FM Chapter 2.4

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Chapter 2.4- Entering the Campus

After the food came back, my nose was all better. Fang Yu Ke grabbed a napkin and began wiping the table. I lightly said, “Mysophobe (a person with an abnormal fear of dirt and contamination).” He usually just put me aside, and put the meal directly on the table. He didn’t even wash his hands, grabbing chopsticks, starting to eat. How could it be so troublesome? Fang Yu ke looked at me, didn’t speak, and continued to steadily bring out more and more lunch bags.

Two vegetable meals, two meat meals, one bowl of soup, three bowls of rice. I glared at the pork for a long time, swallowing my saliva, directing my chopsticks towards the cauliflower. There were really too many rules to a lady’s etiquette. One couldn’t even eat a piece of meat. My heart burst with resentment, resentment to chewing cauliflower, while also staring at the pork.

After a while, Xiao Xi said: “Lin Lin, how can you just eat vegetables? Eat some meat. You bled so much today, you should still make up for some of your blood.”

I immediately waved my hands: “No no no, I will just eat vegetables. I am a vegetarian.”

Fang Yu Ke who had been drinking soup choked, coughing desperately. His whole face went red. He gasped and said: “Ah. She’s a vegetarian. When she went on the train she bought a bag of chicken feet and gave them away to others.”

I glared at him, lest he say the wrong thing. That was right, on the train, I did read Salon for the whole night, and I also ate chicken feet for the whole night, but what did it matter to him. He just had an extra mouth. Didn’t he not talk for the whole train ride? Why did he suddenly start gabbling? I rolled my eyes: “The chicken feet were bought by my mother. She suspected that I don’t usually like to eat meat, and wouldn’t grow, so she shoved a big bag in. My mom is just a little bad at that part, always thinking that I’m too skinny. I hate that I can’t gain 8-10 kilograms in just an instant. There’s no way to do so, so I can only bring her well wishes along.” I kept repenting to mom while looking threateningly at Fang Yu Ke.

Fang Yu Ke looked at me, forthright, and said to Xiao Xi: “Her mom is probably more optimistic. She’s (Lin Lin) already like this, and she (Lin Lin’s Mom) still thinks she’s too skinny.”

When it was nighttime and time to sleep, I was placed on the innermost bed. As for the middle bed, no one said who was going to sleep there, and I was embarrassed to ask. I waited for Xiao Xi to go bath, and then I pulled Fang Yu Ke’s sleeve, throwing in the classic movie line of: “Fang Yu Ke, from the moment I’ve known you to now, have I ever asked you any favors before?”

Fang Yu Ke looked at me: “You’ve only known me for two days. Usually how many things do you ask for?”

I was speechless, and could only bring out the final resort: “I don’t care, but you’re like an old lady that’s all.”

“What do you want?”

“Very simple, you just need to sleep at the very edge of the bed.”

Fang Yu Ke looked at the bed, then he looked at me: “Do you have anything against me?”

I immediately shook my head: “What can I have against you. It’s just that I was thinking that we’ve already been face to face for so long on the train, so I’m afraid that for you, familiarity will breed fondness (love feelings). I have very specialized feelings so I won’t be good with just anyone.”

Fang Yu Ke laughed: “Idiot.”

Since I had slept for so long in the afternoon, at night when the nights went out, I didn’t feel like sleeping at all. Xiao Xi slept in the bed beside me. When the moonlight shone, his face was even more softened. The night was really good, I could observe a person without any hindrances. Fang Yu Ke that rascal was still considered gullible. He could fulfill my wish and lie to the other side. When I thought to here, I laughed haha.

It just happened that Yao Zi sent me a short text, asking me how my new surroundings were. I was excited, secretly put on my slippers and went out to the balcony, and I called her: “Yao Zi, do you believe love at first sight? What is it like to like someone?”

Yao Zi had already become excited on the other end: “It can’t be? How did you fall in love even before school began? Who is it that is love at first sight?”

I coyly said: “I also think it’s too fast. I haven’t even prepared for it yet, but I didn’t think that the meat pie would hit my head again [1]. Say, how much kindness and generosity do you think my ancestors accumulated over the years?”

Yao Zi heartily laughed: “Lin Lin, what kind of a man made your heart so moved. Usually, you’re casually with other guys. How did you fall in the river of love so quickly? It really is a day for raining brides, and marriage. The marriage is coming, and it can’t be stopped no matter what.”

I laughed heehee: “He isn’t very handsome, but he’s the very gentle type. You know? Like when he laughs, it’s very warm, that type. Hahahaha. When he laughs he also has dimples. When he talks, his voice is a little husky, but it’s the magnetic husky type. I’ll tell you one.” Then, I started imitating his voice. On the other end, Yao Zi already couldn’t help herself. “Ai ya, just start being horny all right. Pursue him well and bring him back for the New Year.”

I immediately accepted the command, “Yes sir, I will definitely not let down the opposite party’s trust. I am determined to win.” After I finished, full of silly happiness, I hung up the phone. I secretly slipped back into the room. When I closed the door, Fang Yu Ke turned around. In the darkness his eyes were particularly bright from the moonlight. I was startled and lowly scolded: “People scare people, this can kill someone of fright all right?”

Fang Yu Ke scoffed, and didn’t speak. After a time, a sentence of “Idiot” popped out from Fang Yu Ke’s side. F**k! Talking in your sleep also includes cursing!

[1] Meat pie- refers to a great stroke of fortune (as mentioned in the first chapter when Lin Lin’s mom calls up her family to tell them how lucky Lin Lin is)

Also if you guys remember, Salon is the magazine she was reading on the train.

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