FM Chapter 2.3

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Chapter 2.3- Entering the Campus

I said: “All right. They can’t give the dormitory keys away beforehand, so we can only stay at a guesthouse.”

My mom said: “Oh, Fang Yu Ke is still taking care of you. Are you living next door to him?”

I paused for a breath: “Mom, he is sleeping in my guesthouse, and we are even inn the same house.” After the “Ah!” sound from the other side of the phone, I quietly hung up the phone.

A short while later, my mom sent me a text: Lin Lin, even though I really like that rascal, in fact, we really haven’t thoroughly investigated him. You must think through many things. Impulse is the devil.

I reluctantly returned her: Mom, I promise that in the future I will stay intact.

It passed a long time before the elderly returned me: Really, young people having passion isn’t a bad thing. Go for it!

I ran into my room, loudly shouting “Ah!”. After the time span between me and my mom’s consistent “Ah”, I let it go.

Fang Yu Ke lightly scolded me with one sentence: “Idiot.”

I grabbed a pillow and hit him on the head: “What are you cursing about?”

Fang Yu Ke whistled as he stood up: “I won’t theorize with idiots.” After he said this, he walked out.

In my anger, I used strength to kick the bed legs in return for longer cries of agony.

I lay on the bed, extremely annoyed. I thought of my mom’s crazy words, and then thought about Xiao Xi. I didn’t know if it was because I had been tired in the daytime, but I fell asleep.

When I woke up, it had already become dark outside. I rubbed my face and got out of bed, dazed, leaning on the door I squinted my eyes. I didn’t expect people wouldn’t lean on leisure, when the door was suddenly pushed open strongly. The door just happened to hit my nose, and I instantly felt two streams of heat flow out.

Outside the door was Fang Yu Ke’s surprised face. Xiao Xi and him came inside together, and saw my battle. They immediately said: “Go lie down, go lie down.”

So it was like this that I got off of the bed, but was put back onto the bed.

At first, I had a belly of fire that was going to explode towards Fang Yu Ke, but given that Xiao Xi was there, I pressed down my belly’s anger, and pretended to say like a generous lady: “In the future, I am afraid to go stand near the door. It’s too dangerous.”

Fang Yu Ke said one sentence: “Idiot, I’ve never seen anyone who was so dumb that they lay on the door frame.”

The moment I heard this, my fire exploded. I deeply sighed, and bit my teeth saying: “So sorry, I blocked your majesty’s path.”

Fang Yu Ke stuck out his lips and didn’t speak. He turned and went to the bathroom to wash his towel.

Xiao Xi brought some tampons over from the dormitory Auntie’s place, and said to me: “It’s not too convenient for me, you shove it in yourself.”

I felt that I was already not very good looking, and that I would have even less of a figure with the tampons in my nose. I covered my nose with one hand, my other hand busily putting the tampons in, saying: “No need, no need, my blood is good. It will immediately automatically stop. It doesn’t need to be so complicated.

I hadn’t even finished speaking before Fang Yu Ke grabbed a wet towel and came over, and immediately said: “You want your reputation when you’re dead, and suffer a crime while alive [1].” Then he threw the towel towards my face, “Go ahead, after a while it’ll stop.”

Originally, during this time, Xiao Xi and Fang Yu Ke came over to ask me to go eat with them. I didn’t think that after this thing happened, they could only take care of my injuries. The room was extremely quiet, there was only the sound of Xiao Xi and Fang Yu Ke flipping through magazines. I looked at the ceiling, bored, and prepared to open the TV, to spend the time, when my stomach suddenly sang “Empty City Stratagem” [2]. After that sound, I regretted. If I had only opened the TV ten minutes before, then I wouldn’t have been so embarrassed. My image ah, my image in Xiao Xi’s heart ah.

Xiao Xi laughed: “What about I go to the cafeteria to bring the meal over. Let’s eat in herr. I originally wanted to treat you guys out to eat but I didn’t think Lin Lin had such a great fortune.”

This call of “Lin Lin” made me feel very flattered. I quickly followed with: “No problem, no problem. You can Fang Yu Ke can go, don’t think about me at all. I can put up with whatever.” I had just finished when my stomach contradicted me strongly and called out again. I was a little embarrassed.

Fang Yu Ke couldn’t continue to watch this: “Xiao Xi, let’s go, I’ll go with you to order some food.”

I turned my face backwards and stuck out my tongue. Today I had thrown away my face (reputation) all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

[1] You want your reputation when you’re dead, and suffer a crime while alive: Basically saying that she should set aside her reputation and do what she must.

[2] Empty City Stratagem: (in which Zhuge Liang presents himself as unperturbed while making it evident that his city is undefended, hoping his adversary will suspect an ambush) in this case it refers to Lin Lin trying to hide her obvious hunger.

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