Great Demon King Chapter 122

It’s unedited, it’s unedited, it’s unedited!

Important things must be said three times. 😀 This chapter isn’t too bad, but the next chapter is another 5k character. Sigh. So for the reader asking in the site chat, GDK is published three times a week and sponsored chapters when I can get to them. Unfortunately, what holds up my progress is that the author has gone insane for the past thirty or chapters. The chapters have been anywhere between 5k characters to 8k characters, which is double the usual length and almost 2.5 times SOTR. Just so everyone knows. 😀

Please come back in ten wish hours if you want a nicely edited chapter!

EDIT: The entire chapter has been edited, and although we were missing apart of the conversation, we added it. Enjoy! -Based Jessica