HSSB Glossary


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Acting Elder– An Elder that the Assignment Hall dispatches to more minor positions; direct subordinates of Principal Elders

Artifact – These are the magical weapons and armors of the Eight Extremities World. They exist above the ‘mortal tools’ of the ordinary world.  Their creation requires a martial practitioner versed in artifact forging. From least to the most powerful: mortal tool (these don’t even count), demi-artifact, artifact, spirit artifact, sacred artifact, divine artifact.

Assignment Hall – People can go there to pick up missions or tasks. They exist in a lot of wuxia and xuanhuan fiction. Missions can be completed for money and cultivation resources from the sect.

Broad Creed Mountain – This is the sect of the main character. As one of the six Sacred Grounds, its home territory is the Heaven Domain.

Coiling Dragon Sleeve – This is Yan Zhaoge’s signature sword style.  Actually, it’s the self created signature sword style of the former owner of Yan Zhaoge’s body.  It’s full name translated from Chinese is “Azure Dragon in Sleeve” but that name was too long so I cut out the ‘in’ part.  It’s a very poser-esque style where he basically does a quick draw from within his sleeve by swinging his arm… somehow… don’t ask me how it works.  He can even quick draw from both sleeves at the same time to attack duel-wielding so it’s not like he uses one arm to draw his sword from the sheath in his other hand, the sword comes from his sleeve of the same hand.  This style is best for surprise attacks and acting cool.

Cloud-Veined Crystal — Can be found in the Spirit Wind Canyon. Can be used to help guide along some medicinal properties; when mixed with some Enchanting Spirit Grass…

Crystal Furnace – These are used for artifact forging.  There is the external crystal furnace(boo, lame; small letters), which is the widespread modern variant.  And there is the Internal Crystal Furnace, which is the superior ancient variant that was lost during the Great Calamity. Internal Crystal Furnaces can be upgraded.

Disciplinary Elder— Helps the Broad Creed Mountain make sure their laws are followed; D-Elder of the East Heaven Region-> East Elder apparently

Divine Palace – This is an extraordinary martial organisation of the past.  Yan Zhaoge was a member of this place and worked in its book storage building.  Basically almost any relic or skill book from this place was a priceless treasure.  The martial arts collected there were the best from an era of peak prosperity.  Yan Zhaoge being the cheat character that he is, has tons of these books memorized.

East Heaven Region – This is one of five Regions in the Heaven Domain(at its East, duh).

Eastern Tang Kingdom – This is one of the three Kingdoms within the East Heaven Region.  It borders the Mountain Domain as well as the Fire Domain.

Eight Extremities World – This is a cultivation world full of martial practitioners, spiritual treasures, and fantastic creatures.  The world is divided into 8 Domains, each of which is further divided into Regions.  So far it appears these territories and their placement seem to be based on the Bagua, so the territory names should match the eight trigrams of the I Ching.


The eight territories should be Heaven, Wind, Water, Mountain, Earth, Thunder, Fire, and River(Lake so small lol).






Crimson Spirit Flags – This is a clan that was destroyed by Yan Zhaoge’s father.  Its remnants are too weak to go after Yan Zhaoge’s father so they tend to go after Yan Zhaoge himself instead.

Great Calamity – Some mysterious disaster that ended an era, destroyed the Divine Palace and killed Yan Zhaoge.  Yan Zhaoge is working hard to figure out what happened.

Heaven Domain— Where Broad Creed Mountain is!

Heaven-Thwarting Mantra — Currently used by Yan Zhaoge to absorb baleful qi

Hell– Hell is a wasteland that is literally like hell.  It used to be the Earth Domain until it become the world’s largest danger zone. Yay.

Infinite Boundless Mountain — Sacred Ground of the Mountain Domain

Jade Essence — Really rare precious resource (for now at least)

Martial Practitioners– These are people who pursue the martial way.  They are divided into several major realms.  Martial Artist < Martial Scholar < Martial Grandmaster < Martial Saint <???.  Each of the realms are divided into many different levels.  They generally consist of 4 stages– 3 major stages and the ‘peak stage’ of that particular realm.  The major stages each have 3 phases – early, mid, late.  Thus there are a total of 10 levels in each realm.  The last level of each realm is also the fourth and final stage, with the most difficult bottleneck to overcome.

Principal Elder— Sent by Broad Creed Mountain to look after the affairs of a Region

Punishment Hall – People from this place are not very nice.  They enforce punishments.  You can think of them as the sect’s police officers, internal security, judicial system, jailers, and executioners.

Sacred Grounds – Sacred Ground is the title given to the strongest powers.  In the Eight Extremities World, martial powers are ranked from strongest to weakest: Holy Grounds, First Class Powers, Second Class Power, Third Class Powers, and Unacknowledged Powers.  A Sacred Ground is required to govern at least one entire territory and have someone equivalent to a Martial Saint serving as their Clan Chief or grand elder.  Currently, there are 6 Sacred Grounds who hold the Heaven, Water, Mountain, Thunder, Fire, and River Domains respectively.  The Holy Grounds of Wind and Earth territories were destroyed in the past.

Sealing Dragon Abyss – This is an extremely long and extremely deep rift valley surrounded on both sides by mountains.  It is one of the cracks that extend from the Underworld, formerly known as the Earth Domain.

Spirit Wind Canyon — Contains Cloud-Veined Crystals; becomes important later on…

Sun Saint Clan – This is one of the six Sacred Grounds, which just so happens to border Broad Creed Mountain.  It is initially reputed to be the strongest Sacred Ground.

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