FM Chapter 39 && Tranzgeek is Out

Chapter 39 (for the sake of NovelUpdates that decided not to list it)


Hello all, hello all

Tranzgeek will temporarily go on hiatus…which means…the novel is probably going to go on hiatus for 2 weeks. I’m uber depressed right now, and I also need to study for finals which are coming up in two weeks. Life has been dramatic recently, and I guess I have some depression I don’t know about because I cried myself to sleep for an hour.

First of all, let me explain why I thought we could post 3 bonus updates last week. Socksrocker told me she would be done with finals last Friday so I magically thought that she was implying that she would be ready to start translating again. Soo  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Translation wise though… I’m depressed about being so excited for someone to come back, only to realize that I must have misunderstood something. I’m depressed about working so hard alone. I’m depressed about translating so much for what seems like very little (No, I don’t mean monetarily. I could hardly care about it.) but really, I can’t keep these emotions pent up otherwise I end up losing myself. I guess none of my rants are intentional. I just have to let everything out before I can re-embrace life to the fullest.

I just want to give a SHOUTOUT to all of the novel’s supporters on NovelUpdates and all of my commentators and likers. I treasure you guys a lot.

If you guys want more chapters while I’m gone though you can go ask socksrocker on discord on the #fleeting-midsummer-whee channel.

Thank you to all of the novel’s most faithful supporters. After I come back though, I am planning to do do a mass release that I’ll stock up for the week after finals and then release on the next Saturday or something for the sake of everyone.