Great Demon King Chapter 112

First chapter of the week!

In addition to bringing you guys the first chapter of the week, I’m also extremely happy that this concludes our move to the new dedicated server, set up by the kind tzunayoshi and Tamashii. Our traffic has steadily grown that we first outgrew our original shared plan at site ground, and then outgrew our plans again at Digital Ocean. I’m sure you guys all noticed the site slow down when the mass release was happening two weeks ago. We’re now on a dedicated server, and these two talented guys have done this during the two weeks I was on vacation, so it was all them! Not only do I not know what needed to be done, but I was completely MIA as well.

The site should be much faster and more reliable, so please join me in a great hand of applause and appreciation for the two of them! Thank you to the tech heroes. 😀