Fleeting Midsummer

Fleeting Midsummer (Peking University’s Weakest Student)


Written by: Broken Brain

Translated and edited by Tranzgeek and socksrocker


Zhou Lin Lin has a sudden extraordinary intelligence burst during the university entrance exam. Thus unexpectedly she manages to enter the nationwide well-known education establishment, Peking University! When she is enrolling, she gets to know a guy who also comes from the same town as her, called Fang Yu Ke. After arriving at the university, she also gets to know a handsome and smart senior called Xiao Xi.

Lin Lin falls in love at first sight with Xiao Xi. After university commenced, on one hand, she tries hard to secure her place and not get kicked out of university. On the other hand, it is the beginning of her long and hard journey to captivate and capture her crush.

Elective courses, swimming lessons, summer vacation mock papers, how to learn well and skillfully in university, exploring university life in advance, experiencing the easy going university life, this novel is an ultra-practical admission manual!

Translator’s Note:

This book is pretty cute and fluffy (and aren’t we all about fluff on volarenovels)!?

The story follows a fluffy university student who somehow gets into Peking University, one of the best universities in China! Upon entry, her mother gives her three instructions:

(1) Don’t get kicked out!

(2) Lose weight

(3) Find a university boyfriend.

Well we can all guess how the third one turns out as she follows to pursue the guy she is madly in love with, Xiao Xi. Meanwhile, the top student and her classmate from her hometown, Fang Yu Ke, has got his eye on her, but for a girl with low EQ (who thinks she has a high EQ) how will things turn out?

Just a warning but chapter titles may contain spoilers!

Raws: Source

Part 1: Unrequited Love Like a Single Flower

Chapter 1- Instructions Before Beginning School

Chapter 2- Entering the Campus

Chapter 3- Preparing for the Beginning of School

Chapter 4- The Revolution is Inviting Guests to Dinner

Chapter 5- Choosing Electives is a Technical Activity

Chapter 6- Computer Class

Chapter 7- Buying a Computer (1)

Chapter 8- Buying a Computer (2)

Chapter 9- Two Bags of Snacks (1)

Chapter 10- Two Bags of Snacks (2)

Chapter 11- Two Bags of Snacks (3)

Chapter 12- A Secret Love That Fizzles Out (1)

Chapter 13- A Secret Love That Fizzles Out (2)

Chapter 14- A Love Confession after a Secret Love Affair Completes (1)

Chapter 15- A Love Confession after a Secret Love Affair Completes (2)

Chapter 16- Returning Home (1)

Chapter 17- Returning Home (2)

Chapter 18- Returning Home (3)

Chapter 19- Returning Home (4)

Chapter 20- Returning Home (5)

Chapter 21- Pondering a Painful Experience

Part 2: Not Yet Sweethearts

Chapter 22- Trusting Each Other Fully

Chapter 23- Ru Ting’s Birthday Party (1)

Chapter 24- Ru Ting’s Birthday Party (2)

Chapter 25- Ru Ting’s Birthday Party (3)

Chapter 26- Ru Ting’s Birthday Party (4)

Chapter 27- Ru Ting’s Birthday Party (5)

Chapter 28- Disfigured (1)

Chapter 29- Disfigured (2)

Chapter 30- Swimming Instructor

Chapter 31- KISS (1)

Chapter 32- KISS (2)

Chapter 33- Chaotic Feelings

Chapter 34- Living Up to Summer Vacation (1)

Chapter 35- Living Up to Summer Vacation (2)

Chapter 36- Living Up to Summer Vacation (3)

Chapter 37- Fang Yu Ke’s Addition

Part 3: In Love-ing

Chapter 38-

Chapter 39-

Chapter 40-

Chapter 41-

Chapter 42-

Chapter 43-

Chapter 44-

Chapter 45-

Chapter 46-

Chapter 47-

Chapter 48-

Part 4: Loving the Vicissitudes of Life

Chapter 49-

Chapter 50-

Chapter 51-

Chapter 52-

Chapter 53-

Chapter 54-

Chapter 55-

Chapter 56-

Chapter 57-

Chapter 58-