Great Demon King Chapter 112

First chapter of the week!

In addition to bringing you guys the first chapter of the week, I’m also extremely happy that this concludes our move to the new dedicated server, set up by the kind tzunayoshi and Tamashii. Our traffic has steadily grown that we first outgrew our original shared plan at site ground, and then outgrew our plans again at Digital Ocean. I’m sure you guys all noticed the site slow down when the mass release was happening two weeks ago. We’re now on a dedicated server, and these two talented guys have done this during the two weeks I was on vacation, so it was all them! Not only do I not know what needed to be done, but I was completely MIA as well.

The site should be much faster and more reliable, so please join me in a great hand of applause and appreciation for the two of them! Thank you to the tech heroes. 😀

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    Keep up the great writing.

  • Yersinia

    Dear volaretranslations team.
    I’ll first appologize for any misatskes in grammar and choice of words. English is not my native language and additionally I’m writing this on my mobile phone.
    Next: this is my first comment on a side like yours (even though I’ve been reading novel translations for mor than 4 years now). So please forgive me for unfitting formulations and the like.

    So, now finally the reason I decided to actually comment here. Not long ago you complained about someone plagarizing (ok sry, don’t know how you write this. In german it would be “plagiieren“…) your work. I remember you posting a link leading to some e-books site… or something similar at least. Anyway, a few minutes ago I read about a similar incident, searched for the side and found this: . This chapter should have been posted today, correct me if I’m wrong. And there it suddenly, probably not even an hour after your post, appeared on that site. I didn’t check the chapter or podting times because I was slightly agitated. I really like all those carefree novels including the one gdk (even though it’s not as carefree as the typical japanese lns) so I wish for the translators to keep up their good work. After all, i can’t do it myself (not enough time and motivation). And honestly: if I saw someone getting credits for my work, I’d probably loose my drive to actually do that work. That’s why I’ve decided to report this. Should I somehow have jumped the guns here, I’ll appologize. Otherwise I’ll ask you to talk with other translators and try to work out an idea how to stop those shameless cuckoos. If nothing works, I’ll try to figure out how to shoot down sites like these (got some acquaintances who’s quite good at things like these…)
    Anyway, I hope you guys manage to find a solution since I really want you to get the credits you deserve.
    Sincerly Yersinia (sry, like it black. Just so you know, I’m a guy)

  • Tamashii

    Welcome back Etvolare!
    I hope you enjoyed your vacation!
    Thank you for the chapter!