FM Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: The Revolution is Inviting Guests to Dinner

After two more days, we were about to begin choosing classes for school. Even though this break was so long, from June to August, when I saw it was about to end, I felt very reluctant. After I finished purchasing some household items with my dormmates, I decided to eat and drink well to celebrate marrying into a wealthy family**.  But when the time came, my dormmates’ parents still hadn’t left. I was embarrassed to drag people around to eat with me. The more important part was that I hadn’t seen Xiao Xi for two days. How could I create an opportunity for me and Xiao Xi to eat together? Inviting him alone would definitely show that I was immodest. I calculated with the abacus in my heart, grabbed the opportunity, and I found the name of the person I dubbed the “Cold Faced Killer”. On the other end, some very beautiful music drifted over. That really made one forget oneself due to its extravagance. Paying money for such a beautiful ringtone for someone to enjoy. That song played to halfway, and Fang Yu Ke still hadn’t answered the phone. I hung up and could only lie on the bed for an afternoon nap, with nothing else to do.

  • Celebrating marrying into a wealthy family: To Lin Lin this refers to getting into the highly prestigious university, Peking University. Thus, she is celebrating her union with Peking University as she officially becomes a student at one of the “richest” academic atmospheres of all time.

I didn’t know how long I had slept when I was suddenly woken up by hunger. I grabbed my cell phone to see the time, and saw that four calls from the “Cold Faced Killer” had been unanswered. I just thought of calling him back, when my phone rang. I glanced at the name, and it was still the “Cold Faced Killer”.

I answered it: “Hello? What is the matter that you are so anxious to get ahold of me?”

The other side was silent for a while: “Are you a pig? I called you so many times, you didn’t even hear it!”

I felt a little confused: “What? I was just sleeping? If you have things to say, quickly say them. If you need to fart, quickly fart. I still need to go to the bathroom.”

“What’s the matter? Isn’t it you who called me? Idiot.”

I paused, recalling what I had done before going to sleep that I had actually called this person. The person at the other end was impatient: “I can’t stand you anymore. I’m hanging up.”

“Wait, I thought of it, I thought of it. I want to bring you out for a meal.”

There was a moment of silence. I thought the signal wasn’t good. “Hello, can you hear me? I said I want to treat you for a meal. Give me some face big senior brother~”

“Where are we going to eat?”

F**k, I had invited him out for dinner, but his attitude was still just as cold. “The place is hard to find. We haven’t been here for a few days, and I’m not familiar with the area. What about this, you can ask Xiao Xi to come along too. I also have to thank him for his help these past few days. Incidentally, we can also let him be a guide for us and introduce a place to eat.”

I held the cell phone with one hand, regretfully unable to make some applause for myself with the other hand. My IQ was definitely over 150. How could I be so smart? These words were much more reasonable and full of restraint!

The other end paused for again, and said: “I will do my best.”

He didn’t wait for me to speak when he hung up the phone. You brat. If you have to save energy for the power bill, then don’t keep pausing when you speak. Really! But when I thought of eating dinner with Xiao Xi I made a triumphant gesture: Oh yeah! After I finished speaking, I looked even more silly as I had hair going in all different directions so I went to the bathroom to wash my face.

Very early in the morning of the next day, I received a short text from Fang Yu Ke, and it was so short that it couldn’t have been more direct : Guolin Restaurant, 7:00 pm, meet at the entrance. F**k, he sent a text, and he was even personal messaging me!

I replied: Ok, is he going? I waited for n minutes. The brat didn’t even reply to me again. I estimated he had begun his love affair with his girlfriend.

I hadn’t seen Xiao Xi in the previous days. My heart was about to pop out of its chest. Now we were finally about to meet, and I was a little flustered. Oh, unless liking a person was always like this? Worried, uneasy? I turned my head towards the window, and thought about what Xiao Xi was doing now? Maybe he was sleeping? No, he probably wasn’t able to sleep as well as I could; reading? Probably. What book? Comic books? No, that was what I read. Textbook? No, too boring. He was definitely reading a very deep book, completely English- the mysteries of the universe or the analysis of global financial trends. Where he was not satisfied with the author’s explanation, he would definitely use a pencil to write his own point of view. As for where the author’s point of view was especially brilliant, he would would definitely draw a large wavy line. Mm, right, he would use a clean slender finger, to flip the page, one by one. Then, he would immerse himself completely in the book.

“What are you thinking about that’s so perfect?” Wang Jie’s beautiful legs stepped over and broke my line of thinking. Everyone was young. It didn’t take too long for us to become close like a family.

I laughed: “I’m thinking of my future husband.”

“Oh, what family’s nobleman is it? Introduce him, introduce him.” Wang Jie’s gossip ears had already perked up.

“The secret cannot be revealed.” I laughed. “I should still wait until we get to the husband stage, if there is an opportunity, I’ll introduce him to you.”

“Are you guys being warm or is it your one-sided thoughts. Seeing you laughing like that, I’m guessing it’s your own thoughts.”

“Hey, what are you saying? Why is it that it’s one sided thinkings just because I laugh like that? How do you smile mysteriously?”

“You won’t understand this. This mysterious smile is absolutely shy, you have to look soft yet deep and far. I’ll perform it for you.” When she finished, Wang Jie pretended to be a wise and virtuous woman.

I laughed, “You are acting Lin Dai Yu.”

“It’s just like your female beauty exceeds that of the whole world. Just now, I saw you looking like your saliva was about to fall onto the ground.” Wang Jie laughed.

“Oh, you really have portrayed it accurately. I really am having a crush. The other person doesn’t know my thoughts. Look at you and your boyfriend, calling each other until a cocoon could form in your ear. Aren’t I helping you spread the phone call weight around? Maybe not after too long, this dormitory’s calls will come to me.”

“Can you laugh a little more unrestrained?” Wang Jie pushed me, “Look at yourself, you’ve fallen in love for the first time right?”

“Expert, a definite expert. How did you know?”

“When I was dating, you were still behind me. Alas, love is a little complicated. If it doesn’t play out correctly, it can range from a sad heart to heavy self-mutilation.”

“Humbug. How can it not work out?! Even if it doesn’t work out it has to! My mom said, my first mission is to find a boyfriend in this place. How can I live up to my mother’s beautiful expectations?”

“Ok ok ok, Lin Lin, I will just wish you success.” Wang Jie turned and sat at her own seat. She carried a mirror and began to do her makeup.

I turned and stared at Wang Jie putting eyeliner onto her eyes. Wang Jie turned and looked at me: “When you stare at me like this, how can I do my makeup, I feel so uncomfortable.”

“Hahahaha, Jie’er, why don’t you also help me do my makeup. I have a date tonight.”

Wang Jie laughed: “All right, no problem.” After she finished she began to put something onto my face. She wiped it on as she said, “Your skin is a little dry. The T-area** is a little oily. Mm, here is a small pimple.”

  • T-area is the forehead and nose area. It forms a T (obviously).

“Big sister, can you stop being so against me. If you continue on like this I will soon be reduced to a yellow faced grandmother. I’m only like this because I was too agitated these past few days. Isn’t this testing your makeup skills? I also have a date tonight, so give me confidence okay?”

“Oh, what yellow faced grandmother? Why would a yellow faced grandmother have a pimple on her face? You are definitely not a yellow faced grandmother. Haha. Say something serious. Put some light makeup on for your first date then, so that you’ll be a little soft and comfortable.”

After half an hour, Wang Jie shoved the mirror into my hand: “Look at my handiwork. I’ve made you into someone who people will love at first sight- a little fairy at whom flowers will upon seeing you.”

“It’s great, too great!” I tutted praise in front of the mirror. When I looked at it, my pimples, and dark areas had all disappeared. Another circle had been added around my eyes.

I fiercely hugged Wang Jie: “Wait for lao niang to complete my mission, and when I return, I’ll treat you to meat.”

  • Lao niang- Referring to herself as an “old woman”

I looked at the map. Guolin wasn’t that far from Peking Uni. I estimated that it would take about 10 minutes for me to get there. In the face of modesty, I decided to arrive there punctually. I never stopped checking my watch. When it hardly reached 6:50, I was so anxious to set off.

Fang Yu Ke and Xiao Xi were already talking at the entrance of Guolin. From faraway, the two hot guys posing as door gods in front of Guolin was really a little romantic. I readjusted my breathing, walked over, and waved my hand: “Hi, sorry,  I came late.”

Fang Yu Ke turned to look at me. He was started for a moment before he turned his cold face back and said: Let’s go. I automatically followed him and walked to Xiao Xi’s side, saying, “Xiao Xi, did you wait long?”

Xiao Xi shook his head: “No, no. I just went to the economic center and almost missed the time. I just ran over. The person who waited should probably be Fang Yu Ke who waited for a long time.”

When we were ordering food, I asked Xiao Xi what he wanted to drink. Xiao Xi asked: “Do you guys drink beer?”

Fang Yu Ke said: Anything is fine with me. I wrung my hands: “You guys drink. I won’t drink any. I can’t drink alcohol. Haha.”

Actually my alcoholic capacity was still pretty good. From a young age, my dad would use chopsticks dipped in rice wine to feed me. Now, drinking beer was just like playing around. Such a great summer day, drinking beer was obviously the solution. Thus it was only unfortunate that I hard to wear this princess dress, and put on some light makeup. It wouldn’t be according if I staked wine. It would be bad if I scared Xiao Xi. I should still endure it first.

On the table, it made my arm stretch so much before I could pick some of my dish, so I gave up. No matter how attractive it was, I automatically filtered it out. I drank a cup of cold water, ate a bite of the dish, and slowly chewed, slowly swallowing. All the women on television ate like this. Even if my stomach was very hungry, I was more afraid that I would scare my future husband. I grabbed a napkin and wiped my mouth, when I recited the line I had memorized before I ate: Xiao Xi, what should I do in University to make it meaningful?

I didn’t know what Fang Yu Ke had choked on but he continued to cough. I looked up at the sky: God, at the same time you dropped me meat pies, please also crush this person to death. Fang Yu Ke is basically my nemesis. Every time when things are so great, the atmosphere will be ruined by him.

Xiao Xi laughed, his eyes narrowed to become cute crescents. His dimples deepened: “It depends on what you want to pursue. If you want peaceful days, you can learn just like how you did in high school; if you have ever thought of enriching your life, you can think of participating in many clubs. Peking Uni has a lot of clubs. There is the “Contestation between the 100 Clubs”; in the beginning of school, each club will begin to recruit new people. You can participate in one or two clubs according to your interest or you can go find an internship. Some people have already decided if they want to go out of the country or test into graduate school before they go to the school. Different goals may make life different.”

The moment I heard this, my heart cooled. If I said: My goals are to not get kicked out of school, and find a guy to marry? I hesitated and said: “Oh oh, entering school, I don’t think that my days will be easy. What are your plans for the future?”

Xiao Xi didn’t say anything. After a while he sighed and said: “I plan to go out of the country to study Finance, and try to get a scholarship. But my dad is not in good health right now. I do not feel at ease.”

Seeing Xiao Xi’s sudden depression, I didn’t know how to comfort him, so I could only say: “If one’s health isn’t good then go see the doctor more often, eat more medicine. It will get better.”

Fang Yu Ke drank a sip of beer: “You idiot. Eat some more medicine. Does anyone say things the way you do? If you continue on like this, his father will become a doctor.”

I also felt I said something wrong. I immediately said: “Oh oh, I really don’t know how to speak. I meant, heaven helps the worthy. You don’t need to be too worried.”

Really, my heart was very uncomfortable. Xiao Xi’s grades were so good. He could get a scholarship if he went out of the country. I was learning German, so if I went out of the country, I could only go to Germany. Besides gaining the interest of the American imperialists, I wouldn’t have anything else I could do. Plus, I didn’t even know if I could graduate, so getting a scholarship was only but a faraway dream.

The air pressure at the table lowered instantaneously. To liven up the atmosphere, I immediately said: “For a beautiful tomorrow, cheers!”

Fang Yu Ke laughed, saying: “Cheers!”

I added: “To the smile of the millennial iceberg (FYK), cheers!”

When it was xx o’ clock, I pretended to go to the bathroom to prepare to check out. The waiter said, the gentleman from before had already paid. I turned and saw them and lowly said: which one? The one with dimples or the one wearing glasses? The waiter pointed to Fang Yu Ke: “The one that looks like Won Bin.”

Later I recalled, I thought this person’s aesthetic outlook was really strange. I had obviously thought that Fang Yu Ke’s face was big and square, but why did the older lady and the waiter all say it was like Won Bin? Won Bin had some dimples, okay…….

I ran back and secretly asked Fang Yu Ke: “Why are you helping me pay?”

Fang Yu Ke glanced at me: “I am not used to letting girls treat me to dinner, even if you aren’t like a girl in the first place.”

I gritted my teeth and asked: “How am I not like a girl?”

Fang Yu Ke purposely looked at my head, word by word he said: “What-do-you-think?”

I felt like all the blood in my body went up to my face. But since Xiao Xi was by the side, I couldn’t attack, so I could only swallow my temper and say: “Just wait, Fang Yu Ke!”

I snorted. The peaceful Xiao Xi said: “Are you full? If you’re full we can go.”

I stood up, preparing to leave. Fang Yu Ke suddenly said to Xiao Xi: “Xiao Xi you go first, me and her still have some matters.”  

I glared at him, and tried not to move my mouth: “When did we have something private to say between us?”

Fang Yu Ke pulled me to sit, and said to Xiao Xi: “We really have something coming up. Her mom just called me, and said that when she called Lin Lin it didn’t go through.”

I suspiciously took out my phone. Nothing was wrong with my phone.

Xiao Xi looked at me, then looked at Fang Yu Ke. He laughed and said all right.

I watched Xiao Xi leave just like that. Frustrated, I asked Fang Yu Ke: “What matter?”

Fang Yu Ke was a little embarrassed and said to me, “That feminine matter.”

When I saw his hesitant appearance, I got angry and stood up,loudly asking: “What feminine matter? Say it clearly. What’s the trouble?”

Fang Yu Ke pointed to my dress: “Behind there….it’s red….”

When I heard this, I immediately used my hand to block behind me: “Why didn’t you….didn’t you say it earlier?”

Fang Yu Ke lightly whispered a sentence; “I said you aren’t like a girl, but you don’t have to use this to prove it.”

I felt my face was hot, I aggressively roared to him: “Only the heavens, the earth, you and me can know of this matter, got it?”

Fang Yu Ke didn’t say anything. My heart was actually very messy. If I knew this earlier, I wouldn’t have drank ice water. Unlucky aunt**… why did it come so much earlier. I bet that as an old person, she had not acclimatized yet. But continuing to sit down was not the solution.

  • Aunt=period in Chinese.

I said to Fang Yu Ke: “Didn’t you promise my mom that you would take care of me well?”

Fang Yu Ke nodded.

I followed with: “Before I came upstairs, I saw that there is a Jeansweat store nearby and a convenience shop. Buy me some pants or a dress, either is fine. By the way, by the way you need to buy me more sanitary napkins. I will give you the money in a moment.”

Fang Yu Ke was silent a moment. He watched me, and lowered his head as he went down the stairs.  

After a long time, Fang Yu Ke lugged a bag of stuff back. I immediately grabbed it and rushed to the bathroom.

I opened the plastic bag. Inside was a pair of black pants, a black dress, and many different brands of sanitary napkins. I gloated happily. The rascal had probably dawdled for a long time before grabbing a pile of napkins. Oh God, oh God, even though I told you I want to crush him, remember not to hurt me. Why are you using me as the bait?

I changed into a pair of different pants and went out the door. Fang Yu Ke was already waiting outside the bathroom. I patted his shoulder, and said: “Let’s go, it’s been hard on you.”

Fang Yu Ke coldly said: “The heavens know, the earth knows, you know, I know of this matter.”

I laughed: “Got it got it. In the future, if your Ru Ting is met with this, you’ll have experience. Right?”

Fang Yu Ke’s face immediately became long: “Your stupid head should stop thinking about that. In total, you only have such a tiny bit of brain cells. If you keep thinking about other things, you don’t even need to be on the right path.”

I was happy: “How did you know my brain cells weren’t of enough use? Usually I rarely use my brain cells. I have to transfer them to use them, like Einstein, you know? I got 140 points on my Gao Kao. 140! What did you get?”

Fang Yu Ke said: “150.”

I didn’t talk anymore. When I talked to him, I felt no particular sense of accomplishment. When I was taking the Gao Kao, I didn’t know how my brain resuscitated. Before, getting 125 in math was already very good for me. But I somehow got 140 on the Gao Kao. If I had to retake the test again, I estimated I could only get 110. How did this rascal get full points? After second grade I stopped understanding the concept of full points!

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