GDK Chapter 353 part 1

Oops, sorry about the spoiler in the teaser XD

Translated by: Sae and etvo

Edited by: Deyna

So the anti-theft message worked very well, with some pirates cutting off the chapter after the message. LOL. Brought a small to my face, and that’s why you should always go to the source folks, to make sure you got the full content! I couldn’t turn it invisible because some pirates filter out code like that, and WP automatically parsed the : ) into a ūüôā .

Left another one today because of a reader on one of the pirate sites started defending their decision to support piracy, and DMCA requests only work if the servers are in the US — which most pirates are smart enough not to.

I also put the message at the end this time so as to not break “immersion”, hopefully that’s better.

[edit] That reader actually responded to my message and said he’s just too lazy to read on the actual sites. Welp. *shrug* I know the translator sites may have broken functions (glares at our own dark mode plugin)¬†and the occasional bad ad that slips in, but it’s so critical to content creators that we support the real deal. Particularly when it’s free to do so!

I never really fully appreciated that concept until I was on this side of the fence. This is literally how I (and a lot of artists, actors, writers, etc) put food on the table and pay rent. But meh, enough about my soapbox. If you’re reading this, thank you for your support! <3 <3