EEWC Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Good-for-Nothing (4)


At this moment, everyone thought she was crazy.

A Qi level two was having delusions of facing a Qi level five? Had she gone mad?

“Grandfather, I’ll agree!”

Without waiting for Ling Yi to finish speaking, Young Master Ling shot up. Now standing, it was clear to see he was a full head taller than Gu Ruoyun. He used this fact to his advantage, looking down on her both with his height and with his attitude.

“Gu Ruoyun, this is your own death wish! This young master agrees to your challenge! Prepare to fight right now!”

“Hold on!”

Young Master Ling was about to attack, when a sudden shout interrupted his action.

He withdrew his hands and sneered. “What are you doing? Finally scared? If you’re scared then kneel down, kowtow, and call me grandfather three times! Maybe I’ll even have mercy on your life!”

Gu Ruoyun’s lips hooked upwards. “If I was scared, I wouldn’t even challenge you, but you didn’t let me finish. I’m not proposing that we duel today, but a month later!”

“Haha!” Young Master Ling laughed twice, “Gu Ruoyun, I finally understand; you’re just trying to live for another month! This young master isn’t someone without mercy. I can let you live for just one more month. Grandfather, let’s go; I’ll come back one month later and kill this damn good-for-nothing! We can even help the general’s mansion save some food!”

The meaning of these words was obvious: if I, Young Master Ling, were to kill Gu Ruoyun, it would be purely for the sake of the general’s mansion. Doesn’t raising such a good-for-nothing waste a lot of food? So, the general’s mansion can’t put any blame on me; in fact, you should be thanking me instead!

Looking at the Ling family’s fading silhouettes, Old General Gu’s face turned black.

From his view, it would not have mattered if Gu Ruoyun had died, as long as it was not at his hands. But now this good-for-nothing had grown some daring and wanted to duel with the Ling family’s young master! Wasn’t this just throwing the reputation of the general’s household away?

If it were not for her, he would not have been humiliated by the Ling family!


Full of anger at this turn of events, Old General Gu took a deep breath, fiercely shook his sleeves out, and walked out of the hall without leave. From start to finish, he didn’t spare one single glance in Gu Ruoyun’s direction.

“Gu Ruoyun, you’ve really overestimated your own strength.”

Gu Panpan’s glance towards Gu Ruoyun was full of disdain. She continued to mock her: “How did you delude yourself into thinking that you’re a worthy opponent for Young Master Ling? Don’t you know who he is? His aunt is the emperor’s favourite concubine, and he’s the disciple of the number one expert in Azure Dragon Country. With Azure Dragon Country’s top expert as a shifu, did you really think he would be afraid of your brother?”

After disparaging Gu Ruoyun’s actions, Gu Panpan snorted and walked away.


The back of the mountain was recipient to many refreshing winds. It was here that Gu Ruoyun sat on top of a rock, eyes closed in thought, as if she was meditating.

Suddenly, she opened her eyes, a radiant light shining in her sparkling, jewel-like gaze.

“Right, the Ancient Divine Pagoda! I wonder how it’s like now…”

That day, if the Ancient Divine Pagoda had not stopped her, she would have died along with Xia Ming. Even her soul would not have been left intact.

But she had survived! There was still a chance to enter the East Peak Mainland and avenge her mother and maternal grandfather!

However, the Ancient Divine Pagoda had already fused with her body. How would she go about removing it?

“I’ll think about that later. Let’s see exactly which part of my body the Ancient Divine Pagoda has settled in first!”

Saying so, Gu Ruoyun closed her eyes and let her spiritual consciousness scan her body.

To her surprise, she suddenly found that her spiritual ocean was much larger than usual.

General knowledge was that, when a martial artist first began to cultivate, their spiritual power condensed into their spiritual ocean. Once the spiritual ocean had filled up, the martial artist could then break through to the next level.

Normal martial artists had spiritual oceans the size of a bowl, but the spiritual ocean in Gu Ruoyun’s body was as vast as the real ocean, and this was the reason behind her slow cultivation.

Since there were no really strong martial artists in Azure Dragon Country, they would not know of the benefits to having such a vast spiritual ocean.

The more strength you gathered, the more bottlenecks you would begin to encounter, and to break through the bottleneck, you needed a cultivator’s ability of enlightenment!

The wider the spiritual ocean, the stronger the chance of achieving enlightenment. If she had had such a vast spiritual ocean in her past life, perhaps she would have already broken through martial honour rank and achieved martial supreme! Even in the East Peak Mainland, the martial supreme rank was an existence that numbered only a handful. Upon reaching this level, you could even make yourself an emperor.

In comparison, Azure Dragon Country’s top expert was only at the peak of martial general, so it could be seen what a fearsome existence a martial supreme was…


Suddenly, Gu Ruoyun found a small purple pagoda submerged in her spiritual ocean. Her heart lifted in joy! “Ancient Divine Pagoda, I’ve finally found you…”


A powerful wave swept across her spiritual ocean, heading straight into Gu Ruoyun’s mental consciousness. It shook her to the point that her mind was buzzing. When she recovered her senses again, a hint of purple clothing appeared in front of her…

TL Note: The author finally explained the cultivation levels!

Ranked from top to bottom:

聚气 – quqi, Qi collection levels 1-8

武者 – wuzhe, martial warrior
武士 – wushi, martial knight
武将 – wujiang, martial general
武王 – wuwang, martial king
武皇 – wuhuang, martial emperor
武尊 – wuzun, martial honour
武帝 – wudi, martial supreme
武圣 – wusheng, martial saint
武神 – wushen, martial god

I updated the previous references to wuzun, to show martial honour instead.

So now we know Gu Ruoyun was previously a martial honour, but now she’s only Qi level 2… However, the highest level on the Qinglong mainland is only a martial general, 3 whole ranks below her previous rank. What a fall…

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