Great Demon King Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Poking one’s nose into other people’s business can be found on Gravity!

I’ve also dumped the glossary here for your easy perusal.

I believe I’ve more or less settled on a publishing schedule that I can maintain for GDK: three times a week, either MWF or TTS depending on how work goes. Sponsored chapters on the weekend! I’m attempting to do the same for STR but on alternating days, we’ll see how it goes. I’m a bit more motivated to work on GDK these days because of the reception it’s getting. 😀

  • Thank you for GDK translations! I’m very glad you let us know about it.
    These qustions refers to the last original chapters you read.

    What’s his realm?
    How many elite zombies he refined?
    What’s his mage status?
    Can he beat greater enemies then swordmasters and archmages?
    Did he was noticed by Empire’s ruler? Did he participate in war?