Game Translations

Along with novel translations, etvolare has done a few computer/video game translations.  They are listed below.

This is a ‘to-be-updated’ page, as she works on more.

The first game etvolare has completely translated is Faust’s Alptraum (浮士德的噩夢):

After the funeral, Elisabeth entered the old house left to her by her father.
She followed a black cat into the basement, but couldn’t find her way out again.
A smiling demon in purple materialized out of the dark and considered her with all knowing looks.
As a result, she embarked on her journey to find the exit amidst this house filled with fairytales and puzzles.

Fausts Alptraum is an RPG Maker escape the room game created by LabORat Studio, an indie game team from Taiwan.
It is mostly based on Goethe’s Faust.
The Traditional Chinese version was released August 14, 2015 on our website, and we will be releasing the English and Japanese version on STEAM.

The game will be free to play and have no monetary elements.

The English version of Faust’s Alptraum has yet to be released, as the studio just released the Japanese version in February and is currently participating in a Japanese game competition.