Great Demon King Chapter 105

Thank you guest editor Premonition!

Hopping over from his regular series SOTR! And this does conclude our mass release — someone remind me next time when I want to do one not to do it if I don’t have a stockpile. I’m not sure what was more electrifying, translating against a clock or watching the site crawl… to… a halt even with spacing chapters out, and wondering if *this* chapter would be the one to nuke the site.

But! Despite being slow yesterday, we did not crash! And for that we have the wonderful tzunayoshi and Tamashii to thank! Both long time readers and supporters, it’s thanks to these technomancers (to use a WW term!) that we stayed happily up throughout the whole process. Please everyone, join me in a round of thank you’s!

We will now be moving to a new, dedicated server in light of recent traffic growth and crashes. 😀 Speaking of traffic, the mass release pushed us way past 4 million total views on the site! I wanted to make a post when that happened but er, the mass release kind of blew us way past that. The site came into being on Jan 1, with almost no content on it for the month of March due to various novels moving and incredible growth each month. So thank you all so much for reading, supporting, and liking the series that the team at volaretranslations brings you!

And now, a PSA. I will be traveling to the States in two days — please expect erratic release times if I don’t get a chapter done in time for Based Jessica to post.