FM Chapter 38

SHOUTOUT to Lola for her recent written review! I’ll add a bonus chapter to the queue for next week since we’re practically filled up this week LOL

Yayyy new chappie! (Sidenote: I hate the chapter title already T_T)

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Btw, 20 sweet chapters left of this novel! We’re more than halfway in! Hehe! I’m so excited to get to more sweet moments!

We’re in Part 3 now! It’s entitled 恋爱ING which is also a song that Mayday sung which is why I have linked to it LOL. Wu Xin and Leo Zhang Yun Long were singing it on Happy Camp like a couple weeks ago XD

I’m sure there are translated lyrics online somewhere…try copy/pasting the Chinese lol.

Translated and edited by Tranzgeek

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