Great Demon King Chapter 120(NSFW)

Hello everyone! Here is another (late) regular chapter for the week!  As I stated last time, this chapter is tagged as NSFW because it contains content that is more than remotely inappropriate, and to notify people in case they want to avoid it. Also in order to make sure that people who don’t want to see NSFW stuff don’t have to, I made a collapsible part so that they don’t need to see all the detailed stuff, just in case(please don’t hate me).  Hope you all enjoy the chapter as much as I did :^)

NOTE: We made a slight mistake and Emily is not a Grand Magus, but rather is an Archmage. TBH I don’t remember the difference, so it doesn’t really affect me, but Etvo is going back to change them in past chapters!

SHOUT OUT: from etvo to my good friend Deceptioning (or as Based Jessica put it, LewDeceptioning) for doing the NSFW scene. I flat out refused to do it. 😀