EEWC Chapter 64

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Evil Emperor’s Wild Consort
Chapter 64: Competition and Reversal (6)
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At this moment, in the Ling family’s main hall, Old Man Ling frowned as he looked at Ling Xi. He said unhappily: “I know you’re worried that Gu Ruoyun wouldn’t accept the challenge, so you purposely announced that she had already agreed to the duel! However, Hundred Herb Hall isn’t normal! It’s easy to draw the ire of the backers behind Hundred Herb Hall by spreading nonsense like this!”

Ling Xi smiled sinisterly: “Grandfather, don’t forget that our backing is the Weapon Refining Sect. Furthermore, haven’t you always wanted to obtain Hundred Herb Hall? This is a good chance! I’ve already spread the news. It doesn’t matter whether the people believe it or not. If Hundred Herb Hall steps forward to clear the rumours, they’ll only get looked down upon!”

Thinking of the precious medicinal ingredients within Hundred Herb Hall, Old Man Ling’s heart trembled. He said grudgingly: “Then do as you will. However, you must win this duel!”

“Don’t worry, grandfather. I’ve already broken through and I’m now a martial warrior. Gu Ruoyun is only a Qi level 4, she’s definitely not my match!”

Ling Xi spoke with utmost confidence.

Even if Gu Ruoyun was no longer a good-for-nothing, she couldn’t possibly have progressed much in just a month!

While he had already become a true cultivator in this month…


In the courtyard, Luo Yin’s freckled face was full of indignation, looking towards Gu Ruoyun as if she had not met her expectations.

“Gu Ruoyun, you’re going to compete against that bastard Ling Xi in just two days, why are you sunbathing here so freely? That old man at the Ling family is as sly as a fox. He would never let his precious grandson out to duel if he didn’t feel assured of a complete victory.”

“Compete?” Gu Ruoyun curled her lip, replying with disapproval: “My match with Ling Xi has long ended. He was defeated by my own hands in the Heavenly Spirit Formation, so we can simply ignore this match.”

“How could that be? Everyone’s saying that you’re going to have a match with Ling Xi in two days, and you’re even using Hundred Herb Hall as the wager.”

Luo Yin opened her mouth in astonishment, Gu Ruoyun didn’t know about the duel? What was going on?

Hearing this, Gu Ruoyun sat up, and her bright eyes slowly darkened: “I’ve been busy lately, I don’t know about anything that happened in the outside world. Tell me what’s going on now.”

Seeing that Gu Ruoyun really did not know anything, Luo Yin blinked and slowly recounted all the rumours being spread outside.

Gu Ruoyun’s smiling face gradually turned cold. She kept silent for a long time before sneering: “A match? This must be some plan that Ling Xi’s cooked up. Unfortunately, he really shouldn’t have tried to touch Hundred Herb Hall. However, since he’s already done so, I can only pay him back in his own coin.”

It looks like the Ling family had already come knocking on her door without waiting for her to settle her grudges with them…

Two days later.

Outside Hundred Herb Hall, it was completely packed with people. They were obviously here to watch the match between Gu Ruoyun and Ling Xi. At this moment, a burst of noise sounded, and the crowd parted in the middle to form a path.

Under the stares of the crowd, Ling Xi slowly walked over. Compared to the haughty air from before, he now had a tinge of evil in his aura, it was extremely cold.

“Gu Ruoyun, I know you’re in Hundred Herb Hall. Since it’s already the promised time, why aren’t you coming out to meet me? Unless you’ve already escaped?”

While walking to the entrance of Hundred Herb Hall, Ling Xi paused in his steps and a wave of dark viciousness flashed across his face.

The humiliation that this damned woman had given him in the past, would all be returned today!

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