Fausts Alptraum – an etvolare translation!

Back again with another game translation that just hit Steam, this time it’s a dark, eerie puzzler that might make you jump once or twice in your seats!

Fausts Alptraum is one heck of a mind bend and was a fascinating project to translate. The entire game is available for free on Steam and is a single player indie game. The team has participated in many game exhibitions, and the English version of the art book will be available for sale shortly as well.

I actually had the pleasure of meeting the developer and spent an entire afternoon playing through the game. Even with the master cheat of a GM by my side, I was still frequently stumped and loved unravelling the story. Fans of intricate artwork, OMG twists, and philosophy (I was pleasantly surprised to translate so much having to do with philosophy and alchemy for a computer game. 😀 ) might really enjoy this work.

Elisabeth Faust was attending her father’s funeral.
Father had left her sorrow, depression, and an antiquated house.
She walked into the building and followed a black cat down to the basement.

Darkness suddenly claimed her sight.
A purple demon materialized out of nowhere, smiling like they were old friends.
The person she’d come to find was nowhere to be found.
There was a sweet fragrance in the house.

“I’ll show you the way out if you really want to leave.”

Thus the crayon illustrated story began,
but she couldn’t tell if this was memory or imaginary.

“But if at any moment, you wax nostalgic about your time here,
or wish to preserve any instant for eternity, you lose. ”

Candlestick in hand, she now has to seize the faintest trail to escape from this nightmare.

‘course, shout out to how much you love etvolare if you review? XD XD But do spread the word for the game! This is a really well done game that the developers has spent over 5 years making, and it’s completely free!

(There does seem to have been some text transference errors and difficulties with encoding. I caught a couple from an early gameplay video (shout out to KyleKidd and thanks for the compliments! *blushes) and sent them onto the developers, please let me know in the comments below if you find any more!)

More games to come from the volare team in the future!