chore to translate. So from now on, if I go cross eyed when I look at the raws for the next chapter, it’s going to be split up. My apologies, and thank you all for understanding. 🙂

The next chapter will likely be split up because it’s 6k characters. ><

[edit to say] Sorry I was so tired from translating this chapter that I forgot to say! Sponsored chapters will still be full chapters, so have no fear sponsors! Half chapters will only be for regular when I just can’t stomach things anymore. The alternative to not releasing half chapters is… me taking a week or so break, truly. I’m getting burned out by the long chapters at this rate. 🙂

And, I’ve had the lovely ensj, FallenSoul, and Ruyi check for me and the anti theft warnings do not show up on mobile, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or when colors are inverted. So please, if you see the warnings, let me know under what circumstances you see them! If… you are here from the site that stole my work, hey, I’m glad the warnings worked and you found your way to the right place! Read the chapter here, it’s not near as annoying in the proper place. 🙂

  • Anybody knows where the pirate is, so we can exterminate it like the last one…

  • RIP my text to speech program. Now it’s constantly going “If you’re not reading this on volaretranslations, then this is a pirated copy of the chapter.”

    I hope other novels sites don’t pick this up lol. I would have to edit out the text before starting the program again. Sucks that it really had to come to this though and I understand completely though. Theft is really no fun and it kills your revenue as well for the effort you put in. Thank you for your hard work.

    • etvolare

      Awwww. Now that is a legitimate annoyance! I’ll try to keep them to a minimum in the future, but be warned, there will be one chapter in which the warning’s after every. single. line. I do show more readers than usual for the last chapter. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. 🙂

  • yo

    Can you tell us the site when that happen so we can shut down his site like the other one?

  • zzz

    When text is selected, you can see the anti theft warnings…just putting it more than once or twice per chapter is just pointless too…since if the text thief notice this same text over and over. He’ll just use the tool “replace selected text with nothing”…but w/e…

    In this case, if you would want to change the background color of the anti theft (when selected) and the color of it, these components are css components.
    I think you got 2 possibilities if you want to do it in a clean way:
    a) you code part of it directly inside the text of your content
    b) you create a new default settings, something like “textbody2” (basically copy everything of the existing textbody…exept color and title of the setting…) directly inside the css and then you can encase your text with that new setting when you will write inside the text of your content.

    Best would be to use an anti-theft thingy like japtem use if you really wanna protect your content…, but personally I just hate anti click content protection…anyway…good luck bruh…
    (…just so annoying when reading…)

  • Dear Etvolare,
    I checked again after reading and this time i was not able to see that warning. Don’t know why during first few times loading, i could see it like the rest of text. I was viewing it via mobile with Safari normally. Should it happen in future again, I will send you screenshots for you to check it out.
    Thanks for your hard and great work and translating with so much passion.
    I agree with a suggestion to let the site who steals your life, to officially known and sort of blacklisted. So everybody knows you doing all that work and give you the credit you deserve.
    Your Admirer

  • Just a quick question, does novelupdates always show the correct version of the novels? If so then you can encourage people to use that one in order to show us that this is the real translation.

    • etvolare

      Yes indeed, NU does! So it baffles me why some would go to a pirate mirror. ?_?

  • ;_;

    FYI did not see any of the warnings. Maybe due to browser that others are seeing it?

  • Dear Etvolare, that anti theft warning is visible. You are so stressed about all that, that you forgot to make the warning partly invisible.
    Your admirer

    • etvolare

      But.. but… which one?? I turned it the same color as the background, I don’t understand how the site can be loaded without the background? T_T

  • I can see these anti theft warnings and they really break the flow of the story…i understand your reasons but putting the anti theft disclaimer more than twice in a chapter is overkill and really makes it difficult to read .

    • etvolare

      Can you send me a screenshot please? The warning is the same color as the background so you really shouldn’t be seeing it. The goal is precisely to be annoying so people reading on the pirated site won’t go there. 🙂

  • Hi, I just wondering if you NOT make to half chapter. As you can see there are many supporter for GDK and I think it will be not fair to the one who donate . If you see other website that translate other novel like IMMORTAL Executioner, LLS, Awakening and many other which need to TL more than 4K word, They never did split it up. Doing so will make all the sponsor think twice and indirectly shows that GDK TL is trying to find the short way. But its just my 2 cent of thinking.

    • etvolare

      Oh, good point. Sorry I forgot to say that half chapters wouldn’t count towards donated chapters. Only full chapters would count as sponsored, have no fear! 🙂

  • Wow… I think most of them post in wattpad. Hope this anti theft works out. Thanks for the extra effort for translations…